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  1. I think I'm one of those members... lol edit: just checked and apparently now I still see small talk. For a while though, I was sure small talk had been removed altogether... Happy to still see small talk, though.
  2. 1. Lorient during the defi-azimut - basically a speed week for the IMOCAs and Class40 boats. 2. Any activity where I get to smell the sea again... Did the Molesworth on BMW K75s in Jan '97. Thing was a disaster on gravel, narrow bars, top heavy and skittly like riding on marbles on ice with no grip and enhanced gravity; and I grew up riding dirt bikes. Managed not to drop it - great scenery. Bloody snowed on us on Jan 5th!
  3. Well, quote from Axxon the mast manufacturer for the carbon radar mount comes in at €800 +shipping. Not gimballed. Scanstrut is €1100. Maybe I’ll have a go myself.
  4. DrWatson

    Gil OS1

    I've got a bit of Kaiwaka gear on the boat already, mostly in Christina's size. She's got a good warm aquaseal one with the fleece in it, and we've an oystermans smok, tuflon. But both lack for pockets. But my main gripe is that most of their gear doesn't have a fluro hood. Their range leader, Stormforce, only with dark colours and dark hood. Don't remember seeing any retroreflectors either. If it was just a bit more featured I'd be all over it, especially the tuflon stuff which seems exactly that, tough. Last time I was at the factory store, the lady did pop out the back and discuss what the cost of having a fluro hood added would be. Was around 600 for a one off with a yellow fluoro hood. Yeah, I'm thinking this especially for long cruising back to NZ. While we're not racing we do have the luxury of picking our window. But for the bit of sailing we'll be doing around Europe, I'm also guessing there's no serious need to fork out for HPX. Interesting to hear Josh's comparison, though. We already bake a fair bit of bread...
  5. Got some photos somewhere, Matt?
  6. DrWatson

    Gil OS1

    Maybe that's part of what led to the "reengineering"? https://www.wetsuitoutlet.co.uk/2020-gill-mens-os1-offshore-ocean-trousers-graphite-os12t-p-19854.html sorry only 10% lighter but 15% increased abrasion resistance (no idea how they quantified that...)
  7. DrWatson

    Gil OS1

    Interesting (and damning?) I'm looking at the 2020 stuff, which is apparently "14% lighter" and "reengineered"... Wonder if it would have the same issues... A wet arse on day one is definitely not on my wish list. R
  8. Just adding to this thread. Are the extra $$ for a scanstrut gimballed mount really worth it? Just thinking about a Halo24 for Firefly. We've a reinforcement about 4m up the mast and a mousing line, but tossing up between a bespoke carbon mount (from mast manufacturer) and a scanstrut. I'd like not to drill additional holes in the mast.
  9. He just came out of the cabin. probably deciding where he should clip on. Looks like the guy just ahead of the helm was also not clipped on when that first wave hit.
  10. DrWatson

    Gil OS1

    Hahahaha. After 5h of slamming into a short chop and 25knt I got puked on by Julius first trip after we picked up the boat (poor little bugger). Stood in the back of the cockpit and washed off with the hot deck shower. I was kind of half thinking the same kind of thing, and considering just getting some good PVC/fisho gear. Let's see.
  11. DrWatson

    Gil OS1

    Good gear? I'm looking at a pair of salopettes. They call it ocean gear, but just wondering how it compares to HPX - price difference is considerable. Would you more ocean experienced among us be happy to do a global circumnavigation using it? B00B00, BP?
  12. Probably been posted here before, but I'm spendng a lot of time living vicariously and sailing through Youtube at the moment. Just thought this was a good example of a "gotcha".
  13. I'm waiting for that email from my French marina.... We just got an email that the City of Zürich will reimburse parents who have taken their kids out of crèche during the pandemic (to leave more room for those who don't have the option to care for their kids as they still have to work). We still pay at the moment, but the city will pay us all back. Apparently they're still going through the motions of figuring out if the state or federal government will reimburse them, but the city are going it alone for the moment... It's nice because it's nearly 3k a month per kid for crèche.
  14. Here's an email I got from my marina. Madame, Monsieur, Nous vous informons qu'en raison du coup de vent de Nord Est enregistré ces dernières heures, une ronde a été effectuée ce jour par le personnel technique des marinas sur l'ensemble des deux ports de plaisance (Moulin Blanc et Château), à flot et à terre. Quelques amarrages ont dû être repris mais nous n'avons pas enregistré de dégâts particuliers. Malgré les obligations de confinement auxquelles nous sommes tous confrontés, nous restons vigilants afin que la surveillance des marinas soit réalisée dans les meilleures conditions possibles dans ce contexte si particulier. Chaque soir et chaque nuit, un rondier intervient sur les deux marinas. Une surveillance via la vidéo est également réalisée à distance. Dans l'attente de vous revoir très vite sur les pontons, nous vous souhaitons bon courage pour passer ce cap difficile. Bien cordialement, Which roughly translates as: There was a gale, we checked everything and secured a few boats. There was no damage. At this time, we have remote surveillance and we also check everything 2x a day, because we know you guys can't, so please don't worry. Hope to see you all again soon. How're NZ marinas handling the lockdown?
  15. DrWatson

    Pogo 36

    Yeah the compulsory ladder, while important, does have a tendency to pop open unless it's been packed away perfectly. The wooden boarding ladder is something I knocked up in a hurry as a temporary fix until I can make a super light one. We decided on the boat when C was 4 months pregnant. So we got the kids and the boat at the same time, pretty much. a little difficult, but hopefully it will be worth it when we're making family holidays when the kids a little older. But it came at the cost of not buying a house...
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