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  2. Surface charge is not a thing in this instance. As a Plate charges, it starts from the surface and the charge works it's way in toward the center of the plate material. Surface charge is when the internals of the plate have no charge (a couple of reasons can cause this) and only the surface has a charge. The Battery can be voltage tested with a good reading of a charged battery. But the Battery actually has no Current available. So with a load placed on it, the Voltage will simply drop away. The Efficiency part I was referring to is the Efficiency of the ALT itself in relation to the temperature of the ALT. If it is really hot, the resistance of the copper windings change and the magnetic field becomes weaker, thus the ALT will never deliver the Current that it would normally be capable of. Those time intervals where the ALT is not producing a current would be a cooling period on for those Windings. If you also note the graph, the initial leading current peak is higher than the end of the charge period and that could well be the heat rising causing that ALT charge efficiency dropping slightly. As the cycles continue, the peaks are ever so slightly higher ( I think, without going back to check) There are other mechanical causes that can do this as well, so my comment is not something to take as fact without knowing a lot more about the installation.
  3. No disagreement IT. I thought I had made the same point about the 14.1 should be 14.4. I went back and re read my post and see I did not make that very clear at all and in fact messed up the comment completely. And I can't even use the excuse of posting in the early hrs of the morning either. I see it was 5.30PM. So I stuffed up there. I don't know enough about what the Batteries are and the finer details of the Reg to personally say go to 14.7, but most certainly 14.4. is the essential Voltage point for the reg to be set to. If you go above 14.4, monitor the bank for a few charge cycles to ensure they are not over cooking. Or as IT said, if you can possibly get that information from the Battery manufacturer. Question, does the Reg have Temperature monitoring of the Batteries ?? Temperature is very important. The ambient temperature between Summer and Winter can make an enormous difference with the current output that the Reg will make the ALT produce. I used to use the Ambient Temp setting when I wanted to push a higher charge current into the Bank and the Charge Voltage rose, so as the charge time was reduced. But that also means you have to monitor the Bank to ensure they are not getting hot and to watch the ALT that it is not being pushed too hard. Ambient Temp will also make a huge difference in what the batteries will accept. So having an actual sensor can be a big advantage so as the Reg follows the Banks temp/ charge curve
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  5. Probably combination of changing weather, dwindling provisions and boredom rather than a feeling of doing the right thing. They’ll probably be home tonight, do the laundry and then drive 200km to the beach house tomorrow.
  6. Pretty much all liveaboards around us now. All the day trippers gone home.
  7. OOOooooops, and Apology, Memory lapse, forgot about the new stern due to some rot in ply caused by poorly fitted back stay plate,
  8. I think the weather forecast means a lot of the last 2 week’s Covid-cruisers will head home by tomorrow and suddenly decide life at home might be better after all.
  9. First day of boat movement in a long time . One boat came in from barrier this morning hard to tell where they were going as the were gybing back and forth . Two boats sailing together now past chicks heading north . came from Rodney so defi from the supercity but home port could be anywhere
  10. A liveaboarder’s view from the US. Here’s an incentive not to f@ck up our current situation by breaching L4 lock-down rules and driving and sailing around the place making up excuses about why our personal situation should make us exempt: They have locked us down here in San Diego now. No gathering, no sailing, no driving unless you are on a mission, and have paperwork to show what your doing. I have a piece of paper that allows me to drive around for work, I am lucky to be considered "essential services" in this area. Most people are no longer working around here. The marina (Chula Vista Marina) have let go of most security guards and other non essential people, which is almost all of them. All basic services are shut down except one set of bathrooms and showers, they are still picking up the garbage and allowing pump outs. The restaurant just re-opened but are only selling fish and chips and booze, all to-go only. The pools and hot tubs and even the dog washing stations are all closed up. The streets are weird, not many people out at all. Some, like me are obviously working, others seem to be just messing around bored. The foot traffic, which was getting crazy here, is mostly gone now. The entire marina is locked down, you cannot even get into the parking lot unless you are a resident of the marina now. All walkways are roped off, park access is blocked and if they see you in one it is a $1000 dollar fine, they are ticketing here like crazy to keep people inside. Welcome to the new normal people. without a cure, and they have never even gotten close to curing the flu, we are going to be like this for a long long time. I am sure it will relax some, but with so many people out of work and totally broke there is no reason to open your business again, better to play the bankruptcy game. If you are out of work the local law is they cannot kick you out of the marina, that rule ends in June at the moment but I think they will extend it. I know many people who are not paying slip fee's or other bills. We got extensions on almost all our bills, car payment has been extended 90 days moving today bills to the back end of the loan, along with credit cards and some other things like internet fee's. The flu sucks, but the economy is in real trouble. Thankfully here in the USA we can print money all day long so the Gov is giving away money. In the long run though people are in trouble, there are no jobs, there is very little work to do and even less people doing it. Our workers in some industries are striking for more money. Places like convenience stores are down to one or two employees and have limited hours. You never know what is open until you pull into the parking lot. I don't blame them, the news has made everyone scared to death. I don't think I would keep a public facing job that pays $13 and hour right now. They are Striking for only $15 an hour, you cannot really live here unless your making $25, it is not a cheap place to live. It is a new future people, the low paying industries will either raise their wages or be without any employees soon. I don't think there is enough money to raise wages much in fast food and small stores so in truth we are about to see a lot of closures in California. Stay safe my friends.
