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UN latest climate outlook

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Posted 26 March 2017 - 09:55 AM

Yep....which is why ...now that we have agreed that climate change is real...

Oh here we go yet again.
No one here has ever denied the Earth's climate is not changing. It always has and it always will.
Something many of you don't seem to understand though, is the difference between Climate and Weather. Two very different things. Just because a Summer, or even a year for that matter, is hotter or colder than the year before, does not mean always mean it is a direct affect of Climate temperature changing.


try and do something about it instead of continuing to argue about our own self interest and vain hope that somehow if we sit on our own coin and deluded fence sitting that it will all turn into some kind of miracle and simply go away...

Hmmm, OK, so 2 questions for you.
What do you suggest be done exactly?
What are you doing about it exactly?


...see the hiding place of scoundrels is that if you believe that humans didnt cause it...it gives you the out that humans therefore cant do anything to make it better....

Safe in the knowledge that the world is doomed and your choice of religious deity will right the evils taking out the naughty people along the way.....

Don't insult me by putting me into a box of what you think I might think, do, or behave. Just because I may question the stories we hear/read that are supposed to be science, does not mean I am not wanting a cleaner world and actually doing something about it.
So lets just see what it is that you are doing on your behalf of solving Global Warming and maybe we could compare notes and see who may be the bigger Hypocrite here.

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