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  2. Yes. And until then speculation and conspiracy theories are a waste of time.
  3. Thats what I use too, found the teflon ones, like dryglide, to be not as effective and leave a residue that scapes off and builds up in places. Do be careful where you spray it, very slippery.
  4. I checked. It’s “CRC 808 Silicone”.
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  6. For me personally this isn’t an option but I can see the appeal for those able to go. But if it was me then I’d want to do 2 weeks in isolation anchored somewhere secluded in the Gulf before weighing anchor in case I had an incubating case of Covid onboard. You wouldn’t want to get sick underway to Fiji and it would be hell to arrive there crook and probably unwelcome by the local health system. Could be a grim scenario.
  7. I'll check back with him, I'm probably misquoting, he found the issue on the Kubota.
  8. Yeah except they are unrelated incidents....
  9. You could well be onto it with that. Especially if the stanchion is a leaker. Diesel meets water and all that...
  10. Man, that drives home why we need to keep on top of the bloody virus with our Lockdowns. Just heart breaking.
  11. There's a dude popping down to the boat this week sometime to swap out a stanchion... might ask him to just have a little poke around...
  12. engine idle is 800 (more or less). BBQ is ready...
  13. Trying to engage gear? Is it saildrive? Slipping clutch cones?
  14. Look like IT is looking good for a commission from this sale via his website.
  15. The clunk also doesn't seem to affect the revs, so it must be something loose that is banging on a housing as it goes past maybe in the saildrive housing? Will be fascinating to know what it is
  16. I am guessing this will be postponed. Let us know when it is rescheduled.
  17. Once we have a programme will let you know (bugger this covid !)..... happy to try and cordinate transport at this end etc....
  18. Well done Glen. Safest to be back home at this time.
  19. So next update, we have managed to get flights home !!, will take us a few days and then of corse then 2 weeks quarantine in NZ. We have hauled Wave out and she is on the hard stand at Grenada Marine, we have spent the last 6 days prepping her for long term storage. we plan to be back on her in November 2021 to continue the journey through panama to NZ. we decided in the current world climate is was just too hard to carry on and enjoy the journey with so many countries closed. We have made many great friends on this journey round 1/3 of the world, some of who are staying in Grenada for the next 4 months untill they can sail to USA and are going to check in on Wave on the hard stand every couple of weeks for us. see you all in NZ shortly. look forward to sailing on the Hauraki Gulf again. Glen and family.
  20. The clank happens 15 times in a whisker over 13 seconds - i did some calculations based on idle speed of 800rpm . that gave a clank near to exactly every 12 turns of the crank. we need to know what that engines idle speed is set at to be sure . Doc? . heres a good question though ... what would make an engine try to twist on its mounts the same direction as its rotation and also make a clank sound? we need to have a barbeque in Brittany to find out...
  21. Last week
  22. BOI is correct. It is simply not possible. Injector timing goes out by a tooth and the engine will run really ruff. Two teeth and it will come to a stop. It is really that precise. Having just had the sound fixed in my computer, I had another listen. Firstly, it is not a sharp crack like detonation or something hitting something. It has a slightly longer duration than a sharp crack. Like either something rubbing as it hits or the escape of Gas under pressure. interestingly, if you do a quick math calc. Lets say the engine is idling at 650RPM. 650 divided by 60 is 10.8 revs per second. So that rules out anything rotating directly from the engine. If we divide that by 2 which is the number of complete revolutions between each cylinder firing, we get 5.4 revs per second. So that rules out anything turning at Cam speed. But!!! if we now divide that by number of cylinders, we get one cylinder firing at 1.8 seconds. I would say at a guess, that is about the cycle rate of the noise. Anyone feel free to check my Maths as I can easily screw numbers up. If I am correct, it still does not give me many clues that would not also cause other visual signs, like exhaust smoke. But noise sounding like fast escaping gas under pressure could point to a blown gasket on anything like say Head or Exhaust or Valve damage/failure and the air is blowing back. Although none of those make any sense for other reasons, it may start you off on a possible helpful path to explore.
  23. I think you need another technician. That engines pretty clever if it can change its timing by jumping a tooth then jump back to perfect for a while.
  24. Is your Mr Shopper ex-Welly by chance? Or do I know of someone else that is looking for a Y11???
  25. Thanks Frank, have been in contact with Hauraki this morning with a booking. Yes weather etc plays an issue which is understandable. I suspect we are more likely been delayed due to not many jobs in the upper harbour!
  26. I showed the video to the technician, he thought it was Diesel Knock , ie combustion related. There are several possible causes but he suggested to start by inspecting the timing gears for missing teeth.
  27. Try Hauraki Marine Services, the business is based in Welsford. Naturally all the contractors are subject to the vagaries of weather and equipment issues, most seem reluctant to disrupt routine and visit an area for a single job.
  28. Bad timing with the level 3 shut down this evening, but can anyone recommend a mooring service contractor in Auckland (Upper harbour) by any chance? Find out this evening after booking in a mooring service in January 2020 for a mooring due by the 1st September 2020 that the contractor is still 10-12 weeks away from getting to our mooring with no previous notice. Obviously not going to get a mooring contractor in time now, however need to get it done ASAP. Thanks in advance
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