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  1. Frank

    MPS or Gennaker Trim

    When reaching with this sail I would play around with strapping down the sheet so the turning block/point is much further forward rather than running it all the way aft You can do this simply by just tying an open loop around the sheet and strapping it to a genoa car or any handy tie point that is strong enough..Lead it aft to a cleat in the cockpit and then play around with the tension. I'm no sail trim guru but this always seemed to make quite difference on my old boat,. I think this is called a barber hauler but the racing experts might correct me on that. https://www.mysailing.com.au/news/barber-haulers
  2. Frank

    MPS or Gennaker Trim

    Chrs, ours is a heavy boat so there is probably little or nothing to be gained from sailing anything other than a direct course downwind . That said, it it is a stiff boat and happily absorbs the power of the MPS which is broad shouldered and seems vast when set (masthead rig) . It has a sock so is easy to deploy and so long as it is not blanketed it sets well and seems very stable so we will use it when the situation suits, probably on the longer passages like a SW to GB. The boat is a Hood 38 https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/hood-38-wauquiez
  3. My mate has installed two of these purchased from Aliexpress one in his camper van and another in his boat, I checked out the camper van unit yesterday, and it was pumping out an impressive amount of heat. It was also very quiet running inside the van. I should say he has exceptional skills, and has the time to do the installation himself, his work is immaculate. He thinks they are fine https://www.aliexpress.com/item/10000005713998.html?src=google&src=google&albch=shopping&acnt=494-037-6276&isdl=y&slnk=&plac=&mtctp=&albbt=Google_7_shopping&aff_platform=google&aff_short_key=UneMJZVf&&albagn=888888&albcp=9594012230&albag=94205055490&trgt=296904913880&crea=en10000005713998&netw=u&device=c&albpg=296904913880&albpd=en10000005713998&gclid=CjwKCAjw26H3BRB2EiwAy32zhevq2xoY0jCe--m9vr1un3jf61Y7APsKKIg_H3KbwdZyv95Rm4WS6hoC3IcQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  4. Frank

    Farr 38

    I think production shifted to Oz eventually.
  5. Frank

    Farr 38

    A yacht called Lionheart foundered off Whangaroa in 83 , I think it was a Farr 38 returning from offshore, it was a terrible tragedy. I recall the slightly uncommon name of the skipper was the same as a bloke I went to school with, I always wondered if it was the same person, he survived as I recall, nice bloke.
  6. When hunting for an offshore cruising boat we were advised to put speed and comfort in the proper perspective since we would spend way more time at anchor than passage making. In the market place we were constrained by budget so newer models were out of reach and we wanted to avoid "Project Boats". The trick then was to find a tried and true design with no deferred maintenance and up to date equipment, we found something in the end, not perfect but it has worked out. Good Luck !
  7. You want a "low maintenance boat" Let me know when you find one of those
  8. There is no Plan B, play by the rules and dont get sick !! https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/coronavirus/120770940/coronavirus-government-says-it-has-no-plan-b-if-lockdown-fails-to-stamp-out-covid19
  9. Looking at Metvuw , you might be in luck by Good Friday
  10. Good luck on that , you only have to mention the word Reserve and you will hear the screams of entitled anguish from one end of the gulf to the other.
  11. Is that the Aussies suffering from their Sclerotic Bureaucracy or the Aussies suffering from a Global Bureaucracy ?
  12. Meanwhile a new challenge for the Whitford Estuaries Conservation Society, which will likely be fought in the courts. So plenty of challenges to protect and improve the Gulf waters. Challenging the Auckland City Council’s recent consent variation allowing treated wastewater to be discharged directly into the Turanga River from a new subdivision adjacent to the Whitford Park Golf Club. This council decision goes against the mood of the nation in general and the Auckland Council in particular (as it’s commitment to clean up and improve our waterways). A challenge to the Auckland Council on this decision has been initiated.
  13. While on the subject of "Pressure" does anyone have a diesel compression tester I could borrow ? I have a sick Volvo MD7B and I want to check the compression before pulling the head off. I'm in Howick Chrs
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