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  1. Where is it broken? I repaired a dragon boat paddle that had been run over... 50mm Kevlar tape front and back, long lengths of carbon strand wrapped around every 100mm for a contrast, PVC electrical tape wrapped around to squeeze excess resin out and keep it all in place. The choice of tape was based on what was in my box of fibreglass stuff. Rough and dirty fix so I can use it on the Hobie 18 when the wind dies. It lives under the tramp just in front of the rear beam. Added bonus.. the original owner of the paddle became my crew on the Hobie
  2. You must pay more attention than I do.. I only look at the pictures
  3. Is there evidence of trolling? I would be inclined to let it ride until you have evidence that one of the accounts is for nefarious purposes
  4. And each line had different tax applicable, a trap for the inexperienced when entering into the accounts system. For added fun.. the freight forwarder’s GST total used a rounding system that must have been based an rolling a dice.
  5. Yes, the different sized A’s will change the page size. Some things disappear but will be there at 100%. (I found it by accident)
  6. If you look at the page with expanded text on an iPad, the unread content button disappears. I view most pages at 115%.. might be a sign I need my eyes checked
  7. Is this the F40 that broke in half 5(?) years ago?
  8. RushMan


    Luckily most yachts sail on the river OR offshore, although some may move between locations for a series but will be berthed at the host club for the duration. Lowering the mast is usually only done once on any given day, The Farr was based at Fremantle for the winter series, the Cole was heading to Rottnest Island for a couple of weeks cruising.
  9. RushMan


    Mast support when mast is lowered far enough to clear the bridges
  10. RushMan


    Farr 9.2 (?) fractional rig, much easier to grind back to vertical The 60' Siska was the biggest I saw with a mast hinge (Stupid iPad must know I am from down under)
  11. RushMan


    Cole 32... Mast head rig, approaching the bridges, ready to drop
  12. RushMan


    Attach two spinnaker poles to strong points out wide, poles attach to a large ring and a 4:1 (or greater) pulley system which runs aft to a winch. Use some halyards to take the pressure off the forestay, move forestay to the large ring. Undo the bolts at the front of the hinge and start to lower the mast. Apply some pressure on the backstay to get the mast moving aft, then let gravity do the rest. Rate of descent is controlled by the winch. For a higher degree of difficulty all of this is done while motoring on a river shared by large power boats which don't follow the No Wake rules!
  13. RushMan


    This one has the hinge for lowering the mast to get under bridges. Very useful feature for Perth.
  14. Hugo Boss has hit something
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