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  1. That boat and crew sure put NZ on the ocean racing world stage. Go Rainbow Go is a good read.
  2. I have a D1-30 that was fitted about 3 yrs ago. Was fitted with correct mounts but used to jump allm over the place. The engine mouints were soft mounts which i believe they use on the sail drive instalations. Being shaft drive it used to knock like hell at idle due to engine movement. Had the mounts changed to hard mounts and problem solved. The noise from your instalation is totally different to what I had but could be food for thought.
  3. chariot

    Boat Dilemma

    Having owned a D35 I have nothing but praise for them but the dollars are a bit more than what was originaly mentioned. That is if you want a good one.
  4. Was out on the water yesterday and saw Deep Purple racing in a bit of breeze. What a little rocket ship. So far ahead of the rest of the fleet they may as well have been in a seperate division.
  5. chariot

    Diesel bug

    Exactly what I do. Top tank up after every outing. No, never been pooped, but never been offshore. Done sh---t loads of coastal but never have that volume in the cockpit.
  6. chariot

    Diesel bug

    If i have 400mm of water in my cockpit with 2X50 drain holes the last thing I am going to be worried about is water ingress into a fuel breather.
  7. chariot

    Diesel bug

    Aft end of cockpit about 400mm up from cockpit sole and about 40mm out from the front of the cockpit seat so you can't skin your knees or calfs
  8. chariot

    Diesel bug

    Vent at aft end of cockpit halfway down to cockpit sole and only about 40mm out from the front of the cockpit seat so you bash your knees of calfs on it. Only about 400mm up from cockpit sole.
  9. chariot

    Diesel bug

    I'll agree with that. Developed pin holes in the fuel tank on my Cav 32. Had to remove the engine to get the fuel tank out. Had the same happen in my present boat, tank is in under saloon seat. Undo the hold down fixings and lift out. Couldn't be easier.
  10. Must have been in very close to hit a brick around that area.
  11. As I said KM. Read the book. The UN appear to have killed as many as they saved in parts of the world. Don't know how else to descibe thier actions.
  12. I would not let the UN anywhere near aid distribution. The entire outfit is run by incompitent fools. Read Sir Ray Averies book for evidence.
  13. Looks like more of this for the Coromandel tomorrow. Big winds and lots of rain.
  14. Heard last night that several boats are ready to head off to Fiji. Is this correct or just a rumour.
  15. chariot

    Farr 38

    I think crew sea sickness and fatigue were the biggest problem from what I remember. Tried to enter Whangaroa rather than carry on to the BOI.
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