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  1. eruptn


    Yes we sure did....least we could (did) lift the board when we touched...
  2. Good questions I've been pondering a similar situation, looking at items like this; Renogy Battery Monitor or Mastervolt BattMan Lite Battery Meter. Any lessons or experience.....
  3. The NZ Trailer Yacht Assoc runs a scheme thru Crombie Lockdown in Tauranga. There maybe scope there...?
  4. Any chance these can be set up as a Zoom meeting, so those of us 300 km away can listen in ?
  5. If going for the 'soft floor', the big improvement is having a inflatable keel. Makes a big difference to the rowing abilities.
  6. Did I hear correctly: ETNZ boss= Dalton AC event boss= Dalton
  7. eruptn

    Sigrid 6

    I was thinking about the fit, if you have to get a couple of inches removed.
  8. eruptn

    Sigrid 6

    They will be very similar.... a couple of extra or missing inches could be very annoying in the long term.
  9. Note on Windyty you can select between 2 models when using a laptop or desktop. Doesn't appear you can on a tablet, unless the option is buried in a menu I haven't found.
  10. The formation of many Units started after local tradgies (capsized Sea Scout cutter here). Very well meaning volunteers have underpinned what has grown to be the CG we know now. One hell of a lot of growing pains along the way .... some good and bad days during that voyage. Today we have a maturing organisation that's providing NZ with an inshore rescue service, for better or worse.
  11. eruptn

    Jigsaw blades?

    Used to cut a insert in bulkhead for GPS chart plotter, maybe 6-8 mm thick.
  12. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/auction-2630069966.htm?rsqid=f3e470128f9c4fcd981e2304d7b8a5f1-002 Guess this is her.
  13. eruptn

    Jigsaw blades?

    Check out the diamond coated ones ... http://www.linbide.co.nz/product.php?p=345 Turn the glass to butter.
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