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    Rehab. You are the cause of this rule. You alone, as I see it. You know this, you read IT’s post a few weeks back saying his preference was for you not to spam the site, but it wasn’t currently against site rules so he was thinking of an effective rule to prevent it. You replied saying ‘preference noted’ then continued to spam the site with mostly illiterate dribble. Now you down vote people saying it may restrict people using this site for the purpose it was created - to talk about boating, when, again, you are the cause of this new rule, because of your constant posting of dribble and new threads mostly not relevant to boats. You’ve wasted IT’s time making new categories for topics and considering a new rule no other member necessitates the need for. I guess to save himself time on applying a rule evenly, he’s had to make a blanket rule over everyone, including people who make multiple helpful/ useful / insightful posts in one day. You are literally the minority, despised in every group in society, who ruins things for everyone else. You’ve posted on this thread saying you agree with the new rule. If you think max 5 posts a day is a good idea, maybe you should have self imposed that after IT (and many others) said he would prefer you not spam the site, and this wouldn’t be an issue. IT, your a patient man, must be hard and annoying to run the site with such non sense from one poster. I’d have permanently banned him long ago, but you have my support for running the site as you see fit, for the little that’s worth.
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    Boating now heavily restricted

    Agree the govt has form for changing its mind on a whim, but in this context I don't have a problem with it. They are having to make decisions with massive ramifications very quickly and on limited facts. The corollary of what you are saying, is you would want the govt to get every detail perfect before announcing a decision. This happens often in local govt, is called paralysis by analysis. It is where nothing ever gets decided, nothing ever gets done, and the can is kicked down the road while the problem persists. In this context (covid 19) any decision is better than none. Is the decision perfect? No, but even half right is 50% more than nothing. As for the sport and recreation thing, that is not a priority at L3. The economy and our health are. There are things I want to buy (and a few things I need to buy) and while I can phone the shops, they aren't allowed to sell it to me. Hopefully that can happen at L3. All going well, L3 will only last 2 weeks, and we can get back to it. But this constant bitching about what we can't do recreation wise at L3 is starting to get really boring. Recreation will come at L2, in the mean time there are a few of us that would like to secure our jobs and knock off this virus, so it doesn't keep coming back every couple of months for the next 5 years. As a note, the estimated time to achieve herd immunity is 5 years in many countries, so you'd have flare ups and lock downs with no notice ongoing for years, with all the associated damage and cost to the economy. There is an underlying reason why its is the least cost option long term to stay locked down now. Just interested, can any of you guys calling for looser requirements explain the concept of exponential growth? I'd really like to know if you understand that?
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    Boating now heavily restricted

    The higher the alert levels, the less rights you have. This is not some form of sinister Gvt control of the People however. It is about keeping the Public safe in a time of crises. You yourself might maintain safe minimum distances, but as already displayed by those in the far North, many simply disobey the Rules. They treat it as a joke. So the entire fight to control this outbreak falls over. The result could well affect you with the Gvt having to continue of the lockdown period. Of which I personally do not want, so we all have to just suck it up and grin and bare it.
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    Island Time


    Rehab is on a 90 day "holiday", as he has now passed the max warnings. Down voting posts for no reason was the final warning.
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    Yep what he said. Maybe I'm getting sensitive in my old age but I agree, 1 person is killing Crew.org It's sad.
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    Boating now heavily restricted

