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    Island Time

    Covid 19 and liveaboards

    I've had contact with the water police. Issues at barrier include raft ups and parties, as well as expecting the local store to be available for them. It's not, and has much more limited provisions and supply chain than usual. If you are out there, dont be a muppet. You are, like the rest of us, quarantined to your boat. You must stay where you are except if unsafe to do so. If you are out of food or medical supplies, come home. Then STAY there. It's not rocket science!
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    Marina Fees During lock down

    I am more than happy to keep paying my marina fees. End of the day my boat is tucked up safe and sound and being checked on regularly
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    On the bright side - Next project

    This was finished on weds afternoon before the lockdown . It’s staying at the loft until I can pick up 😫 . Doing my head in , but at least I will have a very good reason to go sailing immediately the minute I’m allowed to .
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    On the bright side - Next project

    This one . It’s a Shaw 750 T . The old mainsail was not made for the boat it is a 2nd hand one off animal biscuits which is a 750 sport . Old main has had a long life of probably 8-10 years at a guess and is totally rooted . New sail in the pic was built at UK sails in Fongaray by Phizzle and probably some help from Wal too . Cloth is DP PX black line 20 I think ? Bit heavier than needed but it will last a good while in that weight
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    Deep Purple

    Marina Fees During lock down

    Best of luck with that..... they will probably put them up to make up for the lack of fuel sales
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