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  1. When hunting for an offshore cruising boat we were advised to put speed and comfort in the proper perspective since we would spend way more time at anchor than passage making. In the market place we were constrained by budget so newer models were out of reach and we wanted to avoid "Project Boats". The trick then was to find a tried and true design with no deferred maintenance and up to date equipment, we found something in the end, not perfect but it has worked out. Good Luck !
  2. You want a "low maintenance boat" Let me know when you find one of those
  3. There is no Plan B, play by the rules and dont get sick !! https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/coronavirus/120770940/coronavirus-government-says-it-has-no-plan-b-if-lockdown-fails-to-stamp-out-covid19
  4. Looking at Metvuw , you might be in luck by Good Friday
  5. Good luck on that , you only have to mention the word Reserve and you will hear the screams of entitled anguish from one end of the gulf to the other.
  6. Is that the Aussies suffering from their Sclerotic Bureaucracy or the Aussies suffering from a Global Bureaucracy ?
  7. Meanwhile a new challenge for the Whitford Estuaries Conservation Society, which will likely be fought in the courts. So plenty of challenges to protect and improve the Gulf waters. Challenging the Auckland City Council’s recent consent variation allowing treated wastewater to be discharged directly into the Turanga River from a new subdivision adjacent to the Whitford Park Golf Club. This council decision goes against the mood of the nation in general and the Auckland Council in particular (as it’s commitment to clean up and improve our waterways). A challenge to the Auckland Council on this decision has been initiated.
  8. While on the subject of "Pressure" does anyone have a diesel compression tester I could borrow ? I have a sick Volvo MD7B and I want to check the compression before pulling the head off. I'm in Howick Chrs
  9. Frank

    Tube clamps

  10. Frank

    window replacement

    Similar to what Alibaba mentioned , we had 2 deck hatches reglazed by a company in Penrose they used Dowsil 795 Structural Glazing Adhesive /Sealant. I heard somewhere that Its also used to attach windows to skyscrapers. The best thing about it is that seems totally UV resistant, unlike the polyurethane based compounds, which I have found wanting. https://www.glasscorp.co.nz/product/x_sku/DC795W.html
  11. If we sell a car or boat that we know is well beyond economical repair then are we part of the problem in that we are just kicking the can down the road ? Obviously not the case if the insurance company writes it off I suppose.
  12. The Buyers were probably eternal optimists as well !
  13. Frank

    Shaft Coupling Glue

    That is a very good point !!
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