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    Covid 19 and liveaboards

    You are way out. I am a liveaboard in Mahurangi and a few years ago started a list of the live aboard that I came across. At that time there was 7 myself included in the Mahurangi. Hard to work out in Kawau but there are people living and moving through there. And they come though the Mahurangi as well. In the last year or so the numbers has ballooned and my last count was 46 in the waters that I travel most. Around the Weiti and other placers the waters are infested with us. mostly gray hairs like my own self.
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    Black Panther

    Westhaven - Panuku Consultation

    What makes you think money equates to a better person?
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    Covid 19 and liveaboards

    Fair comment but , if all recreational boating was allowed imagine the shitstorm out there right now . I think the government is trying to make all recreational activities unattractive to rule breakers to keep the mob under control . And it seems to be working , I can see from cape Rodney to poor knights from my living room and there has only been one yacht I’ve noticed in the last 3 days . Bream bay is dead , gamefishing is dead , coastal fizz boating is dead . if I saw 20-30 boats out there daily and no repercussions I would be tempted to bust my fence ornament butterfly as it’s been called , out of the club and go sailing with Wal , as would every other bugger I know round here . Sure I’ve never needed the coastguard but at the ramp in paruadise bay on a regular day you will see at least 2-3 boats getting towed in . On a regular day the paruadise bay gas station has an endless procession of boats filling up with gas putting their mitts on the gas nozzle and opening the bait and ice freezers . And that’s just here in this tiny hamlet and that’s just fizz boats . Add to that jet skis , gamefishing boats , yachts , kayaks , paddle boarders etc on a national scale and it gets silly very quickly so one rule for all is really the only pragmatic approach . there’s a much bigger picture out there that extends beyond your own personal anchor roller . I think the authorities are doing the right thing suppressing the mob and as far as boating goes the mob seems to be taking note .
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    Covid 19 and liveaboards

    police state, seriously its jobs for the boys..... if youve been on a boat a week or more you have more risk from landlubbers. Love it how all these little hitlers have suddenly appeared in the new smartphone 5g stasi environment
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