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  1. Lots of branches and trees washed up at town boat ramp. Bit of a mess.
  2. Thanks for that. Must have been a bit fresh at your place last night. Was blowing pretty hard at our place and lots of rain.
  3. Just been down to check my dock lines this arvo. Sounds like the Coromandel is in for a bit of a hammering tonight. Civil defence are warning of probable power outages and flooding. The Kopu to Hikuai road is already closed so if you want to get out of Whitianga, you will have to go up around the top through Coromandel.
  4. I still carry all my paper charts. Don't know how common this practice is these days.
  5. Probably about 33 years ago we used to get a dozen plus R26's for the Akarana winter series. A lot of us used to go down from BBYC and PYBC. Also used to have Nationals run by the home of Ravens, the PYBC.
  6. You need to give evidence of new boat pushing against the tide in Whitianga harbour channel. Any engine that can do that is fit for purpose. I would suggest a large portion of boats would not pass the test.
  7. chariot

    Maritime NZ

    Why did it take 8 days before giving the deckhand some training on how to maintain a course?
  8. Not sure if the Pogo wants to race.
  9. I see you have some competition just over the bridge in front of the motel.
  10. At least the rain washes the sparrow sh*t out of my cockpit
  11. Must have been a while ago if he paid $27,000 for a Reactor. Prices have come back a long way from that.
  12. Just been talking to a guy on a 38.5 Lagoon moored to the wharf at Whitianga. The are over here from Brisbane and self isolating around the Mercury Bay area. The police came out and made contact with them at the beginning of lock down and told them they had to remain in the Mercury Bay area for the duration of lock down. Says there are a lot worse areas to spend lock down and has quite enjoyed it, thinks the Mercs are stunning. Hoping to get back across the Tasman in June but doesn't know if that will happen.
  13. Where is that? Got me guessing.
  14. Would be no fun out in front of your place at the moment. Blowing like hell down by the waterways
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