    Jokes aside, I am going to renew my heavy trade licence as soon as a testing station and the Dr's are open. Let it lapse some time ago, but feel having a plan B for employment is worth the minor cost and time of the licence testing process. Yes I'm in private sector and am currently in 'consultation' about company wide pay cuts. i.e. its a foregone conclusion, but 95% of anyone will happilly bend over and take whats given just to keep a job and some income over the next 6-12 months, if not longer. On the boating aspect, I can understand everyones frustration about not being able to get out on the water. But look at it with some perspective. Criticizing beuracrates is not helpful. What would you do if you were calling the shots? What would your objectives be? I'd say balance economy and impact of virus - going boating isn't central to either the economy, health or managing the virus... If there is a need to stay tightly restricted for longer, i.e. at Level 4, that would not be economically sustainable even medium term (as in 4 - 8 weeks). Level 3 looks like a longer lock down, but let parts of the economy get going where practical. There is clear economic benefits to eradicating this virus and getting back to near normal quickly. If we keep on getting resurgent outbreaks over the next 12 to 24 months, the economy will suffer more, biggly. Yes it is hurting now, but there is a net benefit in taking our medicine hard and early. Half measures, like in the US, are a no-mans-land. Everyone looses, businesses / economy and social costs / deaths. Ask yourself this, would you prefer to go sailing in May and June, or would you prefer to keep your job, be able to pay for your groceries, and not have the bank sell your house while you are living in it? There is a direct relationship between spread of the virus and the impact on the economy, whether by lockdowns, or just by everyone getting sick and not physically being able to work. I think not going sailing in May and June is a very minor sacrifice for some potentially big gain. If we eradicate this thing, NZ will be the Switzerland of the South Pacific, a wealthy and desirable place to live. But it only takes 1 of you to not tow the line, and 400 of us will have it in one months time. Learn to understand exponential growth FFS.
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    Ps, 2 kilometres from my house I have a Morgan, ferrari and a aeroplane sitting in my hangar. I haven’t been there since the lockup started. 2 kilometres the other way I have a launch and yacht sitting in the marina, I haven’t seen them. I have not left the house other than 4 short walks along the beachfront here. what I have been doing non stop without a break so far is supporting my clients fearful of losing their businesses. Desperate, sometimes suicidal that this lockdown ends as soon as possible. Anyone that compromises that situation is a fair target
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    Ovlov charges...

    If anyone has a Volvo D1-13, D1-20, D1-30 apparently it's not uncommon to get a small oil leak from the throttle input shaft. Ovlov will quote north of $1k to fix and insist on taking the whole front of the motor apart to remove timing cover. I saw them and showed them schematics about an easier way that meant only undoing 1 nut and 4 bolts but when the mechanic went to the boat and after inspecting he said it couldn't be done without removing the timing cover. At this point I told them I would do the jib myself! I have successfully completed the job in the way I always thought possible in a fraction of the time quoted by Ovlov.
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    True splat. But if something doesnt change soon, there wont be a forum here anymore.
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    Black Panther

    Covid-free sailing thread

    This morning ( for Scottie)
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    Boating now heavily restricted

    It's not surprising that special time hasn't been spent writing fine-grained rules about leisure boating that make everybody happy. This is a massive global crisis and it was urgent, and broad brushstrokes on a luxury pastime is no surprise. ScottieE, I'm not sure your science and economics are sound. If we eliminate we will be visiting rest homes sooner than if we wait for herd immunity and antibody testing protocols etc etc, especially if we pace herd immunity at a speed where ICUs aren't overrun (don't understand where you got your 0.1% mortality rate - the global numbers show that to be way wrong). Hindsight is great, but Sweden is still an experiment, and if our govt had tried it they would have been ripped apart like Boris J was when he (briefly) announced a herd immunity strategy. Also not sure why you think NZ's economy is so harmed by elimination compared to alternatives, nor why you single out just the PM as a "twit" on these points. In the days leading up to the lockdown there was heavy industry lobbying for a lockdown. Major industry and exporters wanted it. This is partly why the opposition agreed with it. Tourism and flights were collapsing whatever we did and the key was to minimise health and economic carnage elsewhere. The travelling barriers with elimination are small beer compared to the peril of having a long, slow pandemic spread through the community with business after business shut down again and again. Nail it quickly and NZ has a major competitive advantage. Hindsight or medical study will inform things for sure, but this strategy is what industry and scientists were telling the government to do loud and clear. The opposition agreed and their criticism has been on detail of implementation, not the overall plan. Most international commentators praise it. Either all of them are twits, or none, but not just the (female) politician you don't like. We were going to have a recession the moment this blew up in the major economies. We may yet choose to take a different approach over time (you can go from lockdown to Sweden's approach but not vice versa). But I don't think there were any loud political or industry voices saying it was stupid to lock down, quite the opposite. As for mocking it as being "kind", we did what China did (locking down Wuhan) and the Chinese government will have been focused on the economy. Twits also? Back to boating, here is a prediction: absent a vaccine, Americans will find global cruising miserable for a long time now because their approach has been terrible. Wouldn't surprise me if they (and others) face serious barriers to visiting smaller island states that can eliminate. We may just have the chance of cruising up to the islands like the old days.
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    CG are fine until they start espousing what we should and shouldn't do or worse what the govt should or shouldn't do.
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    Island Time

