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  1. I counted over 20 cars in the carpark at PYBC day before yesterday and I reckon there would be 30'sh boats that are "liveabords"
  2. Seriously? if you’d listened to, or read anything properly, you would know that the police don’t intend to do anything different other than their normal patrols, which are just as much about protecting vacant private property as lockdown compliance. These new “instructions” are actually a result of a new Public Health Order that AB issued yesterday. By doing this, he is able, by his legislated power, to provide the police the authority to enforce this order to stay at home whenever practicable. Ie. they can now ask you to go home, if you don’t, they can now arrest you, fine you, and then drop you home. Previously they couldn’t without declaring that they suspected you have The Wuhan Coronavirus which, as you can imagine, has a far worse set of repercussions. seriously
  3. ScottiE

    Breaking Out

    ummm - go sailing?
  4. Agreed. The typical MSM are no longer interested in spending time verifiying stories or sources because it’s more important to publish a sensational story and move on to the next disaster. That culture pervades our own MO. I’ve been trying really hard since the beginning of last year to correct my own behaviour, partially successfully (or perhaps still failing depending on whether your an optimist or a realist!)
  5. I’ll call you or your source out on this. For this to be accurate, there would need to a significant number of visitors”normally” on the island at any one time - let’s say for the sake of argument, conservatively - five times the permanent population. Either that or the local population are all fasting daily for Lent and have decided to extend it for the month!
  6. The one in the subject line you mean?
  7. ScottiE


    comes down to what you want it for? I use those cheap soft top/ plastic bottom ones on our boat so as to not damage the hulls and decks. But they are crap for any serious paddling! If you want something you can surf on the a glass board is the only way to go. That being the case I would have it in a good quality board bag on deck to minimise damage to board or boat and pull it out or put in the bag while its overboard.
  8. Awesome ride fella - I'm seriously jealous!
  9. ScottiE

    apache cat

    Apache - 8T Rehab - 10T no comparison
  10. Even the foil junction is wildly different. The intrigue is growing . . .
  11. I think he want more lead - lot’s more!
  12. ScottiE

    The Boat

    looking at the webcam pics - the boat was launched and rigged before dawn this morning (may have happenned last night?) Left the dock before 0950hrs. So looks like they're going sailing - finally!
  13. ScottiE

    The Boat

    nice day for a yot!
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