  11. Kelly Klink said some were coming ashore and using the island's scarce resources, including getting their groceries ordered to the island. She said some boaties were being respectful, isolated and self-contained, but others were putting them at risk. "We have a freight boat that comes over on Tuesday. One boat had come over to the island and ordered groceries, and someone from the community had witnessed him coming to get his freight straight off the wharf, 14 banana boxes of food. That's utilising resources that the community needs and our people need to bring their food in," Klink said.
  12. 50 Akl wide?? Someone needs to question thier drug dealers quality control process. There would be at least 40 in Bayswater alone.
  13. Android phone here getting the same as Above the Fold in jumping back to listings. A few other small quirks with attachments.
  14. I've been meaning to comment on this for a few days. Its not often Wheels and I disagree on technical stuff, but in this case the voltage of 14.1 is not a minor issue IMO. That voltage, rather than 14.4 -14.7 (whatever the PDS says for your specific batteries) will make an enormous difference to the time taken to charge the batts, and, in fact, they may NEVER get to 100% if not within the manufactures recommended voltages. So, before replacing the reg, check the voltage sense connections and cables for correct connection and cable or terminal issues causing voltage drop. If the voltage cannot be corrected, change the regulator for one that can. Regs are still cheaper than new batts.
  15. Thanks guys for the advice, the company that we have brought the MV from, have a german agency, but the units are very expensive, like twice the Victron units. So hopely they can install a unit of my choice.
  16. wheels

    Inverter help

    I was about to say the same thing. You beat me too it IT
  17. I have all cable sizes in stock up to 95mm2. Can make any cables you may need. However, I'd suggest that you keep the inverter as close to the batt bank as possible, to minimise cable requirements. So an inverter with a remote switch or control panel is good.
  18. The Admiral has a Macbook Pro for work. I'll have a look on that...
  19. iPad user, not noticed any issues.
  20. I counted over 20 cars in the carpark at PYBC day before yesterday and I reckon there would be 30'sh boats that are "liveabords"
  21. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/coronavirus/120954871/covid19-great-barrier-island-food-supplies-taken-by-visitors--residents
  22. Yesterday
  23. I could get to a dozen live aboards up the Weiti alone without even trying, the Stillwater area has a number, most of whom are very discrete, in addition to the actual Weiti ones. And that is one inlet in the Auckland area. Multiple that by the number of discrete inlets and quiet backwaters around the place. Live aboards aren't just in marinas and on formal moorings. There is a wide range of personalities, boats, locations and reasons for living aboard. Many prefer to stay below the radar...
  24. Also need to check you have the battery capacity to feed the inverter, a 1200W microwave with conversion inefficiencies can draw ~ 150amps at 12V. Cabling is expensive, even at trade the cost for 70mm2 cable on my installation was eye watering.
  25. You are way out. I am a liveaboard in Mahurangi and a few years ago started a list of the live aboard that I came across. At that time there was 7 myself included in the Mahurangi. Hard to work out in Kawau but there are people living and moving through there. And they come though the Mahurangi as well. In the last year or so the numbers has ballooned and my last count was 46 in the waters that I travel most. Around the Weiti and other placers the waters are infested with us. mostly gray hairs like my own self.
  26. I'm on a MacBook Pro, running MacOS Sierra (10.12.6). I use Google Chrome Version 80.0.3987.149 (Official Build) (64-bit). It's an odd one; I just noticed a few days ago. regards MS
  27. interesting. Appears yes to boating if normal residence but must remain in normal vicinity?? https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12322599 The Health Notice does not directly address the issue, but says that if a residence is mobile it should be kept "in the same general location". A spokesperson for the Ministry of Health told the Herald it was acceptable to stay aboard a boat if it was someone's permanent residence as long as it remained berthed.
  28. What's the platform your using? (PC, mac, iphone, android phone etc.) What operating system and version (eg windows 10, android version etc) Finally what browser and version? If you can give me that I may be able to duplicate and then resolve. At this point I've not seen this issue on any of the platforms I have - Windows 7, 10, Mac, ipad and android phone.
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