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  1. The formation of many Units started after local tradgies (capsized Sea Scout cutter here). Very well meaning volunteers have underpinned what has grown to be the CG we know now. One hell of a lot of growing pains along the way .... some good and bad days during that voyage. Today we have a maturing organisation that's providing NZ with an inshore rescue service, for better or worse.
  2. eruptn

    Jigsaw blades?

    Used to cut a insert in bulkhead for GPS chart plotter, maybe 6-8 mm thick.
  3. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/auction-2630069966.htm?rsqid=f3e470128f9c4fcd981e2304d7b8a5f1-002 Guess this is her.
  4. eruptn

    Jigsaw blades?

    Check out the diamond coated ones ... http://www.linbide.co.nz/product.php?p=345 Turn the glass to butter.
  5. Hi I have a SD20, as I understand it the zinc ones should used in saltwater and a magnesium based one in fresh water. The boat is kept on a trailer and used mostly in Lake Rotoiti (freshwater with some geothermal influence). We also put her in the sea for a month or so. Similar for the motor ones Yanmar. Thanks
  6. https://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/wellington/300005413/postwar-ketch-survives-fire-and-hurricane-sinks-in-wellington-harbour
  7. eruptn

    Old Flares

    Then donate it to your yacht clubs Heath and Safety Officer as a training aid.
  8. eruptn

    Old life raft

    Having done several HUET courses and a offshore survival course I'd agree go have a play .... capsize it, see if you can get in it with some gear on ....
  9. iPad user, not noticed any issues.
  10. Check out tables like this to see what surfaces it will work on; http://www.vanderbilt.eu/docs/Trebla_Services_Emissie_Tabel.pdf Looks like it's preset to 0.95. http://en.benetechco.com/en/products/infrared-thermometer-gm320.html
  11. eruptn

    Vinyl Lettering

    Did our boat 3 yrs ago, both sides.. not noticed anything as yet.
  12. The key to accurate readings is to make sure you have the correct 'emistivity' value setup in the settings. Metals, rock, water, skin all have different values. That would explain the observed differences.
  13. The Farr 9.2, Noelex30 or the Farr940 version are worth a look. Easy to sail by 2 people. As many have already pointed out a well looked after boat is worth a 2nd look.
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