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    Nanni Diesels

    Ive driven kubota tractors mercilessly, overheated them, thrashed hot and cold. Have to say once they cool down your good to go again. Pretty hard to kill. Ive also overheated landcruisers that have gone on to live another 400,000 k's. What I am saying is that unless its really cooked it may be perfectly serviceable, if it starts just do an an oil change and see how you get on.
  2. Thanks Matt, thats a many boat dollar ($1 =$1000) upgrade! I might try a tablet, any suggestions?
  3. Anyone set up a second plotter on their N2K network that uses charts from the first plotter? B&G Vulcan series. Other option is screen mirroring on an ipad but then theres waterproofing, sunlight readable and battery issues.
  4. Tamure

    She's Back...

    at this stage if you leave a dinghy within reach its probably an effort to get an insurance upgrade!
  5. Check it out, pretty impressive http://cookstraitswim.org.nz/roll-of-successful-swimmers/ and as for the young guy in the tinnie, pretty ballsy and typical young guy adventure. One mans "idiot" is another mans hero. Here's tae us Wha's like us Damn few, And they're a' deid Mair's the pity!
  6. What’s the big deal? People swim across it all the time. Shall I catch the ferry? Nah let’s save a few bucks and swim
  7. Head to the plumbing supplies, grey butyl tape aplenty!
  8. Silicon is the best sealant, Dow Corning 795 is commonly used but modified silicones (MS) are produced by a number of companies, Quilosa MS 35 is quite cheap compared to the big names and seems pretty good.. The trick is in the prep and reading the tech sheets, in particular the minimum bead thickness and surface prep for your application.
  9. Some recommend painting the acrylic glueline first on the inside to stop uv damage.
  10. MFD and phone but I'm pretty much bay hopping the east coast not much overnighting in the big scary ocean!
  11. I heard that too, apparently the crew.org surveying team didnt prevent a well built and proven circumnavigator from going to an informed and very happy new owner
  12. The problem here is that if you ignore one or two that 80% of the forum gone 😜
  13. Def not same guy, usual stuff applies though. The cheapest boat is often the most expensive etc etc...
  14. pretty bad optics for a rent increase, but it doesnt help that most people out there think everyone parked at Westhaven is a rich Riviera owner, not scummy blue collar sail rats. The rents are bush!t, they are made up arbitrary figures that do not reflect the service they provide or the history of Westhaven. They put an imaginary value on the capital assets and say they need x return and divide that into the berths.
  15. havent had one of these for a while, the old antifouling thread Ive got ultra, its great. Wipe it down every month or so and its mint. Application is everything, you need a minimum coating thickness which is hard to get consistent by rolling. Mine is sprayed with airless and packed on. I go 3 years or more on one application that uses about a third more than others use on the same area. One coat per year is the rule, towards the end you have to clean it more. Cruising I would go for an ablative, but the best paint is often what the other locals use in your area, ask around. I had Hemples ablative on a mooring up the harbour and it grew an awesome crop of weed in a few months from new, you have to clean them and if youre in a high flow area you need to clean them a lot!
  16. Everyone is getting very negative, fantasising about shooting lockdown jumpers, hating on poor old Abbo, Jacinda's getting a few serves.... Everyone need to calm the f down, stop playing policeman, stop listening to that hosking moron, stop acting as if only you can solve our problems! Clearly everyone also needs to go for a yott- dont know about you lot but I am hanging out big time for a bit of cold saltwater and wind. Ok carry on moaning, lockdown sucks but at least the weather is uninviting
  17. Do it, its great paint!
  18. Fijian Kauri is not the same animal when it comes to durability
  19. Plenty of anecdotes about Des visiting some builds to make sure the windows were spot on etc, cant comment on specific boats. As you say treated timber can go soft (I've seen it personally) but it's an exception and probably other factors come into it, if you put enough CCA into pine for example you can build a wharf out of it! Heart kauri like any timber is susceptible to delignification through bad electrics, it can also get brittle with age and loses strength. Glued multi skin hull construction should be viewed more as a modern composite. Provided its sealed preferably with lots of epoxy and designed well it should retain integrity indefinitely. Water ingress is the enemy. I firmly believe that those 70's timber boats are the under appreciated classics of NZ boatbuilding (well at least some of them )
  20. On the subject of surveys, there doesnt appear to be much in the way of standards given the vast differences in opinions. One surveyor will say it should be bulldozed and the next will say its mint. I know someone who got a boat for a song after a well known surveyor condemned it, they've been enjoying a very sound boat now for 10 years and toasting that surveyor ever since! Another surveyor started poking a moisture meter into a hull five minutes after the washdown and said it had concerning high moisture levels. Another passed a boat that cost the new owner 50k to repair a leaking deck/gunwale. These are exceptions I hope but its a bit hit and miss out there and I'm saying know your man before making a decision.
  21. How so? Ive seen treated kaihikatea, heart kauri, treated sap kauri, macrocarpa. All have been fine, the method and quality of construction is important. Epoxy is better that resourcinal in some respects, detailing, watertraps, ventilalation etc. I would find it hard to believe that Des who was pretty anal about how his name was used and detailing on peoples builds would not be all over that boat.
  22. Id say the price reflects the depressed state of the boat market and competition from AWB's. Townson 3 skin boats are pretty bulletproof.
  23. Pretty sure that Townson has circumnavigated and a build like that will never be repeated in NZ. A high water mark for timber construction.
  24. what? join up and pay another fee ha ha! Fat chance unless it waives the obligation to pay the club fee
  25. That should mean I get three votes if I've paid three times
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