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  1. There is someone advertising a Winchrite ABT electric winch handle for sale in my clubs enews if that sounds any good. $1500 new, asking $1200. Looks like they go for $779us from the manufacturer. No idea what they are like.
  2. You must be joking.
  3. I’d agree with you, although, according to information on the Sport NZ website released on the 7th of May, contact sports are OK. If rugby is back on, surely a race crew of similar numbers should be allowed? NZ would never have different rules for different people would we?
  4. mattm

    Halyard size

    I had an endless system in a sport boat for, I forget now, at least 5 years. Worked really well and never got in trouble with it once (the endless sheet bit anyway), and it ran big kites. Trick is having the right amount of sheet, enough it can flog when need be. I find it better, otherwise both sheets need enough to flog and it’s all over the cockpit floor all the time. New owner has changed it to separate, I find it’s a mess. A nifty knot/splice to allow it to gybe around the forestay is handy, but it didn’t matter as much once we got blow through gybes sorted.
  5. I see one for sale in Aus, says it’s designed by Alan Roper, would that be the same guy as this boat, or coincidentally the same name? Very different style of boat and build technique...
  6. Although does that take you to the oldest post you haven’t read, or just the latest post?
  7. I thought ‘sarcastic’ was recently redefined as ‘seriously proposing a stupid idea’?
  8. From what I heard, 3rd hand, the guy was on the boat in the sounds pre lockdown. He remained in the sounds, on the boat, until he went home, to Wellington, where he and the boat live. He lives aboard permanent. Any issues with that? Being that it’s a race boat, be hard to live on away from shore for as long as he did IMO. Another non-story from NZ media, hence no fines / arrests.
  9. Actually, I’d suggest the changes on the website and YNZ’s constitution were brought about by complaints from clubs rather than YNZ changing their ways. The club here has had various discussions with YNZ over charging non racing members (maybe 5/6ths of membership) a fee for over 20 years now. It was brought to their attention, I think at a YNZ agm, that the people they claim to represent - launches and cruisers, were not mentioned in YNZ’s constitution at all, any where, even once. Changing their website is fine, have they actually changed their behaviour? Examples? I can’t see anywhere in DA’s speil where he has advocated to anyone on behalf of cruising boats. I only read ‘sport’ and racing related advocacy, mostly regarding dinghies. Not that I think we should necessarily be boating in level 3. I just think our national body should have a position on it. Maybe do what other governing bodies are and come up with procedures that would make boating safer at level 1 & 2 and provide those to Sport NZ, in the hope that gets boating the green light a soon as practical. I also think if they claim to advocate for a group of people, and charge them an annual fee to do so, then they should do it. This is likely the absolute best opportunity they will have this decade to advocate on behalf of a somewhat disgruntled group of their membership, and prove they are at least trying to do something on their behalf to proved a path or some certainty to that part of boating, but they haven’t really lifted a finger. Have they?
  10. Yeah I did real it. Before I made that post too. What did I miss (genuine question Sabre, interested in the discussion and open to having my mind changed)? My take away from the YNZ release was, that YNZ have only considered and advocated for the sport of yacht racing, no mention of cruising was given. Which is sad. My local club is a boating club, not just racing. YNZ insist on all members, non racing yachts and launches included, paying the YNZ levy. They say they do advocacy work on behalf of these members. Although until recently pointed out the them, their mission statement was much like this press release, no mention of launches or cruising at all, and bias toward high performance and dinghy racing, rather than keel boats or general sailing. They also didn’t have a whole lot of examples of work done for that particular group of fee paying members that I saw. This would have been a prime opportunity for them provide an example of what they say they do, even though it would again, not likely change the outcome of no boating, at least those members might feel they had a voice representing their interests. This has been an issue for my local club and several others for quite a while now. Those members see the YNZ fee on their membership bill, and say, ‘I’m not a yacht’, or ‘I do not race’, I get nothing, why should I pay. Somewhat hard to argue....
  11. Yeah good post Fish. Kicking it is for sure the priority. I guess I just want the reasons they use to be as transparent as they claim their government to be. Using trumped up numbers to justify things make the sport look bad and creates bad will. I’d imagine the true reason boating is on the no go list, is just the general amount of to-ing and fro-ing it would cause across towns and cities, which seems logical and would be ok. But don’t say you can’t go for a few nights on your moored boat, well prepared, because your a liability and the coastguard won’t be there, as for the absolute majority of trips, that’s simply not true.
  12. I hope this type of call out for CG isn’t used as part of their ‘we assisted x number of people last year’ therefore you shouldn’t go boating call.
  13. That’s well out of order from CG. They shouldn’t be getting involved in politics, which is what I see this as. They are intentionally misleading people, as you’d easily assume those rescues were off boats, to aid their lockdown / no boating narrative. They should be more like Dr Bloomfield, rather than an MP. Facts, rather than spin.
  14. You mean the one that’s still for sale, as a Farr built in 1990, albeit for about Alf the original price?
  15. I’ve had 3, brought them all from people who hadn’t used them in decades. Fresh fuel and they all ran. Still have a 5hp, a few years back we used it 3 days a week to go fishing - trawling for kawai in fact, would turn it off every time we caught one and restart it after. Never rowed home. Same old spark plug, never broken a shear pin either. They do need a heap of oil though, quite smokey. I might get it out today and give it a go if it stops raining.
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