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  1. Next update OMG! and other words Mon Sep 21 2020 I am not one to normally use this rather overworked acronym but in this case it really fits the bill. I am right now in Deas Cove, Thompson Sound, tied up to a large mussel float mooring. I am consoling myself with a mug of tea and a large slice of my sister’s ultimate fruit cake, baked to a secret recipe but reputed to contain an entire bottle of brandy . I need it. I got here an hour ago - two hours ahead of my ETA. Remember I mentioned the pole? Well things were going swimmingly as I surfed down the coast, pas
  2. He’s in Deas Cove. Spreading my wings Mon Sep 21 2020 Smoking along just past George Sound with 25 knots of wind dead astern. I am sailing goosewinged - with mainsail out one side and the genoa set out on a pole on the other side. With this much wind pushing me along I am making good progress and should reach Thompson Sound by 1800. It’s a bit of a wild ride. The sea has built and I lurch and roll along with the occasional surf on the bigger waves. I can see I am going to have fun getting the pole off the genoa when the time comes.
  3. Jon

    Boat Show

    Any racing on that weekend instead ?
  4. He’s obviously in good spirits Single handed sailors seem always to be glass half full people Heres his latest blog The call of the kea Tue Sep 15 2020 Sitting on a mooring in Deepwater Basin. It is incredibly quiet and still. The only sound the burbling of my caveman TV ( the Dickinson diesel stove) and high up in the mist the call of a kea. I will be here for three or four days as the weather pattern is going to stay the same until a NW change later in the week. I will wait for my spare autopilot to arrive and repair some main sail slugs that broke right out of th
  5. I think his plan was to stop at Doubtful sound tomorrow afternoon it’s going SW 30-35 if it was me I’d be thinking Milford Sound, he’s only a day off there
  6. What he said We couldn’t change the weekend and remain part of the series due to the possibility that it wouldn’t suit some as per NoR We considered a race that wouldn’t be part of the series but that’s really hard to fit in We hoped that they may go L2 Saturday night then Sunday was on as we could delay the start. You will all just have to do the Chains Ropes and Anchors Enduro on the 8th October, we are looking at giving a discounted entry to anyone that was entered in Saturday’s race
  7. Due to our great leaders update today Race 3 is cancelled
  8. Try Peter, I know he has one but not sure if his is vacant +64 27 497 8016 or try harbour master.
  9. Latitude of Canopus I believe or near about, supposedly the Chinese did similar in 1421ish IIRC
  10. Well spotted team Great life lesson there, “always read the fine print, never trust the pretty pictures” No call been made on finish location yet, but my pick would be Resolution Buoy again ( saving the gathering for our next event on the beach at bottom end on the 10th October) Its .9nm shorter past Rangitoto light or 10% shorter so the only reason you wouldn’t go that way is if it was a light easterly with holes in the rangi channel perhaps
  11. https://www.mitre10.co.nz/shop/international-pa10-grey-primer-1-litre-grey/p/359934 or this
  12. Jon

    Pilot boat

    I was taught they have right of way if the yellow lights flashing as above, as for the 500t rule if they are a lot bigger than me I use the might is right rule. I did some digging yesterday and couldn’t find it however, Auckland seems to be the only place where the ferry’s give way. I’ve sail half the world near enough and everywhere else you would either get chewed a new arsehole over the vhf or a fine and this including other harbours in nz
  13. Jon

    Boat Dilemma

    Beale 33 are great boats, I’ve cruised and raced one and for 50/50 racing cruising I’d go that way over all others in that 10m range
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