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  1. Wow - spendy is right!!! And I guess that listed price is not the carbon version... How do they row? I guess they don't have a rig....
  2. This topic, The Perfect Tender, keeps coming around. One thing we often don't talk enough about weight. Most dinghies are manageable by one person when dragging them up the beach etc, but pretty much all of them suck badly when it comes time to haul them up onto the foredeck. On a boat like BP, I guess there's a bit more space (excepting that superfluous second mast thingy), but realistically a dinghy is an awkward object to manhandle onto a foredeck, and it's a task made more and more difficult as your yacht gets smaller. What's the max. mass that people are comfortable with? I mea
  3. hahah Yeah must have made me totally crazy. I like exploring beautiful places. I know Whangape is useable under the right conditions, but yeah the Herekino bar looks like it might be safe about once every 5 years...
  4. Anyone been in? Even in a fizzboat? Wondered how much water there might be in there at high tide/low tide. Of course you'd need perfect conditions to get in... but if there was 1.4m over the bar at high tide...
  5. You did indeed say to check it. unfortunately I was 1000km away by then Nonetheless, I'm kinda pissed about the level that was in there. I don't have a measure on how much was "too much" (I will ask). Was it 1L too much ? 0.5L? just 100 mL? no specifics... Mostly i'm annoyed because I paid professionals to take care of it while I'm miles away from the boat. True, I didn't check the oil level in the saildrive (I did the engine, cooling, battery etc. ) before this trip, as I expected (wrongly?) that the initial service guy would get it right, and that the guy who launched the boat only 1
  6. The skeptic in me doubts it.... That they suggest a sea trial with the Tech onboard suggests they were not able to replicate the problem and that they don’t actually know what was/is wrong ...
  7. An update! Good afternoon, Our agent Volvo Penta Service xxx xxxxxx has been on board your vessel They made several checks and they made running the engine during 30 minutes they have changed alternator belt which was too much tensionned.They have also drained a few lube oil in the saildrive because oil level was too high Then they runned again the engine and trouble di not appear anymore Nethertheless, what i suggest you is when you're back around our location is to contact Jet marine, and make a sea trial with them like this, you'll have an engine
  8. Starting to like the idea of 1000Ah of 48V Li and a DC motor slapped on the top of the saildrive...
  9. Yep, that's pretty much exactly the situation at the moment, everything except for the two guys and the van thing...
  10. Yeah except they are unrelated incidents....
  11. There's a dude popping down to the boat this week sometime to swap out a stanchion... might ask him to just have a little poke around...
  12. engine idle is 800 (more or less). BBQ is ready...
  13. Why not simply a small winch? then it can be used as a winch as well.. Then you can load it to pretension your halyards before blowing the jammer... Or would it be too heavy?
  14. Capping every through fixed bolt/nut with a polyethylene dome nut cover works nicely.
  15. Surprised you get so much condensation in a wooden boat. That grey carpety stuff seems to eliminate condensation more or less - it's the smooth polished (painted9 surfaces that allow it, IMO. Being a foam boat, Firefly only gets condensation on the windows except for the deck/hull joint, which is just solid glass. Seems to me that a layer of 3mm LD foam included just inside the inside-most layer of cloth would have pretty much solved that as it would insulate the joint as well. All through bolts could easily be recessed those 3mm... Brittany has a similar climate to NP in the summer
  16. What a faecetious suggestion ... But a guest did manage to “flush so much she couldn’t flush any more...”
  17. Hahah, we could still do the sweepstake, and the winner gets to sail Firefly to Jersey and back to France at the end of October... She needs to leave the EU for at least a night, and what with various quarantines and work commitments, I'm not sure it's gonna work out.
  18. haha, well I don't think "Hopeless at helping" is accurate but we might soon be exhausting our reservoir of explanations. The breadth of experience here on the forum is exceptional, and each suggestion has been based on a member's previous experience. Some of those experiences include the strangest things which others of us would never have considered, but the suggestions are made on first hand examples, and all made with reason. It's not like people To date: Buggered injector pump/buggered injector (not being a mechanic this was my first guess) Burnt or stickin
  19. It dropped down the same regardless of the cylinder. But it didn’t make that kick.
  20. I’m starting to think we should run a poll,...
  21. Is pantaenius not active in the nz market?
  22. I think this is a plausibility. Vid was sent to Volvo immediately. And to some other relevant parties incl. original mechanic (so he can see the issue that we were trying to replicate). Pogo Structures have also jumped in on their own initiative on our behalf and written to Volvo France head office to encourage speedy resolution.
  23. lastly a few pics of the boom tent in operation. And scenery.
  24. Although our engine/transmission issue kind of marred the end of our cruise, it did give us a chance (and motivation) to really try out the light air performance. We're running heavy with all the cruising crap on board (3 anchors etc etc. plus humungous amounts of French wine and food all packaged in glass...), and we have no A2 (yet), but we were able to keep ticking along at about 1.5-2 knts with 2-3 knts pretty much flat off, and coming around to about 125 TWA in about 4 knots we could sit for relatively long periods (4-5 min at a time) nominally above windspeed. We did have about 0.3 knt c
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