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  1. (slightly) more recently there used to be a good fleet of ravens racing with VCC in the early-mid 90s
  2. Can buy directly from crc straight off their website normally. Assume you can still do the same during covid...
  3. Sounds familiar.... http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/126442-65-by-32-foot-catamaran-3200sqft-of-living-space/&
  4. The one in the advert says its 13m? So more like 43ft? Would explain why she's roomier...
  5. Checked my bene first 40.7 tonight, it has 6'4" headroom through the saloon.
  6. I have one of these. I don't know headroom measurement but it would be close to 6'4". Can measure and confirm next time I'm there if you like? Comfortably quicker than a 1220 as well. https://www.trademe.co.nz/2438010313
  7. Yes plenty of choice in the 30 foot bracket. As above lotus, carpenter, farrs are good options but also lidgard 29s, young 88s, whiting 29s are all good boats too. Also seen a few glass townson 34s go reasonably cheap in the last few months, cav 32s and Chico 30s an option as well although as noted above about the Chico's some would say they're a little under powered. Some of the above are slightly quicker than the lotus, but probably mostly a bit less roomy inside. I'd look at any of the above and try to find one in the best condition possible.
  8. The lotuses you mention are good boats. They're not as quick as a 1020, but I wouldn't think you'd feel they were so slow you'd have to motor everywhere? A 950 is basically a 920 with an open transom and a bigger rig, so they're better, but also tend to come with a price premium. As IT says, often the cheapest boat to buy isn't the cheapest in the long term. Try and find one that's been well maintained. Buying one that needs work and then paying to do the work tends to add up very quickly. Easy to spend 10k if it needs a couple of sails, 15-20k if it needs an engine replacement, nav instruments/autohelms/refrigeration/rigging/canvas work etc can all cost thousands each. Pretty easy to buy a 30k boat and spend 30k on it if you're not careful. Best way to avoid that is to check all those things yourself and then get a good surveyor in as well.
  9. They thought they'd lost it but after getting into opua on emergency steering and hauling out on the travel lift it was still there. Along with some impressive scrapes in their antifouling as if they'd hooked something with it. So seems something like a lost key or similar after collecting something. Great that they can rejoin the other legs.
  10. We had a bit of a shambles. Anchored in 20 knots blowing straight up Fitzroy. Got ashore in dinghy and noticed fool in marauder banging into our boat as he tried and failed to anchor. Left Mrs to sort out rubbish while I went to deal with that. Mrs left rubbish in black bag next to bins while she walked up the hill to the shop to buy special orange bag. Walked back down with special orange bag to find someone had moved black bag. Couldn't find it so I picked her up and we got out of dodge before anyone else crashed into us. We now have a special orange bag and nowhere to use it.
  11. raz88

    Flying Fish

    Saw a few on the way home from coastal this year. Growing up in the 80s and doing the bay of islands trip from Auckland for the Xmas cruise each yeah we hardly saw any...
  12. we were around Fitzroy from 21 Dec to 1 jan. We had no spark reception during this time. Might be a thing of the past? Or someone couldn't be bothered filling the diesel thank?
  13. Yep we could only get channel 19/20 to work outside man o war passage. I was told there is a Telecom cell tower elsewhere on the island but it doesn't cover Fitzroy. Didn't go elsewhere to confirm.
  14. No, just Vodafone. They have a cell tower out there so VF phones work a treat - we were able to stream the Sydney Hobart start quite happily. 2 degrees uses the Vodafone network when its own isn't available, so also works, but internet was so slow as to be almost unusable. Calls/txt worked fine.
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