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  1. Yep usual America’s Cup. Kept me fascinated with all the shenanigans ever since Baron Bich
  2. https://www.livesaildie.com/youth-americas-cup-ac9f-kotare-flies-high-in-auckland/
  3. Chewing Gum

    Farr 38

    Oh ok - maybe someone repaired her then ?
  4. Chewing Gum

    Farr 38

    I think the Lidgard Lionheart is also no more. She either was sunk by dragging anchor in the Haapies in Tonga or fell off a cradle in the Med. Both those boats were Lidgards but not sure which one was Lionheart.
  5. While not exactly marine this series is pretty interesting to anyone interested in methods of carbon fibre fabrication etc:
  6. Only supposition of course but if crashing off a wave caused a crack in the hull to my mind it would more likely account for the rapid filling and failure of the pumps to cope. If there was a crack in the hull below the cabin sole it may not be evident as to where the water ingress was coming from. Having said that of course as everyone here has been commenting it could be just the windows that were the cause of the flooding. I guess we will never really know for sure as the yacht is unlikely to be salvaged.
  7. No mention of this boat rolling over in the account published. Neither is there mention of dismasting. In the GGR several boats rolled and lost their rigs. None of them that I can recall lost windows or sunk. I still think structural failure is a possibility.
  8. You would have to wonder if there was some sort of structural failure as well as the windows. Sounds like the boat sunk quite quickly, that would need a lot of water ingress.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKO9VIwTc0M https://youtu.be/H39drBmwxL8 https://youtu.be/o3MW8q28JeA https://youtu.be/XWV8lxo-9_Y https://youtu.be/VG5H9UkyMd4 https://youtu.be/uZAqDESCaCc https://youtu.be/mmaEVIi7ojc https://youtu.be/Us5dThtk2BY https://youtu.be/H5deIvEbA4A https://youtu.be/0okgDe4gWEQ https://youtu.be/0okgDe4gWEQ
  10. I did as suggested by Steve Ashley and removed a halyard sheave box near deck level. If you don't have a hole there I imagine cutting one around 50-60-70mm dia should be ok - check with a mast fabricator Next shaped some flexible foam to approx mast shape and pushed it in through the hole and down say 15mm below sheave hole. (Flexible foam - might have used the stuff Burnsco sell for seating - not sure.) Then spread flexible sealant from Sika on top of foam and left to set. This was a few years back so can't remember the name of the sealant but it was not silicone. As Steve mentioned it was thicker than what Sika used to produce so dificult to push around back of cable tube so we still had a slight leak. Next mod was put in a layer of slightly thickened epoxy on top. Voila no leaks and been there at least 5 years.
  11. Best not to bother - just take off the plastic and leave the stainless - better for the wire. Thicker wire is better - I think it is now required for eg cat 3. Not sure of sizing.
  12. Tend to agree really. Gusty winds in the sounds so mostly motor everywhere and very few places you can anchor - too deep. Golden Bay is nice but quite a small area and only 3 or 4 reasonable anchorages. For the sounds and Durville island you need to become a Pelorus or Mana member to use the moorings. While we were at Durville a Given cat from Noumea had real difficulty retreiving their anchor as it was jammed under the many logs in the anchorage. Fishing down there is not great either with Blue Cod under severe restrictions. As WV said Fiordland and Stewart leave it for dead. Port Pegasus is one of my favourites, need to be prepared for the remoteness though. Waiting for weather at the top both Rangaunu and Houhora are great. Houhora - anchor just out of the channel just above the island near the entrance. There is also quite a reasonable anchorage east end Spirits bay inside the the little island in reasonable weather. Three Kings are interesting but need very settled weather. 3 wee anchorages there, Cascade on the SE possibly the best. Give Reinga and Van Dieman a wide berth to avoid the adverse tide rip. In February on a cruise to the Kaipara we stopped for lunch at Ahipara. Quite nice there also in good weather. Kaipara is great cruising - spent a month there and could have stayed longer but local knowledge a help. Need 1.5m or less swell for a safe bar crossing and generally travel inside the harbour on an incoming tide. New Plymouth is ok but not much room to anchor and not good in a stiff northerly. Been around the top 10 times now and never had a real rough one but always watching the weather like a hawk and using plenty of diesel ie calm conditions. Always only been up there in february or march.
  13. Trad boat with a Rocna anchor !
  14. Chewing Gum

    Cruise NZ

    Mana cruising guides for Fiordland and and for Stewart island are must haves for this trip.
  15. Chewing Gum

    Cruise NZ

    Garmin Inreach rates
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