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  1. Hi - we used Strata Clean on our last boat and they did a really good job. Below is the instructions I got from the Altex paint rep about the preparation after scraping back: If the scraping method of removal is chosen and once all of the old antifouling has been removed it will leave a shiney finish on the grey primer undercoat, this must be removed , and we recommend machine sanding with 80 grit dry paper. This will remove the shine and yield a coarse surface texture for the new paint system to adhere. · Once the sanding is complete, remove all of the sanding dust, a wipe over with a damp cloth that has been dampened with fresh clean water. Wipe down so the surface is dust free and then allow to dry. · If any hull damage has occurred from the scrapper, or there is damage from other means spot fill these areas with two pack Epoxy filler, allow to cure over night, then sand flush with the surrounding surface and again dust off. · Once all of the surface preparation is complete, and the existing grey primer / undercoat has no adhesion issues, proceed with the mew paint system application. Mask along the water line with plastic masking tape if working outside. · Then by roller apply one full coat of No 1 epoxy primer mixed 4 to 1 with its converter, once mixed up to 5 % No 12 thinner can be added to aid roller application. The practical coverage rate is approx 4.3 M 2 per mixed litre. Brush will be required to gain access in some locations, EG, skin fitting internals etc. · As soon as you can leave a thumb print in the No 1 epoxy primer ( 1 to 2 hours ) apply the first of two coats of No 5 Ablative Copper based antifouling colour Sea Green again by roller at 4.5 M 2 per litre per coat. Up to 5 % No 12 thinner can used in hot weather. · Allow the first coat of No 5 antifouling to dry overnight or longer, before appling the second coat at the same coverage rate. We suggest a third coat is applied to the Rudder, Keel, down the stem , around the waterline down about 350 to 400 mm and above the propeller. · A small brush will be need to apply the antifouling inside the skin fittings and other areas where a roller is unable to be used. Continue to stir the can to keep the ingredients in suspension. 180 to 200 microns of dry antifouling film build is required. · Once the new paint system has been applied allow at least 24 to 48 hours drying so the paint film dries hard and solvent free, this yields the best antifouling performance cheers Paul
  2. Any damage in the Auckland marinas after the tornado went through?
  3. Would the 5200 be the best for hatch sealing as well?
  4. Thanks Team 😀
  5. Hi All, This is my first boat with a freezer; a quick google tells me that -18 is the ideal temperature for a freezer - but’s that’s for safely freezing food long term, is that necessary for a week away on the boat? What temperature do others use for their freezers? Cheers
  6. Vivaldi

    Nanni Diesels

    Had a Nanni 21 in my Carpenter 29. Great little engine and easy to service yourself.
  7. Looks like 2656 is heading for a world of pain and dirty air....
  8. Carpenter 29s are a very boat too. Sail well and are good for cruising. Worth a look.
  9. Vivaldi

    New Boat

    Here she is 😀
  10. Vivaldi

    New Boat

    Sure will. Do you still have that Stack-pack for sale?
  11. Vivaldi

    New Boat

    She was launched in October 2000 - not sure if the hull sat around for a bit - there are pictures of her being built on board so I’ll see if there are dates on them. We’re having fun just getting to suss out all the systems and stuff. Looking forward to going away for Easter. we’re thrilled to finally get out hands on a 1050 - we’ve been chasing after one for a while. Hopefully we’ll see you out and about at some stage.
  12. Vivaldi

    New Boat

    But it’s the picture in my avatar.
  13. Vivaldi

    New Boat

    Vivaldi. And I think it’s me trying to post image from an iPad
  14. Vivaldi

    New Boat

    Elliott 1050
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