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Pinned  Welcome to the new Crew.org.nz site!!!

Dec 18 2014 01:17 PM | Guest in Articles

Welcome to the new Site. Some things have already changed, and some are about to. This new software gives us lots more flexibility than we had previously.
The search engine now works! Just make sure you search on the right data - - like select "forums".
There are now social media links - (like, for example
"Like" for facebook. Please use them, they help to promote the site, and our advertisers.
The Advertising is more flexible, and you
ll notice some changes here.
There is now a gallery, which allows you to add pics and vids that you want to share, or private ones that only you can see. (and the admins - NO adult or undesirable pics or vids please!!)
So there will be a bit of a learning curve, for you and us!
Thanks for being patient while we got this sorted!!

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Refrigeration - Engine Driven Systems - DIY

Dec 23 2014 01:24 PM | island time in Articles

How engine driven systems work, what the parts are, what they do, and how to service them yourself!
I hope this article might help some of you over summer, when fridge techs are hard to get!

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Here's Des

Dec 21 2014 08:17 PM | island time in Articles

Volvo Race and Extreme Sailing series updates

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The Crew.org Rum Race is ON

Dec 18 2014 04:48 PM | island time in Articles

Click the link above for details. (End of year Rum Race on the menu above) Come and join the fun!! All welcome.

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VHF Frequencies for the North Island

Dec 18 2014 04:27 PM | island time in Articles

This was in the Coastguard Northern region newsletter - Be a useful thing to have on your boat. Does anyone have one for the south Island??

Coastguard North Island VHF Frequencies

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Coastguard App with Real time wind data

Dec 18 2014 04:17 PM | island time in Articles

Coastguard now have an app for Apple and Andriod that has up to date forecasts and real time wind data. Available from the Apple store or Google Play. It's $1.25;

An app worth having!!

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