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  1. Vivaldi

    Nanni Diesels

    Had a Nanni 21 in my Carpenter 29. Great little engine and easy to service yourself.
  2. Looks like 2656 is heading for a world of pain and dirty air....
  3. Carpenter 29s are a very boat too. Sail well and are good for cruising. Worth a look.
  4. Vivaldi

    New Boat

    Here she is 😀
  5. Vivaldi

    New Boat

    Sure will. Do you still have that Stack-pack for sale?
  6. Vivaldi

    New Boat

    She was launched in October 2000 - not sure if the hull sat around for a bit - there are pictures of her being built on board so I’ll see if there are dates on them. We’re having fun just getting to suss out all the systems and stuff. Looking forward to going away for Easter. we’re thrilled to finally get out hands on a 1050 - we’ve been chasing after one for a while. Hopefully we’ll see you out and about at some stage.
  7. Vivaldi

    New Boat

    But it’s the picture in my avatar.
  8. Vivaldi

    New Boat

    Vivaldi. And I think it’s me trying to post image from an iPad
  9. Vivaldi

    New Boat

    Elliott 1050
  10. Vivaldi

    New Boat

    After selling the Carpenter last January and over a year of looking we finally have our new boat. We sailed Vivaldi up to Gulf Harbour yesterday Great sail and we’re having fun just getting to know all the boat’s systems. how do I post a picture here?
  11. Does anyone know of one that works out at the Eastern Suburbs?
  12. I see he’s trying to sell a rust ridden caravan now!
  13. So is the general convention that a 40 foot boat is taken as a 12m? Or do the marines enforce this rigidly. Seems to me that a 40 footer should be able to go on a 12m berth as they are there or thereabouts. It would seem quite wasteful to have to put a 40 footer on a 13.5m berth!
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