    Boating now heavily restricted

    Hard to argue about MNZ and coastguard. Coastguard is mostly for off the beach launched or trailerable craft. Coastguards "statistics" are dubious at best - helping someone or answering a question over the phone is not a rescue. They actually tow in few vessels over about 30ft, and the vast majority of those are power vessels. They do help with medical events though. I object to their mentality of "we are the authority" They are not, and have no legal authority. An example of this is their add "when you need to be rescued" not IF. Many users of this site have considerably more martime experience than most of the coastguard crews or skippers. Maritime NZ are the most disorganized organisation that I've ever dealt with. What you get told may or may not be accurate, depending on whom you speak with on what day. Everyone I know that has dealing with them says the same, but some wont admit it in public as it could effect their careers. YNZ should be representing us, with an accurate reflection of the risks provided direct to Govt, as other sporting bodies are.
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    Best 40' yacht...

    Old. Wood. Carvel Planked. (1 1/4" NZ Kauri) High Maintenance. Thats my boat. 60 years old. 17 years into my ownership of her and never touched the hull, for any repair or maintenance that I can recall, mind you I am old too (70.s) and may be suffering from some memory loss. The timber hull, with no fancy glue just the plank seams calked in cotton allowing her natural sea water environment to keep her tight and dry. The way boats were meant to be built dry, warm and smelling sweet. I have never once had to dry out a cored deck, repair blisters on the hull, endure expensive osmosis treatment, install a dehumidifier to ward off condensation, etc, etc, Old Carvel planked boats are once again being unfairly maligned.
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    Island Time

    Covid 19 and liveaboards

    I've had contact with the water police. Issues at barrier include raft ups and parties, as well as expecting the local store to be available for them. It's not, and has much more limited provisions and supply chain than usual. If you are out there, dont be a muppet. You are, like the rest of us, quarantined to your boat. You must stay where you are except if unsafe to do so. If you are out of food or medical supplies, come home. Then STAY there. It's not rocket science!
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    Cruising is on the way out

    I had watched a few of their episodes on YouTube and am pretty happy they've decided to leave the country. They had no respect for lock-down rules or the social distancing measures taken under level 3 and were constantly whining about everything here unless they were getting a freebie in return for promoting it. Redneck, self entitled narcissists...
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    The Sounds Murders back in the News

    There is one and only one reason why Watson is not being released. Purely and simply, he will not admit remorse, because he will not admit guilt. I think that tells you a lot about the guys character. Choosing to remain somewhere you don't want to be purely because you want to remain honest with yourself and everyone else. That's real integrity in my book. He is one of only a few that have basically a true life sentence where one can remain locked up for ever, with the only chance of Parole being subject to acknowledging one's guilt. Our legal system is no different to many other Countries around the World. We can't call it "Broken", but we sure can say it needs to be changed. Once a jury convicts a person based n the evidence presented, that evidence can no longer be re questioned. No matter how silly the evidence is. Only new evidence can ever be heard. In this case, the new evidence is in relation to the handling of the Blanket and if it is possible the Hairs could have been introduced to the Blanket accidentally during the Lab tests. Not that the hair was unlikely to be Olivia's, which has already been considered by the Jury and cannot be revisited. Personally I don't like the way our legal system works. But it is what we have and we have to live with it.
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    And so it goes on

    You could argue working is "marina related." Hard to pay for marina berth without it.
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    And so it goes on

    Move out of Auckland man ! Problems solved
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    Is it just me or are others noticing that more members are getting a chance to get a word in ?
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    Island Time


