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  1. The screws besides being a source of leaks also are stress points when the hull flexes and will often end up starting cracks in the acrylic -if you have a good bed of sealant there is no need for the screws although a couple to keep the window in place and lined up while the sealant cures can be a good idea - screws to be removed in and filled in after .
  2. definitely a bit of ambiguity in those CG statements - as to their roles in transporting medical emergencies from the Island - as the Island have their own Coastguard volunteer set up and failing Westpac not being available it makes sense to utilise the local CG setup in Matiatia to get any urgent cases to Auck .
  3. Doesn’t specifically mention the nature of the evacuations - just medical which may not be covid related whereas MH ‘s source did mention they were covid related
  4. appreciate that - would be good to know
  5. I still doubt that up to six cases of Covid were taken from Waiheke unless they were all suspected and consequently negative (there is a local testing station set up )- David Bloomfield would have highlighted it and it would be in the Public's best interest to know -particularly the locals . With most positive cases they are quite specific on giving details where they originate - even though the Island is part of ADHB . In an enclosed environment like a small island it would be essential to inform others so extra precautions could be taken. The Island is quite proud it has maintained a clean slate so far - the biggest scare being a Policeman who did a talk at the local Primary School and subsequently tested positive - testing was done around those he had contact with on that day and all proved negative (from what we have been told) - he arrived and left on Police provided transport rather than Fullers.
  6. Just as a side note - Waiheke has its own Coast Guard so if any transfers were done of any nature it would normally be by volunteers on the Island manning that service
  7. To date there hasnt been a confirmed case of covid-19 from Waiheke as far as I am aware ....I believe the Local Board have been told they will be told if there is one but at this time it is a clean sheet ......
  8. I think you will find that poll is probably a week old (?) and regardless if infection rates stay around the level of the last 24 hrs or even go lower if she goes the full 2.5 weeks until reassessing again a new poll would be considerably different. There is no doubt that going hard and early was a good call - its just how its managed from now that will count in the end . Its probably safe to say our suicide rate as a result of covid will be higher than the actual toll from the virus (thats an assumption - havent seen any figures to support but would be surprised if it doesnt end up being the case). In regards to overseas opinion - yes they must be envious of our success and surprised how hard she continues to enforce the restrictions. Their situations are totally different and in some ways hard to compare -our advantage of being an isolated ,very under populated Island is very much in our favour.
  9. 1paulg


    With that many goldfish you do need a good filtration system as the waste build up can be significant -assume there are quite a few plants to create its own little ecosystem but a good filtration with uv is probably needed to keep the pond healthy -the balance will be out now with the pond presumably drained. Re pond liners - should be easy to get - call Stone and Waterworld -they specialise in things like that - alternatively Hollywood Fish in Blockhouse Bay Probably not a bad time to sell a few fish on trade me (once lockdown finishes) and get the population down a bit as could explode from here ! Good luck
  10. That would be a good way to get even less competitors next time....
  11. The odds are that our borders will still be closed to most of the competitor nations by then i would have thought.....hope I am wrong
  12. I think a lot of the campgrounds have been closed ? In which case that option was taken away .
  13. Wheels - I believe there are 10,000 overseas tourists stranded here not able to get home - obviously some in campervans and from what I am hearing they are being turned away from all the usual places they would go so I imagine some of those are just looking for an option of somewhere to stay . It would be a horrible situation to be in and I personally believe that not all the campervans on the road are trying to violate the lock down but just desperate ! ps. I am not a campervan owner ..lol
  14. Be pretty hard to sell a boat right now I would have thought with everyone having to stay put .
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