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Refrigeration - Engine Driven Systems - DIY

How engine driven systems work, what the parts are, what they do, and how to service them yourself!
I hope this article might help some of you over summer, when fridge techs are hard to get!
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Excellent article. Although my fridge / freezer works well I will check the points you mention.


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Dec 28 2014 12:23 PM

Updated with part 2 today...


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Feb 18 2015 02:58 PM

What I did not mention in the article, is that some systems have 2 expansion valves - one for the fridge, one for the freezer, and separate hold-over tanks. If this is the case, you may well (likely) will have a flow adjustment, often a pressure regulator, to ensure that one compartment does not get all the refrigerant. It's basically a balance for the system.


Also, if your system has no pressure switch, you may (SHOULD!) have a temp controller for the Compressor, to ensure the unit switches off when it's fully cold. To just run the compressor until you switch off the engine is likely to cause the system to run at such a vacuum that air is sucked in on the LP side, bringing moisture with it, and ruining the efficiency of the system. Suitable controllers can be had for about $45.00.

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