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  1. Who can tell me whats going on at Bean Rock. I noticed yesterday but didn't get a pic. There is a big work platform up on legs out there. Only saw it from a distance so it was hard to tell how close it is etc to the light, Is it getting another refit , new piles or is there a wharf being built there for easy access when it gets turned into an exclusive B & B.
  2. They bring back memories of the famous cone of silence.
  3. We are from the Govt, we are here to help......It does create a convenient pathway to impose both skipper licensing and boat registration upon us.
  4. Hell yes, these guys are the place to go.
  5. Vorpal Blade

    Maritime NZ

    In the above instance and accident not your fault, but you have no wof, do you expect the police would overlook that? In one instance I know of the at fault vehicle was well illegal (no WOF, insurance, unlicensed et etc etc) The innocent T-boned vehicle's insurance company decided the out of WOF parameters was not a determining factor in the occasion and paid out, the Police also left it alone.
  6. This one was a heap of fun.
  7. Nats were at Takapuna, there were 10 -12 boats from memory. It was a precursor to a Worlds series that was held in Qld.
  8. sometimes it didn't! Our around Waiheke Race that year was a short one.
  9. Sometimes it went well...
  10. and heres one with 2 boats I used to own, and several others here too.
  11. Dire Straits, last seen in Brittany.
  12. Won a Nationals in this.
  13. Can u post a linky to their latest update, cant find it on their website. I need to go out and test if my mainsail works and got stopped last time I tried.
  14. I can windsurf out to check my boat but its far too dangerous to do that same onerous voyage in the inflatable using an outboard. ???
  15. I thinks thats more to take up the jetski types that infest the place over summer.
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