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  1. Agreed. WindDan is several levels above the coastguard app in terms of weather data.
  2. Great job. Thanks for the comprehensive reply. Given me a lot to think about.
  3. Looks stunning. A few questions if you have the time and inclination: - Did you arrange for the prod to be put on? (If so, was it a major mission?) - What sails did you carry on the prod? - Was the mast up-spec'd to carry the sails on the prod? - Are those running backstays? - What headsails go on the forestay given there's no self-tacker?
  4. Mattm, here's the best photo I have with a clear view of the cockpit on my Ross 830, Solo Convoy. Nolipoli, it's also in the Tamaki estuary. I'll message you my contact details and we'll sort out a visit. My thoughts on the cockpit well are that it's great for pushing through the chop (prop is always underwater), convenient to use (starting, throttling, stopping), however it's noisier and has a speed penalty of an outboard mounted on the transom. I'd like to put a prod and a light-wind asymmetric on the boat. Would be keen to hear from anyone who's done that.
  5. I have a Ross 830 with an open transom and outboard well if you want to see what one looks like when done. Boat is on a mooring in Auckland. Engineering and building advice is way above my pay grade though.
  6. Your son probably did you a favour (depending on when you were there). They've sorted themselves out now but, for awhile there, the takeaways at Whananaki must've been in the running for the wooden spoon for best fish & chips in NZ.
  7. We have a bach near Otamure Bay, just north of Whananaki. I have noticed plenty of yachts anchoring where I've drawn the red X on the attached picture. You get good protection from wind and swells when they're northerly and easterly. There is good hold providing you're in the right spot (which is straight forward to determine - IMHO). You'd want to keep an eye on the weather forecast as I don't think you'd want to be there in 40 knots+ (in which case you make a beeline for Tutakaka). You enter the bay from the northern side giving two small islands a wide berth. I spoke to a bloke who bro
  8. Some great advice there, thank you. Conditions were too good for tinkering over the weekend and had to go for a sail instead. Will give it a crack next weekend (unless I go shopping for one of those coffee tables).
  9. When replacing a halyard (or anything that tracks through the mast), I assume you tie the new halyard to the old one and pull it through until the old one is completely replaced by the new one. Is there a recommended process or knot for binding the old and new halyards? One that would ensure the join doesn't catch on any tracks or spools inside the mast, thereby turning the whole job to custard with neither the new or old halyard left in the mast? Thanks, Justin
  10. Nothing but tumbleweed and the whistling sound of the wind on this topic. You probably need to make the topic name "Carnage from broken fore beam.." and then commence your post with "... is what will happen if no one suggests a decent supplier." On a serious note, is it worth starting a topic called, "Suggested suppliers for maintaining/improving 8.5 multis" where us newcomers could get suggestions as to who the "go to" people are for sails, rigging, tramps and the general wizardry for setting up our GBEs and similar?
  11. Congratulations on the purchase. After a few months of owning a GBE my smile still hasn't faded.
  12. I purchased High Velocity and brought her back to Bucklands Beach in May. Looking forward to spending the summer learning how to sail a catamaran properly. Would be keen to get in touch with any other GBE owners willing to share some tips as she's got a fairly basic setup at the moment. Cheers, Justin
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