    Some of you might find this interesting. I have a customer who had new batts, alternator, external reg, shorepower and solar fitted by another electrical company about a year or so ago. Recently his house batts failed. They were quality AGM units. Investigation showed they had less than 30% of design capacity, after one year. Further investigation shows the batteries to be badly sulfated, due to charging voltages being too low. The Shorepower charger is a victron Centaur, the Alt reg is a Balmar, and the solar controller an EPever. Investigation of these shows the Victron unit set to AGM. Same with the EPEver. Balmar too. You might think this is OK, but, like I always say, read the PDS for your specific make and model of batteries!! In this case, the Battery PDS wants voltages 14.6-14.8 for Bulk and Absorption, and 13.6 - 13.8 for float. The standard settings provided by these manufacturers for AGM is 14.4 for bulk and 13.3 for float - its not sufficient. So what I did was replace the Solar unit (after batteries replaced with same units again), with a Victron Bluetooth unit with logging. Programmed that to the right voltages under the custom setting, and set it to do an equalization to 15.2v once per month. The Victron Shorepower unit did not actually produce the voltage it was meant to, but now set to LA (Lead Acid) it is within the specs. Still have to program the Balmar unit later today. The jist of this story is; - check your charging voltages, at bulk and at float, for all your charging sorces, and make certain that they are within the specs for YOUR batts. Or suffer premature failure....
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    Note to self. Dont read posts on battery management. Keep head in sand, cross fingers and all will be well 👍
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    Members like knotme and wheels often have very good advice and they will then answer questions and add another post as they have remembered something If they have to wait 24 hours to post, will they remember to do so?
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    The fishing industry and bureaucratic friends are infected with self interest & turpitude. When the cameras were aboard they circumvented the procedure. While they are fishing the cameras must be rolling. Time stamped data to correlate. If fishers aren't onboard 100% they lose the right to fish.
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    Island Time

    Ignoring a user

    This is deliberately in Marine Talk, so everyone can see it. If you wish to block a user (or two), so you see nothing from them, its pretty simple. That's what the "Ignore user" settings are for - click on your username in the top right corner, and add any username to the "ignore user" section. You will then see nothing from them. Done. So, if someone here really annoys you, feel free to ignore away! Have a nice day!
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    How to Fix the Hauraki Gulf

    Yup. You can either obsess with the small details and pick holes in other folks efforts... or step back and see the bigger picture.
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    Boating now heavily restricted

    Admittedly I can only talk from my very limited experience but my contact with YNZ has always been pleasant and professional and their fees seem very reasonable. Their press release in regards to Covid shows they have spoken with the government on behalf of all kiwi yachties and the government has made their position clear. What more can they do? Go to the media and have a whinge that we cant go sailing in the middle of an international pandemic while tens of thousands of kiwis are lining up for the dole? How would that make us look to the general public? Like a pack of self absorbed and self entitled twats???
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    Covid-free sailing thread

    1. Solo sail from Tauranga up to BoI and return early to mid March. Spent a fair few days at Fitzroy (Kaiaraara bay mainly) and Tryphena. Man I like hanging at Barrier! 2. I really want to go and do a lap of White Island but if time is short even a blat out to Mayor would be amazeballs
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    Bad Kitty

    Boating now heavily restricted

    Mmm, no pretty sure there's a lot of people that feel like that. 2 here anyway.
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    Kevin McCready

    Boating now heavily restricted

    That's a false comparison and therefore false conclusion; heaps more people bike, walk or ran than sail. I'd be happier if everyone chilled and stopped thinking of ways to get around the rules.
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    Elliphunk sunk

