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  2. Not classy at all that statement.
  3. What makes you think money equates to a better person?
  4. Yeah , came in too hot ...in reverse too
  5. At 29 Pistol Pete has potentially 4 more AC campaigns ahead of him which would age him @ 46 compared to Ainslie who is presently 43. Adding to the chest of gold he has to date tucked under his bed another Olympic medal or two along with the Worlds and his total haul would give Long John Silver and his parrot a woody. Sale NZ your assumption the only Ainslie can push Coutts off his perch is as usual pretty damned laughable. Bubble on.
  6. Today
  7. I suspect he just meant you are quite wrong Sailing NZ and based on results, Burlings are perhaps better. DC has ‘only’ a Bronze medal from the Olympics, not a gold. Ainslie has a ‘few’ golds but not the success of burling in the AC (yes he won with oracle) Burling has 2(?) olympic medals, countless world championships (in more than just the 49r), a very comprehensive AC win as skipper and a podium finish in the last volvo. As for you not rating the 49r. I dont rate your opinion or fact checking skills, Mine are heaps better!
  8. Mine has them separate. Less blocks/yokes, less friction. At the spreader attachment, mine are about a metre and a bit apart from each other - can't really see the point in yoking them but others might think differently? Plus, when not deployed and not yoked, they don't add to the tangle slapping the mast at 2am as they're not near the mast. And I can tighten or loosen each side easily (they can need adjusting a little because they're attached at the spreaders - if you deploy them on a broad reach for instance, then when the boom comes back to the centre when you drop the sail - one side will be taut, the other slightly looser). But they both tie off together on the same cleat.
  9. Looking at the smoke from the Exhaust, the wind was not that bad. But the exhaust sure was telling a different story. One of Engines being rung on hard. I would say they had a control issue.
  10. At least you would have a better class of live aboard on a marina due to fees rather than some tucked up rivers doing night raids.
  11. I'm waiting for that email from my French marina.... We just got an email that the City of Zürich will reimburse parents who have taken their kids out of crèche during the pandemic (to leave more room for those who don't have the option to care for their kids as they still have to work). We still pay at the moment, but the city will pay us all back. Apparently they're still going through the motions of figuring out if the state or federal government will reimburse them, but the city are going it alone for the moment... It's nice because it's nearly 3k a month per kid for crèche.
  12. Is that a statement or question?... Try to moderate your drinking eh! Not even close. Coutts by a country mile followed by Ainsley. Then Conner. I don't rate the 49er ahead of the finn. The finn is a tougher class to win.
  13. Just love sailing, that's it! :) 

  14. The best book i have ever read on boat maintenance was Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.
  15. Hey Waikiore, sorry to butt in, but I PM'ed you the other day, so you probably haven't seen the red marker at top right of your screen on the front page of the forums. Its just a query I had about a Contessa you auctioned off many years ago....wondering if it's my one! I go into more detail in the PM. Cheers mate Zozza
  16. Was told about having them out under the spreaders, so seems the way to go. One question though.... Is the halyard part yoked near the top from two lines, down to one, or are there two separate lines to the cleat on the mast?
  17. Good stuff. Eager to get on to it once the lockdown is over. May have more questions then but thanks to all who responded.
  18. Much of the maintenance is due to the complexity or otherwise of systems. If you can be satisfied with simplicity there will be a lot less stuff to look after and fix. Add shallow draught beach ability copper coat Antifoul outboard motors solar panels and a free standing rig and you have pretty low maintenance. Won’t suit most people though.
  19. Best sailor ever? ... Gold medal as well. I think DC won more AC races and was closest to the Trifecta (as Skipper) with Whitbread 3rd?, Olympic Gold, and AC wins. Ainslie is the only guy who could topple them both?
  20. https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/world/watch-massive-container-ship-crashes-into-crane-south-korean-port
  21. I agree Aleana, your dodgy dunny use is a ridiculous reason for GH not to allow liveabaords. There has to be more to it than that up there......IT?
  22. Agree that any proposal to encourage live-aboards is good. i recently spoke to GH about this and they are actively trying to wind down to zero - their argument is wanting to be a ‘clean & green’ marina and they can never know 100% the toilet usage habits of liveaboards. I think that’s a poor argument which could be handled in other ways if you wanted to and if you truly recognised the other benefits of liveaboards - especially as passive security.
  23. I know we love to hate Panuku and Westhaven Management, but I think the proposal to start allowing liveaboards again is a positive one. Theyd be useful right now in keeping an eye on boats during the lockdown, and did prove to be useful when that Tornado thingy ripped through mid year (last year), as they rushed to help marina management. ANd they are generally useful to keep a general eye out for dodgy characters overall -- something that has proven to be a successfully deterrent to said dodgy dudes roaming other marinas that have a liveaboard community. All that is needed is a "riff raff" clause so guys don't go growing cannabis or what not in pot plants on their cabin top , and all will be well.
  24. LOL that's something I'd expect Austin Powers to have as a ride
  25. In which case you will be wanting a brand new boat then. Every boat needs maintenance doesn't matter what it's made of in my experience, Steel rusts, Aluminium corrodes and paint flakes, Fibreglass gets cracks, dings, dents, chips and the pox, wood can rot or delam. Cold moulded boats seem to be pretty resilient. The hull is the lowest maintenance part anyway, there's engines, electrics, instruments, rigging, sails, sheets, safety gear, squabs, Galley, Heads and plumbing, other systems. Unless you buy into something like Yachtshare (which sounds like where you should be looking), buy and sell a new boat every couple of years or pay a caretaker you will have maintenance - Saltwater is inherently evil stuff and something that lives in it and moves about in it is going to breakdown. Simple as that. Fixing boats can be therapeutic - embrace it if you want to own a boat!
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