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  1. Great site wish I could visit, seems hard to get a large in nearly all spray tops.
  2. Looking at a few spray jackets (rooster, gul and windesign) all under 150 for laser sailing, any recommendations would be great. Cheers
  3. Great thank you 4 liters it is.
  4. Antifouling a lotus 9.2 with altex no5, trying to remember how much I need. Anyone advice appreciated. Thanks
  5. I have a 16x10 from what I can make out, do you think this could be a fit? What were you wanting for it?
  6. I'm after a folder for my volvo shaft drive but need left rotation, what is YOURS? Thanks
  7. What ski club? That is a good nightly rate with food.
  8. In need of some more sails ,main #1 and #2 in good condition, thought I would check the second hand market before getting some quotes from sail makers. Contact Stu 021548012
  9. We bought Cheers from down in Mana, will defiantly be out in the gulf over summer, boat will be moored at herds bay Coromandel.
  10. My ms35 just arrived from glue guru, not in a position to pop out windows so will have to just re seal under stainless frames, hoping this works and can get frames off again one day as this stuff sounds strong. Cheers
  11. Thanks for that. She's a lotus 9.2
  12. Just bought a 30 year old family cruising yacht, very exciting for us. Few jobs to get sorted before we get out there. Windows have small leaks and have stainless surrounds, was going to remove surrounds only and put new sealant under. What is best sealant for this job? Cheers
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