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    VHF course

    The best way to learn radio protocol is to listen to the professionals. Keep your vhf on dual/triple watch on ch16 and a couple of the port operations working channels eg 12 / 13. And if you hear 2 ships or commercial traffic calling on ch16 switch with them to the working channel and listen. It will help your learn the lingo by infusion and when you come to do the course (or use the vhf for yourself) you’ll be more confident. Do not listen to the trip report working channels Eg 60/64 - it will teach you bad habits and drive you nuts.
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    And so it goes on

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    And so it goes on

    Wait, where do you park the chopper now?
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    And so it goes on

    Hey Bazza, check out this pic of a superyacht with a car on the front deck... Maaaaate.. hold my beer!
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    Ross 930

    bet you one of the few lucky ones to hear that.
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    Jim Young

    Jimmy the rocket...legend
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    And so it goes on

    Gee, thats a lot of volume in the bows of that cat. I always thought they tried to keep volume out of the bows so they don't handstand to easily. Guess its a cruising cat. Clearly the designer has allowed for the typical overloading that the charter market brings, 4 couples, 16 suitcases, one mid sized SUV...
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    Island Time

    Wind Gear - Worth It?

    Hopefully the clanging is halyards, not wiring, which should (but often isn't) be in a conduit.
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