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  2. A new thread is required to discuss that subject please.
  3. "a male with certain multi interpretations like thick." vogon poetry! https://hitchhikers.fandom.com/wiki/Vogon_poetry but not sure i can accept your apology it needs to be addressed to all crew users
  4. RushMan The original post. Erice's reply was an answer my post,which I stated the post hijacked the thread because it did not relate to Bean Rk because all reference was in relation to A T road, highway cameras expressing a opinion of disapproval re being spy cameras automobile, highway road locations only. The rules state keep to the title subject description, which also means if you want to introduce other matters start another thread specific to the reference with a different topic title. erive acknowledged the point of order I raised with out an apology by stating fair enough. The rest is self explanatory without much ready between the lines. My No referred to the reference re Vodafone and a different colour. Yellow is the colour as the bean Rk structure is at the moment. erice who I was conversing with direct obviouslu understood my reply because the poster has not complained re my wording. Perhaps erice might like to confirm this because at the moment I think I have not offended erice and erice Agree's. Want to make a noise ask the same question re erice's latest post. How does the post and link to a animated cartoon cracking the code relate to the thread "What's happening at Bean Rk ?" I think it refers to u RushMan "the cartoon" I think erice could be a female and knows u r possibly a male with certain multi interpretations like thick.
  5. trying to crack the code https://media3.giphy.com/media/h36vh423PiV9K/giphy.gif?cid=ecf05e472121c8ebd24456c4861f1329949433dcb6bba8f4&rid=giphy.gif
  6. First real sail today and really happy. Genny out into the bay and played around for a while on all points of sail with a reef. Top over 13 knots 2-sail reaching with the reef. 17.5 with the masthead genny
  7. That doesn’t help me understand the original post, can someone please translate
  8. I used a 2 pot product from the guy who makes dry suits in Wellsford. Its stuck on like the proverbial with no lifting on the front lip 2 years later. Maybe give him a call?
  9. lateral


    https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=2634654454 Just found it-SOLD I had it confused with another.
  10. Fish


    Its been on the market for aaaages... what is the background? Did they put it up for auction on trademe or something?
  11. lateral


    20k$? Did it reach reserve?
  12. erice. No Yellow is the colour. A, I like, would be appreciated as a apology. Cheers. Be kind.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Hi All, we will be replacing our sail drive diaphragms in a few weeks. The question i cant seam to find any great information on is what product to use in gluing the new fairing boot with. I understand the preparation to the hull and the rubber boot itself, however would like to know what adhesive products other have used. Cheers.
  15. Can you please rephrase that in either english or some close approximation. You are like some crazy algal bloom, clogging up all of the the threads.
  16. I agree. It is not bullying etc as rehab may argue, he is just plainly a pain in the arse.
  17. Naaa did u tell him (FISH) where to find the answers
  18. True splat. But if something doesnt change soon, there wont be a forum here anymore.
  19. Gee u responded pretty quick. What sort of list do u have me on.😀⛵⛵⛵⛵⛵. Fish I have gone sailing.
  20. “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” ― Mark Twain
  21. Fish I have better things to think upon. How do you know how many people have me on their ignore list. Their entitled to do that. 2000 members. A high number 50% = 1000 that don't, which means a high number don't. .
  22. Yep what he said. Maybe I'm getting sensitive in my old age but I agree, 1 person is killing Crew.org It's sad.
  23. I think they told me the same. Allow time for a few emails back and forward sorting the finer details and then the freighting, customs etc. Realistically I would expect 4-6 weeks.
  24. Their lead time is 2 weeks at the moment apparently. I get the feeling they are keen for business as I've had two follow up emails in as many weeks.
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