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#11 Wild727


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Posted 06 September 2015 - 02:52 PM

Wild! Baltic 50 report

What an awesome day on the water!!! Thanks to the organising committee and our sponsors.
We started OK with the biggest small chute we had and seem to keep up with the fleet. After leaving it too late for a gybe by the light house and sticking too far out in the tide we managed to put a couple of nice spinnaker wraps around the forestay which cost us a little bit of time.
By the time we got to the Noises we managed to claw back a bit of ground and get a jump on Yotosaurus and Moehau II in a first up wind leg.
At the Sargents channel wind picked up and we contemplated a sail change. This however was not really an option as we put a nice distance between us and the other 727 and thought it was best to "persevere" and put up with the sideways slip (when I say slip, I mean slide...) as things were "surely to change".
From Crusoe to Browns it was a neater leg, for a short time we cracked sheets slightly and overtook One Extreme!
Surely we dont need to change the headsail now! We are just about home!
We saw Yotasaurus drop their headsail and assumed something was array. They, however, were the smart ones downsizing to a blade!
After a lot of sideways sliding we got to Bean Rock and by this stage Moehau II were looking awesome and overtook us!
Hardest part of the race for us was from Bean Rock to finish. Too many tacks in a short time, overcanvased. Not much fun!
On the positive side rain held off, we had a magic spinnaker ride, not many big boats run over top of us (big thank you to all that didnt!) and the best thing of all was looking all around at the finish, sails everywhere, converging, at the same time!!!
Awesome course and an awesome race! Thank you SSANZ for putting it on once again.

PS: Neat shots RichardB!
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#12 MikeD



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Posted 07 September 2015 - 09:41 AM

Had a fantastic fast run to Tiri and pulled a big gap to Charleston and Taeping, but we knew with their racks they'd be reeling us in as the rest of the course was tight reaching or on the wind.

Unsure which yellow mark was Navy Buoy so in the frenzy rounded both just ahead of the first keelboat. The tight reach to Ahaahas was a little unsteady at first without enough hands and too many jobs. Charleston and Taeping gained for a while but went high of rhumbline. Then it was our turn when the breeze lightened a little.

Tacked to Motutapu and rubberbanded with Taeping as we sailed in and out of stronger breeze zones. Taeping looked a great sight tight reaching to Rocky Bay - like a pickle fork had skewered a ball of cotton wool.

The breeze was quite strong past Sergeant Channel, and had to luff a little around a large launch not keeping watch. Pulled the board up a bit to make sure of getting below Browns Is, as we'd run out of traveller. The last part was straightforward, but we should have tacked inshore out of the tide after Bean Rock.

Thanks SSANZ

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Mike Drummond

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Posted 07 September 2015 - 07:05 PM

Thanks to all the organisers. Was a day when we did the short-haul on the Crikey Dick. 2002 I think. Much quicker around these days. Great competition and I like the way Saturday's courses got the majority of competitors back before dark. Another great series. Congratulations to the boys on the Miester. The work and planning paid. Congratulations.

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#14 Kick Ass

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Posted 09 September 2015 - 10:04 PM

Check out the video of Meister yachting from the weekend.


Thanks to the SSANZ organisers, awesome series and we will be back.




Meister Yachting

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#15 Tiller


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Posted 10 September 2015 - 09:33 AM

tackhammers race
Had reasonable start set genniker, an older 18footer kite from my boy. good speed until halfway to rangi light when there was a little more chop, wind against tide, and we did a few nose dives,the only way to pop her up was to ease the kite then sheet on again. Once we gybed at the light and got into smoother water we were away and started to gain on MV.The camera boat came and took some shots at a time when we were a little pressed and thank goodness they left. Soon after we started to nose dive again so ease kite pop up sheet on away we would go. On one nose dive I eased the sheet she popped up I sheeted on but forgot to put my feet under the stacking straps, I said to Gerald ive gone and gracefully slipped over the side and ended up 10mts behind the boat still hanging on to the sheet which sheeted in the kite rounding the boat up, I said to Gerald im coming and hauled myself up the sheet and grabbed the stern let the sheet go the boat came upright Gerald pulled me aboard we sheeted on and away we went.
Our best speed for the race was 11.2 knots on reach before browns but 12.3 knots on 2 sail reach back to bucks.
Thanks SSANZ great series new boat next year.
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#16 philstar


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Posted 10 September 2015 - 01:18 PM

Rafferty rules / boatsprays ssanz 50
So thanks to simon from boatspray we had the use of a platu 25 for the race as RR was still a fizzboat after the last one. Awe got an average start at the leeward end of the line but it meant we were out of the tide. An inside gybe at ranging light gave us a handy lead on some of the fleet. Then a beautiful kite run to noises.
Kite down and into the noises wind shadow saw nexus and revolution catch up. We managed to squeak out of the wind shadow first and a couple of tacks later picked up a good lift to Crusoe rock. We seemed to leave revo and nexus behind on this leg and were catching xtsea.
The wind and sea state got up near Crusoe, crap no reef in the one design race main. OK blade it out, twist it off and hike hard.
Got round Crusoe and had a nice crack off. Xtsea extending, revo catching, bugger what are we doing wrong. Got round browns, went high to bean rock to get out of the tide. Hmm catching xtsea again. Short tacked past bean inshore not enough to get xtsea. Well played xtsea. Great race And redemption. Thanks ssanz

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