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  1. I’m also with Lantern (NZI) with 40+ year old boat
  2. Agree. If you want to rent (i.e. occupy) a house you invariably have to pay a bond. The same principle applies to occupying a piece of the harbour. I am all for appropriate measures to force abandoned, derelict boats off moorings and marinas so as to release the much needed space for others to use. Question is how much should a bond be?
  3. Can anyone out there recommend a person / company for installing an iCOM SSB HF radio and antenna system in the Auckland area?
  4. Sail Rock


    I recently replaced my old compressor driven fridge with a 12V one from Fridgetech. It works a treat - nice cold beers! No longer have to spend $300+ every other season to regas. ????
  5. Good decision by the High Court but be careful what you wish for. Firstly for those advocating dumping on land the question is where? Soft, unconsolidated marine sediments with very high moisture content is not suitable for building or road fill without time consuming and costly treatment (lime or cement stabilisation). Therefore contractors won’t touch stuff unless required by the client, e.g. POA maintenance dredging that was cement stabilised fill for the Fergusson container terminal extension. Secondly, eliminating the offshore dumping option or at least requiring dumping to move even further offshore will drive up costs for any future marine developments, potentially making them uneconomic. So goodbye to any further marina development, and hello to ongoing berth shortage and Simon Herbert’s marina oligopoly. Having said all that, environmental and economic constraints on further marine development in Auckland might help support Shane Jones’ Northport dreams!
  6. Found small marina fender floating near Pier M in Westhaven - See attached photo. Please PM me if you think it might be yours. (BTW - I am not interested in rants blaming the leopard seal).
  7. Found small marina fender floating near Pier M in Westhaven - See attached photo. Please PM me if you think it might be yours. (BTW - I am not interested in rants blaming the leopard seal).
  8. Bloody disgraceful ☹️ Whoever did this should f**k off back to hillbilly land or wherever they came from.
  9. Marinheiro - where did you get all the GoogleEarth photos for Sth Pacific? I downloaded some for Vava’u and Fiji (Soggy paws) but could find any for rest of Sth Pacific.
  10. I purchased some tubes from a Sika agent in East Tamaki a few years ago. It’s quite expensive. Google the Sika catalogue to find the specific product.
  11. If using pourable silicone, first check there are no old rivet holes or other gaps in the mast wiring conduit that the silicone can flow into. Otherwise you’ll fill up the conduit and not be able to replace or draw new wires through it!
  12. Sail Rock

    A new seal

    Just attended Giverny Forbes’ very informative presentation about leopard seals. Her research debunks a lot of myths and misconceptions about these creatures. Basically just leave them alone and they will leave you alone. We are very fortunate to have these mega fauna returning to our shores, after they and their cuzzies, fur seals and sea lions, were wiped out by our forefathers. Although I was a bit pissed when Owha bit a whole in my inflatable dinghy last year, it was my own fault for leaving it in the water in the first place. I have to make the adjustment, not the seal. Might have to install a protective screen around the dinghy frame.
  13. What size (length) boat was this used on?
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