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  1. Hahah, we could still do the sweepstake, and the winner gets to sail Firefly to Jersey and back to France at the end of October... She needs to leave the EU for at least a night, and what with various quarantines and work commitments, I'm not sure it's gonna work out.
  2. haha, well I don't think "Hopeless at helping" is accurate but we might soon be exhausting our reservoir of explanations. The breadth of experience here on the forum is exceptional, and each suggestion has been based on a member's previous experience. Some of those experiences include the strangest things which others of us would never have considered, but the suggestions are made on first hand examples, and all made with reason. It's not like people To date: Buggered injector pump/buggered injector (not being a mechanic this was my first guess) Burnt or sticking valve Broken crank Obstruction on the prop Broken engine mount Broken/occluded cam Alternator Wiring loom issue (Lordy I hope not, there's about 2km of wiring on this boat) Black box Clutch cone grabbing Oil level in gearbox Morse cable adjustment Engine drive plate Starter motor/flywheel Engine dampner plate One thing to consider is that it only happens when the whole set up is warm and restarted... (might happen when it's warm immediately, but I normally don't leave it running in neutral after I've finished motoring somewhere.) It also didn't do it earlier in the trip when we ran the motor in Neutral for 40 min or so to charge batteries while making water - so when the motor is warm and the gearbox not. So it's intermittent and very regular... about once every 12th revolution (Thanks JimS for counting), so it's likely to be geared issue, but not something related to the engine firing or engine timing itself? I'm guessing a sticking valve would not occur "exactly" every 6th action. haven't tried...
  3. It dropped down the same regardless of the cylinder. But it didn’t make that kick.
  4. I’m starting to think we should run a poll,...
  5. Is pantaenius not active in the nz market?
  6. I think this is a plausibility. Vid was sent to Volvo immediately. And to some other relevant parties incl. original mechanic (so he can see the issue that we were trying to replicate). Pogo Structures have also jumped in on their own initiative on our behalf and written to Volvo France head office to encourage speedy resolution.
  7. lastly a few pics of the boom tent in operation. And scenery.
  8. Although our engine/transmission issue kind of marred the end of our cruise, it did give us a chance (and motivation) to really try out the light air performance. We're running heavy with all the cruising crap on board (3 anchors etc etc. plus humungous amounts of French wine and food all packaged in glass...), and we have no A2 (yet), but we were able to keep ticking along at about 1.5-2 knts with 2-3 knts pretty much flat off, and coming around to about 125 TWA in about 4 knots we could sit for relatively long periods (4-5 min at a time) nominally above windspeed. We did have about 0.3 knt current in our favour, and I haven't done the calculation yet to determine how that would affect the actual TWS, but note the boat speed is through the water, so TWA will be further aft. Nonetheless, pretty happy with light air performance. (yeah it's not a great photo)
  9. To be fair to the mechanic, it refused to make that sound and shake in his presence. Prop is two blades folding. Propspeed applied on 1july. Boat launched on 12 July. Worked fine for nearly the two weeks of our trip so I doubt it’s the prop. ESP as it doesn’t seem to happen once fully in gear and motoring. I’m going with something engaging or trYing to engage. Either way I expect an error like this could result in considerable wear and damage if not rectified. No flash in the back ground. It’s raining and some rain coming down the hatch. Maybe a trick of the light.
  10. Yeah the regularity and the shudder got me and I shut it down within 20 sec. I started it again 5 min later in Neutral to check and same thing so shutdown after 10 sec. In my experience, sounds like this warrant immediate shutdown. Was thinking it could be a tooth on the timing catching, a cam hitting something, or a partial seize? I dunno. Considered the blocked injector or injector pump issue. I've relatively little experience with diesels, but the way it was kicking reminded me of an old escort engine missing on a cylinder or two, So I considered maybe those injection related issues. But the tech eased each of the the injector nuts to depressurise each and she simply dropped down to two cylinders and ran smooth - no kick. For it to be an injector issue and regularly failing a cylinder I would expect the frequency of the error to be higher, perhaps 400 per minute (at 800 rpm). Tech mussed and fussed around for 20 minuted checking everything fuel supply related and eventually, grasping at straws, suggested that maybe we'd got some "winter coolant in the fuel line" (wtf!!) or drawn a little air into the fuel line when heeled over, as the fuel tank was only half full, to which I conceded might be possible if we were heeled at 90° and running the motor which we weren't. He left, satisfied the engine was fine, and then I got a call from the Volvo Action service centre telling me the case had now been closed be cause the tech had determined we'd run out of fuel!!! I told them in no uncertain terms that that certainly wasn't the case. But in a call this morning the call centre guy still referred to us running out of fuel. Now that I have a video of it I can re examine it a few times and make a different prognosis. The way it went away when gearbox engaged and up at 1200 rpm suggests that it might be something between the gearbox and the engine which is miss-aligned and trying to engage but missing... In any case, a knock like that will certainly wear stuff out pretty quick. It's a s120 sail drive ( I think that's the model). Standard drive leg and prop. Motor was serviced at 38 hours (first service) a few hours earlier than the recommended 50 but it was the end of the season and the start of winter so not a bad idea to do it a little early.
  11. So, the last two days of our cruise were a little marred by the following effect. Intermittent but can be reproduced sort of. Run motor and potter along the coast for 2-3 hours. sail for 3h or so, then start motor for manouvering. Does this in idle at neutral and when engaged in FWD but at idle, at least sometimes, then went away when increased to 1200 rpm... It's not a sound and effect I enjoy so we stopped using the engine and only manoeuvred under sail after this. Called the Volvo service centre, they sent a tech, and of course we couldn't reproduce it. Didn't have the video to show him at that time. But recorded this after he left. Case now reopened but let's see.
  12. Climbed the mast on Firefly two weeks ago and lubed and checked everything from the top to the bottom. Silicon grease. Careful to only spray into the track a couple of times at various heights - didn’t want the wheels on the cars just sliding on the outside of the track. Continued the procedure on everything on deck. Main whistles up and down now like a high speed train. Makes putting in a reef much easier. Cars go up and down the track more easily and at a wider range of angles than before.
  13. This ^^^ x100 There's a huge difference between being good and knowledgable and being able to teach. Or even worse examine someone's knowledge. Example. What's the difference in the meaning of the following two statements? 1. "A vessel viewed from its port side." 2 "A vessel, of any size, viewed from its port side." 3. "A vessel, with or without grandmothers, viewed from its port side." ...
  14. “Naval Blockade” sells better than “welcoming committee”...
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