    An interesting detail that certainly contributed to likelihood of a collision occurring on the startline such as the one that sunk Elliphunk is major line bias. I realise that rum races are meant to be fun and not taken as seriously and that using permanent marks and start tower dramatically reduces the resource required by a club to run a race. It is also "part of the challenge" but it undoubtedly also increases the risk. Why? Because rather than the fleet spreading right along the startline, they will all congregate at one end. For this particular start, on starboard close hauled a yacht would only be doing a little better than sailing along the line... as such many started on port with some possibly not even thinking that a few boats would still consider starting on starboard with such a heading. Late dips, congestion, and a risk of another boat being forced to tack (by other starboard tackers) cutting off your escape route are likely. I suspect with rum racing the "fixed" startline won't change and you just need to think more about the possibilities... However the following day for the RNZYS winter series the startline was between Te Kouma and a laid mark yet they pretty much replicated the rum race start of the day before in regards to angle and bias. To me this is absolutely crazy! If your going to bother to actually set a line at least try and make it a fair one. The tendency is to set the line square to the course... pretty much straight across the harbour. This inevitably creates a favoured end. Instead the race committee should angle the line to balance this with the objective being that there are valid reasons to start at any position along the line and potentially win the start. This will spread the fleet along the line and also result in more boats being "in the hunt" right of the start. It also reduces the chances of OCS, and recalls. It's by no means just the RNZYS that is guilty of biased starts, virtually every club does it. This video below is a classic. Everybody wanted the windward end for a reaching start and it was carnage! SSANZ was lucky that there were no serious collisions. Some blame the sailors, and there is undoubtably some dumb stuff going on... but would this situation have happened if there was 20 deg more bias put into the other end of the line? I doubt it... well at least would be massively reduced. Same argument applies with class racing... if you get numerous general recalls generally the fleet is blamed for misbehaving. However I would put money on it that a large percentage of the time it's caused by a startline with too much bias. The other option is the line is fair but the course significantly favours one side, hence all the boats want to start at one end. The race committees challenge then is to put in enough deliberate bias to the line to tempt the fleet to spread right along the line. So what's my point... Essentially Race Management can have a massive impact on risks of collision at the start. If they are going to "set" a startline as opposed to using permeant marks etc then they should at least try to make the start a fair one. Just setting a line and thinking it's up to the sailors to sort it out I believe is a little irresponsible. The more serious the event and the greater the number of competitors the more important this becomes.
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    A militarized oil tanker is not ideal for delivering emergency relief. Some charities do invaluable work with very low overheads (when I was in the game Oxfam was good), others are very thinly disguised religious proselytisers with high overheads, advertising and high executive salaries (World Vision). A better UN system would be ideal; significant reforms have been stymied by major powers. Most aid is needed in war situations (though the unfolding climate crisis will pose huge challenges) so peace keeping operations are vital. Tight logistical operations can be delivered by any competent organisation, not necessarily military at all.
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    I'm surprised at your comment there Kevin. I think the concept of a Logistics ship, capable of providing useful support to our Pacific neighbours in time of climatic disasters, is a good and sound one. Of course it will help to combat creeping Chinese influence on our nearest neighbours, but this will be via humanitarian support rather than overt military aggression. You make it sound like you would rather not provide this support in the interests of appeasing China. Are we that far gone that we can't choose to make our own decisions?
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    NZ Maritime border control

    Rant. You cant' keep your cake and eat it too. Some people screaming for the borders to open, other people screaming for them to shut and exclude even NZ citizens. Other people screaming that their rights are being removed and then crying for NZ citizens to essentially be incarcerated. Quarantine, and disease control is a very tricky business, and what we've learnt and are being shown is that in general half the population are below average intelligence. There will always be people in positions of authority that exceed their capability, be they politicians (on both sides), health authorities, security guards, police, and even hotel management. Last but not least returning NZers who're in quarantine also have responsibilities, and by their sheer numbers, some of those in quarantine will lack sufficient intelligence, integrity, or logic to fully meet their obligation. No, the system has not been perfect. But I'm also sick of hearing about the "We'd have done it better" bullsht from the other side of the fence. Spouting empty rhetoric and a lack of details. Look at the rest of the world - it's basically screwed. Now tell me how exactly a different management of the situation would have let us leave level 4, 3 or 2 any earlier, or kept deaths to <30 at this point. There were ALWAYS gonna be more cases because as a responsible international player we recognise the inalienable right of our citizens to come home. As yet there is no community transmission, which means track and trace and the current managed isolation approach is working. It may not work perfectly or forever, and it has had to be tightened - a response to evidence. But if it had been so tight initially, that people couldn't see dying relatives, that there were no compassionate allowances, then the same group of people who are jumping up and down now, would have been jumping up and down about it being an overreaction and that there was a lack of evidence of it being necessary. I watch social media circles on both sides of the fence, and what I see happening in NZ right now scares the hell outta me. The far left, the middle left, the "centre" and the blues and yellows on the right are all becoming a bunch of nationalistic arstholes in a fear-fed frenzy of "I'm ok mate, F**k you foreigners/travellers/other kiwis". Sorry this post is no longer about marine issues. But likely neither are quite a number of the posts above.
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    And so it goes on

    Gee, thats a lot of volume in the bows of that cat. I always thought they tried to keep volume out of the bows so they don't handstand to easily. Guess its a cruising cat. Clearly the designer has allowed for the typical overloading that the charter market brings, 4 couples, 16 suitcases, one mid sized SUV...
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    Whats happening at Bean Rk?

    Can you please rephrase that in either english or some close approximation. You are like some crazy algal bloom, clogging up all of the the threads.
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    cook strait in a tinnie?

    What he did or try to do is it any worse than Collin Quincy rowing the tasman or kayaking oz to nz?? 1983 sailed a hartly 16 from devonport down to coromandel up to kawau across to barier back to kawau then home. no outboard just me and the cat.trick was no rush over a three week period just waited till reaching and running.no issues at all.The old man was not impressed.
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    cruising Level 2?

