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  1. Nice, now I need to get a wooden boat as well!
  2. I think that the main consideration would be the effect of the increased righting moment, with the resulting stresses on the rig, floors etc. The easiest and cheapest way would be to utilise an existing and proven design. I know in the 930's deeper, heavier etc is not necessarily better but it also depends on what you are trying to achieve in terms of performance. The actual building of the keel is not that expensive, its the extras that go with it! Id give Dave Falconer a call he did a new keel for Alcatraz and could probably give you a pretty good idea of whats involved costwise.
  3. Ive had them in the past but not now, similar setup as Terry's but mine were cleated off on the boom in such a way that you could let them off and pull it forward to save chafe etc. Really good for shorthanded sailing but not so good being left up permanently. Never had issues with snagging, you just have to get the boom spacing right and mine were spliced on halfway out on the spreaders.
  4. Anyway, speaking to a mate who was at Barrier, apparently there were only a few boats around the back they didnt see the cops until going west, didnt go into Fitzroy at all. Was saying that as soon as the coast was clear the locals were out fishing hmmm. As I have previously mentioned, policing the gulf is totally low priority, apparently there was talk of helicopters counting boats in bays etc. Unnecessary overreach and a waste of precious resources. That said yachties who went for it should be responsible and practice physical distancing etc, partying on the beaches- well thats just rude and rubs everyone up the wrong way. A few mates in the cops have told me what their priorities are... Also as yachties we should be self reliant, with a plan A,B and C in case. Was chatting to an old mate who said in 60 years of cruising the gulf hes never called for help and hes itching to go sailing. But also I think that yachties who head out now are not acting in solidarity with us and quite rightly earn the negativity of the public, and as much as I want to go and enjoy the beautiful weather out there I'm digging it in with the rest of us
  5. Just love sailing, that's it! :) 

  6. For the most part I would hope that people on here have a few shared values as yachties which include respect for each other, the water and the weather. Not blowing our horns but we tend to be more prepared and think a little differently to those who are not as involved with the water. Rescues in fine weather by the coastguard are mostly weekend warriors in fizzies, yachts OTOH tend to need help far more rarely and usually when the weather is pretty inclement. Blanket bans are for the lowest common denominator, but give this a few more weeks and the natives will definitely be getting restless unless the weather turns. Bloody hard to get up each stunning late summer day with endless champagne sailing and not yearn for it, much easier when the storms and rains arrive!
  7. Uncharted waters definitely, of course there is the logic in restricting pleasure boating but I am referring to those individuals who chose to up anchor prior to the lockdown and spend the duration on their vessels. Time to get context here, covid 19 isn't quite the black death and a few isolated boaties are not the problem despite Cook et al introducing hitherto unknown diseases to the locals, in this case there is a far higher risk of getting C-19 from going to locals supermarket. Liveaboards are not the problem nor are typically well prepared cruisers who would head out for a month and the argument that they may need rescuing is weak. Now I hear we cant go for a swim, again a draconian reactive response. Interesting to see how that plays out in court for the the drunks up at Hobby on the moorings who break the law by rowing ashore to get supplies!
  8. The govt has given a general mandate to get people to stay at home, if you live on a boat in a marina then not much changes but if you happen to have chosen to "cruise" for the duration or for as long as possible then I don't see any significant issue except compliance with Wellingtons dictates. Boats at Barrier, so what? Good on on them for getting out of town and as I said earlier boaties who have been aboard for this long are more at risk of getting the plague from contact with people ashore. The shops at Tryphena and Fitzroy are not super busy out of season anyway and I would be surprised if the Islanders are high and dry for basic provisions. I suspect that by now the casual liveaboards will be thinking of returning as they have probably run out of treats and a few more weeks of rice and fish with no beer is probably not palatable. Next week as the weather packs in expect a few more back as well. Look at how many boats are out there in the holidays vs number of incidents, its pretty minor. All in all I think its a beat up, and those getting all worked up over a comparative handful of boats in the gulf are probably not looking at the big picture of 4 million people confined to quarters. The practical reasons dont add up i.e rescues by coastguard- yeah right! Certainly infection has not been spread by yachties who are confined to their vessels. I think the dobbing in of people via an anonymous website, helicopters counting boats in bays etc = excessive govt overreach and as I mention in a previous post, everybody is encouraged to be an informant over petty things which is pretty sad. I am quite happy staying in my crib for the duration, the idea of switching to liveaboard mode especially with this awesome weather was appealing and a nice dream but totally impractical in my situation. The goal is to stop the spread of the disease by keeping physical distance, we all need to do our bit but as for boaties taking people away from the emergency services, one of my friends is an ER nurse and they are really busy with a lot more scooter and bike injuries, DIY injuries etc not many boat related ones I wonder how many genuine liveaboards there are in Auckland. A handful in Bayswater/Westhaven/Gulf H/West Harbour and Hobsonville moorings, must be only a few dozen- to perhaps a hundred?
  9. police state, seriously its jobs for the boys..... if youve been on a boat a week or more you have more risk from landlubbers. Love it how all these little hitlers have suddenly appeared in the new smartphone 5g stasi environment
  10. Matt, do what you like its your business, your decision. Anyone who wants 2 accounts on here, what can I say except get a life!
  11. That liner looks mint, that said its all about weight, on a cruiser you can put panels up there but on a racer I think a coat of flat or semigloss over a filled and faired surface is probably the best way to go. Frontrunner is easy, so is the spray on yoghurt texture.
  12. I’ve got one, I’ll check the parts bin
  13. Tamure


    DIY, just have to get the right size copper powder and right mix. A few practice run and youre away
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