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#177584 Another ridiculous lifejacket article

Posted by shedman on 23 December 2016 - 11:48 AM

"dickheads will still drown" has to be the nadir of the opposition to safety on the water here. We're talking about human beings who may not be as fully aware of the risks as we'd like them to be. That's no reason to condemn them to death. Disgusting.

Wow Kevin, that's a bit of an OTT reply.  Step back and look at what is being discussed here.  Safety at sea is a process of making good decisions and updating those decisions in response to changes in your environment.  No one here is opposing safety on the water.   What we are discussing here is the proposed punitive enforcement of laws that are inconsistent region to region.  In other words the very bureaucrats that now seek to punitively enforce these laws could not agree on what the law should be!   So they want to gloss over that failure by going straight to a regime of financially harming those who don't meekly comply with whatever rules apply in each region.  
No one is condemning anyone to death.  This is a discussion about how you achieve safety.  It might be useful for you to remind yourself of how blanket fines work.  They are primarily a punishment for being poor.   I would say that if you find someone out in their boat and not wearing PFDs in a situation when wearing PFDs would materially increase safety then some education is in order.  Perhaps something like the old defensive driving course.  You on the other hand think that the best option is to financially harm the person.  A minor annoyance for the wealthy, and a damaging blow to the poor.  If the law that these fines are based on was well written, consistent with what we know about safety, and encouraged instead of discouraged thinking, then it might be OK.   But this is bad law, inconsistent with its objectives, and soon to be badly applied and enforced.  That is what is under discussion.

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#171933 Orakei Moorings

Posted by Terry B on 14 September 2016 - 10:04 AM



ferge's kayaks 


akarana yacht club


and ngati whatua


all made submissions to 'open up' nice, sheltered okahu bay to better their use of it


they don't like the moorings there


or the people who clog up the public facilities using them


the marina also wants permission to expand


the mooring holders did not make any submissions about retaining their moorings


and are now unable to 


as the date for submissions has closed

As Erice states, it isn't just Maori (and there is no s on the end of maori - whether using plural or singular) who want it opened up - but many of you are focussing your wrath just on them. What about Fergie, the marina operator, or the Akarana yacht club?


These are (predominantly) european organisations. Going to call them out, insult them as well are you?


Suggest some of you need a cold hard look in the mirror. 

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#149616 Tamariki's passage to Fiji in 2014

Posted by Roger Mills on 24 February 2015 - 09:13 PM

Last year I helped my good mate Peter sail his yacht up to Savu Savu  Fiji and I had my camera along to make a documentary of the trip. For those who would like to share in the ride click on the video.



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#178234 Missing Cat, Dad and little Daughter

Posted by Sundreamer on 11 January 2017 - 09:45 PM

Well I tip my hat to him. Obviously a skilled sailor in a boat more than capable of the trip. But what great story for both of them.

I do understand his frustration, I see both sides every week. Sadly that will detract from a great story.

I'd buy him a beer. those that can't go to izzy bay on a Friday night without filing a trip report or come home early from Kawau because the freezer broke won't understand.
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