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  1. BOI regatta we had one dolphin rubbing on the rudder for about 30 seconds straight. Almost reached for a winch handle
  2. OMG, this is my new favourite thing!
  3. Ptown

    Trip to BOI

    Hi team One of my crew needs a lift up for Bay week but on Wednesday night. Anyone heading up then with room? Contribution for gas and sparkling conversation! Let me know Cheers Andrew 0211167117
  4. Yep, such a fun race. One of these days we'll have to start on time. If anyone picked up our inflatable parrot MOB PM me
  5. Ptown

    Dyneema Rigging

    Bugger, not so reassuring! I might take a section off and get it load/break tested. Can you help with that KM? As I said it looks in good nick
  6. Ptown


    You can steer with buckets in an emergency
  7. Ptown

    Dyneema Rigging

    Thanks The rig actually seems really solidly built and in good nick but it is getting a bit long in the tooth now for Dyneema if what you're saying about UV degraded strength is on point
  8. Ptown

    Dyneema Rigging

    Anyone know who did the standing rigging on High Spirits and what was used? It may determine how I sail the old girl. hehe Chur
  9. Ptown

    Racing insurance

    Hi guys Curious if anyone has been denied racing cover due to claim history? I've had 4 racing claims - one my fault in 8 yrs and am getting a bit of pushback. I take my racing seriously and am never reckless with crew safety or gear and I'm a bit bloody pissed at having problems Not aware that part of any policy says that if you chose to claim that it could be cause to be denied in the future. I understand no-claims bonuses etc but out-right denial is a bit crappy. Does this mean I can't skipper any boat in a race as it will void the owners insurance? Maybe I'll have to take up golf. Seriously; good luck to yacht racing if this is how insurance companies start treating us.
  10. Cheers guys I am a bit of a sucker for a project. I'll try and go take a look. Tazzy, sounds bad. did she even look capable of getting back to Akl under her own steam? or too dicey? Ballistic looks fantastic. I'll pop down today and have a look. Not far from work.
  11. As much the challenge and out of curiosity and for variety. I have done quite a bit of sailing in mono dinghys and more recently owned a Ross 930. I do like going fast but want to be able to get the fam out as much as possible as well. As well as being boatless...that just sucks hehe. The ross was just covered in string as it had about 18 sails and it seems multis don't need the symmetrical gear and as many ropes. The creep to more events just being handicap also meant I feel like I can look at more sorts of options. less leaning. quite a bit really.
  12. Hi team I'm keen to look at switching over from keeler racing with a little cruising to multi cruising with a bit of racing. I'm boatless at the moment damn it. I have a partner that loves sailing and 2-3 kids that like sailing but can take or leave it. I have seriously only played on beach cats and have NO other multi experience. Been considering Tennant Twisted Sisters as an option. Anyone know a history of this boat? Any advice would be appreciated. Learning curve/suitability for racing, cruising suitability w/kids, short handed ease, is swing mooring in AKL safe for a cat this size (even Whaven piles seem pretty steep) Where do you haul them? Okahu? What are the pitfalls and things to look out for when buying multis (apart from the normal boat stuff)? Thanks
  13. We had a little stormish jib that I always wanted to rig off a fitting at the aft face of the anchor locker but never got round to it. I felt it would've been handy to be able to chuck up when the fractional genny was a little underpowered bu not enough to fly the masthead stuff.
  14. Our bobstay loads up tremendously with code0 and Jenny. The loads come from tackline/backstay combo and general wind load. If backstay comes off for instance in a maneuver then we often need to reload carefully and in a timely fashion. My prod is semi-fixed and solid and it bends enough loaded up to have me be cautious. My 2 cents: keep the bobstay.
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