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  1. The trick with lube is using the right kind that doesnt accumulate grit, build up or stain the sail. I tried Maclube but it didnt seem to last that long.
  2. thats a 930 on the left, the Y11 is the closest
  3. Ive got a mooring in the upper harbour rated for a 5 ton boat so probably a bit small for you but I lent it to a friend on a 39ft steel boat and it was fine. If you get stuck youre welcome to consider an upgrade to more weight to keep the HM happy.
  4. I cant see a problem, on impact ( if the SD is hit you're in a heavy situation!) foam will crush. How much movement in daily operation cant be much, just fwd/rev thrust and vibration, it would be millimeters. Just thinking about it without serious investigation, I'd get some reasonably dense corecell and fit it in 2 halves around the SD with a large gap for the sealant say 20mm? 5200 is probably the right sealant but, Id use it to glue the whole thing in and when its all done fair it nicely a bit of interprotect and see ya later!
  5. This is not really marine anymore but politics, (then again what isn't politics!) There is a lot of anti-China rhetoric in the great game so dont believe the crap on the media. The US tuna fleets have decimated fishing stocks through the Pacific forever, US pet Taiwan does the same, so does the various South American states, the Russians and even us. We can hardly control our own fishing FFS! Dont even mention the Koreans and Japanese, so to call the Chinese out is total hypocrisy, and Im not condoning horrible fishing practices.
  6. what a downote!!! haha so serious man! anyone who has done committee time and served on boards knows what im talking about. It gets dull having to deal with politics but it also can be lots of fun. Sure its work but its not exactly slaving in a coal mine is it, so pretty hard to shed tears for board members.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHgwF4q6P3A
  8. knew it was something simple! just haven't done it for years
  9. From memory, If you have already started a route, think you have to stop navigation and restart it, then you will get the option to go to the next waypoint
  10. Tamure

    Larry Pardey

    They sold a dream and probably boosted sales of wetsnail 32’s a zillion percent!
  11. as they say, no taxation without representation im not being represented 3 times
  12. ynz are you listening?
  13. 9k that’s rough! how much govt funding does ynz get?
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