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  1. Jon

    GST and Import duty

    FC, not many foreign owners on this sight I’m picking This shouldn’t be a problem for you under the current world situation, if it was me I’d leave it until closer to September and claim that due to Covid you were unable to depart for the islands as planned this late in the season and wish to stay and keep spending money in this wonderful country and depart next winter. There are going to be lots of disrupted cruising plans, I hear there are over 300 yachts wishing to sail west from Tahiti at present. So maybe not a lot of yachts coming south this summer due to less in the central pacific, but then again maybe more deciding to head straight down to avoid less favourable places ? Who knows
  2. Not looking like cruising multihull weather I was thinking of you this morning Tom
  3. Carpe Diem ph Angus Willison on Monday and ask him ( head safety inspector YNZ ) then let us all know. I noticed a few of the RNI boats had a Aluminium cylinder hanging off a bracket on the stern rail
  4. Cardinal mark is the rounding mark at Shearer Rock only 3 starts 0900 all divisions sailing Baltic course 0910 all divisions sailing PIC course 0920 all divisions sailing Doyle’s course start line will be at Northern Leading finish line will be at Resolution Racing Buoy position reporting will be done by text plus lots more so a good read of the Sailing Instructions, plus attendance at the briefing will be a must. 126 entries so far, don’t miss out.
  5. Sailing Instructions will be out shortly and they will correct a couple of things. NOR Rule 1.7. If there is a conflict between this document and the Sailing Instructions then the Sailing Instructions will take precedence. Due to the changing times we are living in with Covid we have deliberately left publishing the Sailing Instructions as late as possible as things can change. Another one is the start won’t be in the Waitamata Harbour, but in the usual place in the vicinity of Northern Leading.
  6. Jon

    MPS or Gennaker Trim

    Looks to be a lot of opportunities for more sail area at the foot of that sail a full hoist sail would give maybe a third more power down low where it’s of the most use jmho
  7. Sounds like a week at Minerva would be the ticket
  8. Jon

    3 kings

    Did this last year, end of March from memory lessons learnt- you need settled weather and time, then you can still get caught out so need to be prepared and flexible like diving in an aquarium but clearer, huge tidal flows and drop offs we only spent one night on anchor in NW Bay, flat water no wind in 15m water, less than 100m off the cliffs, then the tide turned at 1am and the roll from hell arrived. Still no wind so we swung from beam on ( couldn’t stay in bunk ) to bow on where you would almost drop off to sleep, then swing back to beam on.there was a 60 or 70+ foot game fishing launch that was dipping its game poles side to side which made us feel a bit better. but well worth the trip as great cruising from east to west coast around North Cape and down past Cape Maria Van Demon and a day trip and overnight return is a very real option out to the Kings if needed.
  9. From my understanding the white spaces have 3 hrs. max ?? Unless your a permitted / registered user
  10. Jon

    Farr 38

    I’ve been told they won’t get Cat1 for racing because of this but a cruising Cat 1 will most likely be allowed due to the number that have been offshore They are old boats now so buyer beware as per everything
  11. Under any level greater than one we were informed that the start had to be performed from on shore or with a very small crew from onboard a start boat. Hence the Waitamata Harbour start line stated in the Notice of Race Now we are in Level one and could end up in zero or even back in level two, it’s our intention to return to Northern Leading as this allows us to avoid shipping movements in the main channel Planning this event under uncertain levels has been challenging to say the least The Sailing Instructions are not out yet as we want to get into as stable as possible position re Covid Levels. Sailing Instructions will take precedents over the NoR. The major change that will effect all from previous years is the starting format, there will only be three starts now at 10 min intervals. The starts will be in reverse order from the past with small boats away first then Shorthaul followed by long haul last. The start line will be longer than previous with the SSANZ buoy laid mid way forming two starting areas (Alfa and Bravo) divisions/classes will be advised of there start area in the SIs. The other significant change is the finish line will be moved from Orakei to Resolution Racing buoy. A decision on finishing the third race in Islington Bay will be made the week prior to this race. These changes are being made to facilitate racing in a difficult time with less exposure and risk to all involved Please work with us to make this the great event it always has been. Jon Henry Race Director SSANZ
  12. Is it just me or are others noticing that more members are getting a chance to get a word in ?
  13. This is a great opportunity for someone to do this passage Probably the best cruising sailing to be had, I’ve done this twice and would jump on board with Glen in a heart beat if my health allowed If this opportunity eventuates then it shouldn’t be missed, the pacific has some huge mileages but equally some of the best remotest locations. Ideally you should keep your crew together Glen as I’m picking countries will open up ahead of you if you don’t t rush. You can easily lose two weeks in Panama, in fact you are doing well to transit and provision in that time, plus if you can by then clear into the Marquises it takes way more than two weeks to get through French Poly Hang in there mate you are living the dream of a lifetime and not missing out on much here. J
  14. Jon

    cruising Level 2?

    Has anyone ever called you a w^&#$@r BP ?
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