    If outfits like the ones being mentioned in this thread had to pay an 'end of life' tax on the junk they import they would be broke by the end of the month.
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    Boating now heavily restricted

    Yup, instant fine the selfish f*ckwits. As Aleana says, this is not week one. People know the rules. They break them with intent. Same to the idiots at burger fuel. Personally I'm a fan of going all North Korea on their arses and shooting them, but my wife says I cant say that sort of thing in public. So i better not say that here either.
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    Dont expect logic from broad brush rules. Hopefully it only another couple of weeks! If rules became specific, it would be virtually impossible to police, too complex. Everyone is making sacrifices....
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    Boating now heavily restricted

    What say the members of this forum construct either a petition or a survey to encourage YNZ to fulfill their natural role. The role that they have positioned themselves to be (and have never been) is a body that represents, and advocates for, all "boaters". This would include obviously their current "performance sailing", but expand to encompass cruising, fishing(?), marina berth holders, and ....(????). They should also have a voice to represent us regarding the environment (I'm thinking antifouling), marine farms and ???? I'd be happy to contribute a bit of time. If we knocked something together and polished it up, we could then distribute it via our yacht clubs, contacts etc etc. This has always been a ridiculous situation where YNZ source their funding primarily from those who do not benefit from their activities.
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    Covid-free sailing thread

    1 Dunedin to Havelock and back over the December to February period, immediately followed by a run down to Stewart Island which was cut short by lockdown. Pity it had to come to a halt. 2 Back down to Stewart Island in one of the good weather Winter spells (we have a good cabin heater.....)
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    Bad Kitty

    Boating now heavily restricted

    Too funny!
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    Nothing is illegal until you get caught I've been down there a few times, absolutely NO ONE cares. Westhaven marina staff work for a big bloated H&S happy clappy more important to be seen doing the right thing than it is actually doing the right thing organisation, a bureaucracy, so it is always going to do whatever it takes to protect it's own arse first. That means their utterances are pure arse protection first and foremost, they are not a indication of their likely actions. They are a good bunch there at the moment and I have found them very pragmatic. And I have thrown an eye over yours each time, as I did mine and all the rest. Yours is still there but misses your dearly but is wondering why you don't love her as much as you used too. Gezz you must feel like a prick by disappointing her like that. Looks like a bit of sweet talking over a few candles and a nice new pot of anti-fouling maybe required to get her love back
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    Boating now heavily restricted

    Agreed that CG has many flaws as an organisation - their PR machine is unnecessarily aggressive for example - BUT I’d rather they were there than not. And I’ve seen various sides of them from internal Ops to front line service (I was active crew for a few years) through to being a ‘customer’. And overall they are a great outfit of well intentioned operators (if sometimes slightly misguided and overzealous). And finally I admit I’m biased because when a CG boat turns up in the middle of the night to transfer your seriously ill child to a helicopter for airlift to Starship hospital - it kind of locks in your appreciation and loyalty. If you’re ever unfortunate enough to need the same kind of assistance you’d probably soften your critical attitudeS towards them too.
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    Boating now heavily restricted

    I have sent the following email to Coastguard's communications manager: Coastguard issued a media release on Tuesday 21 April, which included the following statement: During the Lockdown period our volunteer crews have been involved in nine emergency responses, including six urgent medical transfers of confirmed and possible Covid-19 patients to hospital As a boatie and Coastguard member I would be interested to know the general nature of each of these 9 responses. In particular in the case of the medical transfers I understand from another source that these were transfers from islands being undertaken on behalf of the police as Deodar is currently out of the water – is this correct? Were all 6 medical transfers COVID patients or were some patients with other medical issues? I will post their reply when received.
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    Knot Me... maybe

    Marina Management

    I've just had the second berth user of a large prominent marina say they got a call from the marina saying they had checked their boats and they are all fine. All good and nice to hear they are being checked .................. bar the fact both boats left their berths and the marina the day before the lock down started and haven't been back. You can only but laugh.
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    On the bright side - Next project

    There's only so many projects you can do with supply challenges. I'm glad I started the replacement floor boards just before lockdown. Almost done.
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    Black Panther

    Westhaven - Panuku Consultation

    What makes you think money equates to a better person?
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    New Boat

    Here she is 😀
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