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  1. looking good! what are you using for stringers? R
  2. Can I get a hard white antifoul somewhere to use as a bootstripe at the water line? looked at altex online and only find semi-hard in black I'm not particularly worried about finish, but on a mooring the chop spreads that green stuff a long way up the topsides. What to you others use?
  3. So, Getting ready to put all the expensive bolt on bits onto my 14ft skiff and the plans specify a Ronstann RF562 gooseneck, but apparently we can't get them anymore - at least over here in Switzerland. Does anyone have ideas for an alternative, or a second hand one they could/would offload to me? I'm back in Auckland for xmas so i'm thinking of filling up my bags with goodies anyway. R
  4. the executors seem a bit out of sorts-- not allowing more than one hour on the hard for inspection??? my guess someone with a fast internet will bid at the end and pip the rest by 5 bucks... 148,005
  5. So how would Full Metal Jacket go for reflecting radar? I mean anything that reflects light that effectively would surely reflect EMR from other wavelengths to a reasonable degree (excepting the shorter wavelengths like x-ray and up).
  6. I thought it was only the Bavaria "Match"versions with long keels that had problems TL?? Hey Smithy, yes Im familiar with the keel issue, but what I was referring to was the new imports. The New Zealand Bavaria importers have an in-house boat-builder that spends approx a month on each new boat strengthening areas of the boats construction and replacing undersized fittings etc. In their European market, not a lot of sailing is done in breezes over 25knts, whereas in NZ we regularly sail in 25+knts and in these conditions the boats construction weaknesses are shown up i.e. flexing deck
  7. That's a point AJ, But would the wooden boats on the lakes hold up as well? I assume one can sail right back out to the Atlantic via canals?
  8. So to register it as a NZ ship do you then need to get a Cat1 survey? And/or can you register it as a NZ ship without importing it to NZ? Then it's still techinically imported in the US and no need, as you say by making sure you have the customs decal, to reimport it. Seems like the way to go wrt working for a couple more years and then buggering off for a few/indefinitely.
  9. SO, while scanning the internet looking for more boats to spend my meagre income on I noticed that the boats in the US are SERIOUSLY cheap. Especially the classics which appear to be in outstanding condition. A 42' schooner for 50k?? it looks quite nice in the photos, and many many glass boats in the 30-40' range. Thousands of 'em. Surely they're not all lemons. The economic downturn has really hammered them. I know you'll pay lots in duties to import them into NZ, but what if you just want a boat to go cruising the world? Seems there are some exceptoinally good deals to be had. Anyone
  10. I got a sneaky suspicion that the winner of this Rum will not be me... I still have to build a mast, this weekend hopefully
  11. I shall admit that I am definitely guilty of starting threads on small talk which have nothing to do with yachting, and sometimes nothing to do with boats or even water. I always post this in small-talk. One reason I do this is because I recognise that there are many people on this site who have talent that goes far beyond sailing - yes I know it's sometimes hard to believe that there are things other than sailing - and interesting discussion on topics outside sailing makes for a better understanding of who we all are, our personalties, and builds our value as a community. There is a lot
  12. DrWatson

    Jet Ski Nutters

    What's the next-largest piece of water they have to cross after the Tasman? the gap between PNG and Aussie is less than 10 NM in places (Island hopping), but it seems there might be a few gaps of around 20NM going on up through indonesia. mostly they can just coast all the way, no? If they were really hard men they'd be doing it in optis... Maybe I should sail my skiff back to NZ this summer?
  13. I'm just tired, as I guess many of us are, of increasingly onerous legislation which removes freedoms under the guise of protecting us from ourselves. I want to be free to make my own decisions about the way I live my life and the risks I take. An easy solution to the rescue insurance is: "If you don't have rescue insurance, don't expect to be rescued UNLESS there is a vessel or capability in the immediate vicinity." (ie 50NM) This means we are free to do as we like, we may choose to take insurance, or if we can't afford it we are aware of the risks. No insurer on the planet
  14. Well, yes, the fire is obvious. If you can't fight it you're getting off, and the explosion kinda makes you get off I suppose. Food and water... yeah ok, although that might come under severe medical problems... you're not gonna last long without the water. Also easier to control than the fire or explosion, and easier to plan for. The Rum and ice are harder to control.... You'd first have to sail north to the Caribbean and then a long way south to pick up an ice berg or two.
  15. Here's a question though. Under which circumstances would each of us here abandon our ship and require rescue? For me I would abandon ship only under the following circumstances: 1: Accidentally washed into the sea, MOB (not really a conscious decision) 2: Boat is heading for the bottom, or is broken up on the rocks. 3: Serious medical attention needed. ie. compound fracture, severe trauma, stroke, heart attack etc. Not that you're likely to make it after a stroke anyway. Can we add to this list?
  16. Well the topsides paint and anti-foul are in reasonable condition... better than mine perhaps it's a temporary structure for viewing a race from? Nuh, it's the start of a cradle for turning her over, Or a parasitic virus caught from passing that floating pontoon house platform on the other thread...maybe there are goats and ducks hiding up there? Clap clap quack
  17. Superstitions, myths and magic are what we used to use to explain things we don't understand. Superstitions are generally replaced by scientific understanding. Things like what causes thunder and lightning for example. As we all know, the sea has secrets which we don't yet understand, and as sailors, and as we gain more experience we find that it's more the things we don't know than the things we do about sailing and the sea. We'll take science where we can, and technology, but otherwise there's no harm in being a little superstitious. I've been a part of two yacht purchases where
  18. Did we find an owner? Or is she being sent to the bottom, so to say? R
  19. DrWatson


    You can always keep a certain amount of your old flares. As long as you have the required amount of good flares aboard for your Cat # you can also keep the expired ones, no? Leave a couple on your tender, stash a couple more in your kayak... put one in your tramping pack. Crickey, even handing them out to the ill prepared tinny drivers down at the ramp on a sat morning could save the country $$$ in search costs...
  20. DrWatson


    It's not about being smart or not, but rather about how you bring your kids up. Smart people can have arrogant less-caring stupid kids, and "stupid" people can have smart kids. The difference comes when those kids are growing up. Of course there is some genetic input, but the environment in which your kids grow up, the way you raise them, open minded and able to think rationally or closed down and bogged down in tradition and superstition can have a massive effect on the people they become, the choices they make in life, and the way they view their position in the world in terms
  21. Well, It's not too far into the Arctic. Right in the top of Sweden. We're going to walk clean across a large set of National Parks up there, Sarek. Apparently the scenery is stunning. Having to carry 3 weeks worth of food is not going to be stunning The average temperature across the year is -8°C ... But recently, when the sun is at it's highest they've had double figures And the 24h daylight will mean there are not really any nights for the temp to drop too low, I hope... We'll be a 100km inland so I don't know how many seals we'll see, but there are reindeer and bears.
  22. Ah, and here's one of Bruno trying things out for size... Can see the framing for the mast partners here too
  23. Gee I been snoozing it seems, Well last weekend and this one just gone we glued down the decking, and glued on a few other fiddly little bits, like the mound at the stern which braces the transom where the ridder pintles are, the mast steps and deck reinforcement and the first part of the framing to take the upper mast partners - sort of two angled bulkheads which intersect making an x athwartship then has another deck panel on top. You'll see we we get that bit finished. We're a little stranded having run out of wood at the moment. Waiting for the Douglas and cedar to be delivered.
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