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Is the future AWB's and Frankenboats?

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#51 Knot Me... maybe

Knot Me... maybe

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Posted 28 November 2017 - 01:27 PM

Interesting KM.

The build time estimate is interesting. Considering 40 hrs / week for a year is 2,000 hrs, then 4,000 hrs to build a 30 footer puts the project into perceptive.

My understanding is building the hull itself wouldn't take that long, but finishing it takes ages, i.e. the fairing, painting, fit out, especially the interior fit out, etc.


Are you running a contingency in your budget? If you were budgeting up a project, any project (especially a house build) you need to run a contingency on top of your expected / estimated costs.

A number of your costs are less than I was expecting, but I wonder how many original components you are carrying over and how that affects the total final cost.

I do struggle a bit with the 4000hrs but then that could be from nothing to building a mold, taking a hull off and then finishing it. Depends a bit on exactly what the 30 had I suppose. But seeing what I've done and having built a few boats in the past I like the 4000 as it means I'm doing OK speed wise or so it helps me think :)


Yes getting each part of the jigsaw ready to go wasn't bad but assembling the parts into a boat is taking longer than expected. Some of that is related to retro i.e I'll put this here and Oh bugger, I need to strength/change/tweak that first.


I don't have a budget. I started tacking costs to the $ but stopped, all I started to see was 'that page plus that page is a new KLX450'. I do know I am pouring a lot more into her than most would but then she has a few missions to complete which needs more than similar boats not on the missions will need. Also in many years time, I hope, she will be my coffin. I have said wait for a good westerly, take the boat to Narrow Neck, put me in the cockpit, 50lts of petrol down stairs, say something nice and chuck in a match, cut the anchor rope. Go full Viking on my dead arse.

So she is being done with that in mind, I have loaded on the goodies and will have them for a long time, I can assure you I'm knot doing it again.


When she gets wet, in weeks now, the hull structure will be original but cleaned, reinforced and prettied inside and out. The froward 2/3rds of the deck will be original even if strengthened and had a bit of chop n channel action. The alloy mast section and the keel. Only those 4 things, and the Weaco, will have been used before, everything else is new inc the cockpit, all the interior, prod added, hatches down to anchor locker lid, deck gear, wiring, rigging, most sails and even the kitchen sink. Even a new rudder or sorts, It's a special one ;)


Sandpaper, just thinking about that alone I can see 2 hundy easily and 3 hundy wouldn't surprise me. Bits like that add up fast.

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Posted 28 November 2017 - 01:36 PM


When she gets wet, in weeks now,


What, like 52 weeks?

104 weeks?


"I'll have it done by Christmas" (just don't say Christmas which year)

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