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  1. Luckily a friendly 930 owner has been taking me sailing since we sold ours so no major rush
  2. Make that 2x. I'm looking for one or something similar as well.
  3. raz88

    Boat insurance

    Had some dealings with pantaneus about 3 years ago and that was the case then.
  4. Not sure this is an akl vs the rest of the country thing. I think there's a fair number of Auckland clubs in a similar position. And clubs outside of akl that do receive ynz support for their dinghy sailing programs. Seems like YNZs position is that they should be able to tax the general yacht club membership to fund dinghy sailing. Meanwhile the membership (largely keelboat/launch or even non-boat owners) potentially isn't getting back what they expect (or anything at all from what I can tell). I'm not across whether this is commonplace in nz in other sports - does your average suburban rugby club have its fees used by rugby nz to fund ripper rugby? Or does athletics NZ take fees from your average running club to fund high performance coaching for our next olympic runner? If so, then maybe the membership of the yacht clubs should suck it up. If not, then you have to ask why YNZ think they're different from the other sporting bodies?
  5. And a few posts up this thread
  6. That's kind of what it's all about. And the smaller/less capable boats do shorter courses.
  7. Allan Wright is still around I think. Someone here may be able to put you in touch with him. Google may have more if you search for Allan Wright Variant not write. There was a book as well which you might be able to find somewhere. More about the designer than the individual designs though. https://www.wheelers.co.nz/books/9780473246198-wrighty-my-world-my-boats-and-eighty-years/
  8. raz88

    Boat Dilemma

    Hull shape, weight, sail area, appendage drag, balance. There's a range of factors. Both 88 or 930 will plane downwind which is why the big speeds are achievable. The hull shape and weight of the d28 don't really support this. The d28 is a good boat but is kind of a generation behind the others mentioned in this thread in terms of design thinking. 930s are great as pointed out lots in this thread, but are narrow so feel smaller inside than an 88 or similar.
  9. raz88

    Boat Dilemma

    One other point going back to the original post - the whiting 29 that's come up in your racetrack search is a slow one. If you change your search to full history you'll see them all and that loads rate more like 0.67. Still not 88 or 930 territory, but a decent margin faster than your d28. If I were in your situation I'd say that the answer to your fundamental question is that yes you're better to upgrade to a different boat than throw heaps of money at the d28. Contrary to what's been said above a y88 shouldn't cost double what scarlet does, and fleet street sold recently after being advertised in the high 20s. Also worth looking at farr 9.2s, lidguard 29s as well.
  10. That is simply not true. Assuming your boat is sound and your crew is satisfactory to the insurer, blue water insurance can be obtained for most boats without a problem. And for far less than the cost of the boat. As IT says, most vessels out there have cover.
  11. raz88

    Yammy 15

    Haha far too dangerous!
  12. raz88

    Yammy 15

    Veladare is a fairly comfy fountain pajot which I'd guess has space to lift the dinghy between the transoms/behind the cockpit. This hopefully means Tom doesn't need to remove the outboard from the dinghy? I've had some experience with a 3.5m Southern Pacific and a 9.9 and it would quite happily plane 3 up. Possibly the answer here depends on the size/weight of the dinghy too?
  13. I realise you're quite committed having the varient already, but in days gone by plenty of young blokes have done more or less what you describe - started out with a boat to mess around on and fix up and join a fleet of similar boats to go racing (and cruising) in pied pipers. Here's an example, but I've seen them go for cheaper https://www.trademe.co.nz/2687118659 These have good performance for their size, and despite being old boats still have good number of them racing - in a recent ssanz race there would have been more than a dozen. I think they may also still race regularly out of milford as well. Having similar boats to race against, and other owners with the same boats to share advice, really helps with setup and understanding what impact changes made to setup have had etc. Another thing to consider in terms of which club to join is they often offer discounted entry fees to their races for their own members, so if he plans to race with a particular club it may be worth joining there even if it costs a little more.
  14. raz88

    Ross 930

    What sort of keel does it have?
  15. raz88

    Jim Young

    Seems Jim Young has died in the last day or so. One of NZs best designers. I'm sure many of us have owned and sailed on Jim's designs. One of the true pioneers who made NZ yachting what it has become. My grandfather, with his brother and Roy Dickson as crew, used to race against Jim out of Northcote and my grandfather always spoke very highly of "young Jimmy". I met him at pcc during his book launch, despite already being 90ish he was switched on and really cool to have a chat to, although fairly unenthusiastic about my 88 having a bulb keel... RIP Jim.
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