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  1. Spoke to Scot the other day, he’s keen to do a deal, has two buyers looking that are keen Don’t think it will be on the market long so if it’s what your looking for I would wait around Good boats like this don’t stay on the market long
  2. That was a nice watch Anyone got any other documentaries worth watching rather than crap TV However we don’t at least have all that fast food advertising at present
  3. You may be correct They ph my wife and she told me that the marina was not accessible so don’t believe everything you see on the internet
  4. The rules are the rules are the rules in my view otherwise lets just have a free for all
  5. Got a call from Westhaven today they are now locked down apparently
  6. Mate came back yesterday because the 14 days are up since he fly into the country and went straight away on the boat by himself so there will be a bit of that happening in the next week
  7. Video about to go live grab a rum and have a look
  8. Also I think when I looked at it at the boat show a few years back they were asking high 7s if I remember correctly
  9. The Dickson is a lovely boat and heaps of room/ headroom in the current market it’s probably low 3s but definitely worth a look it will do Tonga in 6 days where most 40s will be looking at 8ish doesn’t sound much difference but if you consider forecasting being good for about 4 days then in the Dickson your in the trades or approaching Minerva, where as a 40 your only halfway there if your thinking a mooring I’d seriously consider, the guys that built it have been wanting to sell for a while, it is an orphan so you would want to own it for some time.
  10. You can do that ? i just make the page bigger by zooming in to read maybe a bulk order of old man glasses
  11. Not sure what I’m missing is the Covid 19 thread in marine ?
  12. Thanks for the reply IT on IPad that’s not showing so have to go back to general and then see what’s highlighted also will marine only be available?
  13. Am I missing the new posts button or is it missing ? otherwise great
  14. Sorry only read the text Maybe next time, been a bit busy lately
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