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  1. we use sodium metabisulfate. its readily available at home brewing shops as its used to sanitize jugs etc before brewing of beer or wine. and its cheap!
  2. Ahhh....that makes a lot more sense!
  3. I have sailed from Auckland to Marlborough in Sept 2011 in our yacht, and circumnavigated the north island (clockwise) at Christmas this year starting from Marlborough Sounds. Happy to give any advice you specifically want, and happy for you to PM me. Have stopped all sorts of places along the way and worked out pretty quickly where is comfortable and whats not. As per island time, what sort of boat and size?, how many crew have you got? have you got a timeframe to complete the trip?
  4. Im rather confused by the picture above. we are going for Cat 1 ourselves soon and have a similar setup (except sliding hatch comes over the washboard). How does the above setup help hold the sliding hatch closed? or does cat 1 not require that, only the washboard to be held closed regardless of the sliding hatch? i assumed it it was a requirement that both be held closed and are openable from both sides? any enlightenment. the documents for cat 1 are very vague
  5. very soon (2016 hopefully), even though we are still young there is more to life than work. Money doesn't make you happy, however a well paying job has allowed us to get to a stage where we are looking at retiring at only 31. I know we will be going for a much simpler way of life living aboard our 44ft yacht but we want to sail the world and get away from the stresses of owning a company, the bureaucratic rubbish and hassles living and working in christchurch (and being part of the rebuild process). The thing I cant wait for is to throw my cellphone into the deep blue, the fact that everyone is glued to them these days, there is more to life than tv, internet and cellphones, its time to see the world at our pace and we will do it for as long as we can. We are lucky we can hold onto both our houses as well and it will be some income, and something to come back to if we want. Get out there and do it before its too late. I lost my mum 5 years ago to a terrible debilitating disease and she told me to get out and enjoy life, live it to the fullest because you never know when your time is up. she died many years before the retirement age so dont always count on doing it when your 65....
  6. TeMPuS

    Solar Power

    We bought the boat in the USA so bought them over there. They are pretty standard panel so should be readily available here with some searching. Dimensions are about 1500 x 660
  7. TeMPuS

    Solar Power

    for what its worth from my experience over the last 4 years cruising. We have 2x 135W kyocera panels which by the book put out 7.4amps each but over summer in sunny northland we were getting 18.5amps out of them so pretty efficient. with 450amp/hrs of batteries we were able to run the fridge 24/7 for 6 weeks, autopilot, plotters, tv, radio, inverter running toaster and all sorts, watermaker for hours a day (got to the stage we were making so much water we were filling buckets to wash dive gear and the boat deck). the only thing to take into account is the sun has far less energy in the cooler months and we are lucky to get 7-10amps on a beautiful sunny day in autumn and spring. solar is the best way to go for power generation and we are looking at another 250amp battery and 180w flexible panel for the new dodger in currently in construction. you can never have enough free power!
  8. Hi Steve Yeah would have been good to catch up, where are you headed for christmas? and when are you heading back north again? Good advice on the rubbish from everyone though, we try to limit it as much as possible but everything seems to be wrapped in plastic and then wrapped again just for the hell of it which is a shame.
  9. Hi all, just curious what ideas people have for dealing with rubbish on long passages or extended times. The amount of rubbish we tend to generate even in a week is quite amazing. Where do people end up putting it? down the back hatch, anchor locker? problem is it starts to stink quickly, leak all sorts of nasties. Sometimes we end up filling the dinghy (hanging on davits) with bags of rubbish and recycling but rather annoying if you want to use it. I only ask as we are doing a 6 week trip at christmas and wondering what good ideas might be out there. We are stopping at regular intervals in the 6 weeks so dont need to carry it for that long but it could be a good week or more between rubbish stops.
  10. Thanks for the advice. In answer to the last question, yes I am coming back to Marlborough so will do the west coast on way home. I might make provision to take the east coast route up north unless we are going to get a good weather window that will allow a West Coast trip. I have done the east coast before from AKL to Wellington so not bothered to much about seeing it again and it adds another 170nm which sucks.
  11. Hi all, its been a while since I have been active on here but planning a trip at Christmas time from Havelock (Marlbrough) to Bay of Islands. Looking at dropping the dock lines about 20th Dec and heading around the top of the North Island before turning SW to BOI via Whangaroa Harbour and Cavalli Islands. Just looking for any advice for that time of the year, prevailing wind directions? anywhere to shelter enroute if the weather kicks up rough. The boat is 44ft solid bluewater cruiser, have been through plenty of bad weather including 2x crossings of Cook in 50+kn with 6+ meter seas. Thanks Owen
  12. I sailed from Auckland to Christchurch (well that was the plan) but as the others have said you need to have backup plans. Unfortunately we were running out of time due to work commitments and had to cut the trip short and leave the boat in Wellington after taking a beating with 55kn NW winds and 10+m seas in the cook, autopilot arm sheared off and we were just a crew of two so after i had spent 12hrs+ at the helm fighting we were so exhausted...so dont feel bad if you have to stop and wait something out, its better than risking damage to your boat or worse, injury to you or your crew. But from my experience there are quite a few good places to stop, we stopped in Kennedy Bay (east side of coromandel peninsula), mayor island and then sailed hard until we got to Gisborne to wait out a bad southerly coming through then it was onward after a few daysthere. We kept close to east cape enroute to Gisborne and actually passed between the cape and east island on a beautiful sunny day with 15kn N so its all about how mother nature feels at the time. As the others also mentioned take heaps of diesel!! if its not blowing get motoring because you need to keep moving before an unfavorable front moves in on you. we chewed through a lot of diesel and i wished i had carried more in jerry cans. but good luck, its a good trip and i would love to do it again.
  13. Heading from Havelock so should be all good to miss the 'hole'
  14. Has anyone got any good advice for sailing there? best time of the year? would preferably like to do it in dec/jan as its warmer and i can get time off work. Just any tips/tricks would be much appreciated.
  15. The 200nm limit is offshore of NZ territory or offshore the mainland? because if you drew a 200nm limit around the chathams and nz there is going to be a significant area that intersected meaning you would be covered for the whole trip...unless its off NZ mainland then only half the trip would be insured?!
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