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    Cruising is on the way out

    I had watched a few of their episodes on YouTube and am pretty happy they've decided to leave the country. They had no respect for lock-down rules or the social distancing measures taken under level 3 and were constantly whining about everything here unless they were getting a freebie in return for promoting it. Redneck, self entitled narcissists...
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    Tauranga Shipping Channel Screw-Up

    Personally I would like to see it towed out of the environment...
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    Deep Purple

    Cruising is on the way out

    Yep, I've been looking forward to the "Influencers" getting held up for what they are, freeloaders. It's trending https://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/life/122013694/influencers-are-struggling-in-a-world-of-brutal-reality
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    Deep Purple

    SSANZ 2020 Lewmar Triple Series

    Deep Purple’s Baltic 60 Deep Purple is a Shaw 750T trailer yacht built by Craig Partridge Yachts which sailed briefly in 2011/12 in Queenstown before being parked up. She arrived in Whitianga a few weeks ago and we have done 3 encouraging local races. One, we were joined by Rob Shaw, the designer who had never seen the boat finished and jumped at the chance to do the Triple Series on her. We towed up to Auckland on Thursday for a rig inspection and launched at Westhaven for Fridays Squadron Rum Race. Saturday morning brought no wind and the race committee set up for the short course which wasn’t looking like fun. Suddenly the ECMFW wind model North Westerly came in and after a bit of scrambling we were all go for the proper course. In a large fleet of bigger boats, we needed clean air off the start, and we found it mid-line, shortly hoisting the new fractional gennaker. We weren’t laying but it was quick and punted us out with the leaders. As expected, the wind lightened as we got toward Motuhie and we were able to come up to course nicely. We held our position to Rakino, then came on the wind into a sloppy 10 mile beat to Navy Buoy. The model recommended going right and we did until we were last man standing and tacked back. A lot of boats crossed us, but the northerly change didn’t come so we kept going. Then it did, bugger. For a while we were in trouble, but I expected the wind out of Shakespeare to veer left and it did, we got out of jail and rounded Navy Buoy in reasonable shape compared to others around us that tacked back towards Tiri early. The flat run to the Noises wasn’t fun initially, we struggled out wide so gybed across the fleet and found better breeze inshore, picking up places as we went. The reach across to Motuhie gave us more positions then a little tussle with Gale Force in the passage while we had to drop the gennaker. But soon we had it back up again for the reach to the finish. 6th across the line overall out of 70+ boats, 4th across the line in division, 7th on handicap and a great day. Packed up at Westhaven and boat and skipper home to Whitianga by midnight. A great day. Thanks to Rob Shaw for designing an awesome little boat and sailing with us. Radar for the skipper’s berth and Wayne Baston for the boat berth. And huge thanks to the SSANZ team.
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    WAVE - around the world or half way!

    into day 3 of Quarantine, in Grenada, with 2 very energetic kids onboard. 10 and 13 yr old boys. lots of swimming happening as well as school time. seems to be a very friendly atmosphere and helpful. looking forward to be out of quarantine and explore the many coves/bays and some walks in the forests, seeing the water falls etc. had a fast sail to Grenada, broad reach at an average of 9.1 top speed of 13.4 even with a reef in the main. Love this Grand Soleil, sails easily at good average speeds and this is fully loaded with 800ltr of water and 400ltr of diesel and 2 months of food. this is one fasst house.!
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    SSANZ 2020 Lewmar Triple Series

    Lifejackets serviced New Flares sourced (Thanks Carpe Diem). New Crew this year (Wife) 145 Entries so far. Looking forward to it!
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