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  1. lateral

    Diesel bug

    I've got an open transom hence I put it high as possible. Might run it all the way back to end of coaming ceiling then drop to gunnel level at transom. Probably about 5-600mm.
  2. lateral

    Diesel bug

    My boat always smelt slightly of diesel until l glassed over the ss tanks with flexible epoxy. Made them removable at same time. Hoping never to have to go back there.... where do you guys vent tank to? I went to under coaming in cockpit. Need a a fitting though. Live in fear of bug.
  3. Herald sure didn't correlate with what Z reported. So little fact and so much distortion these days, and that is being kind.
  4. You would think the current against sails would have moved the boat considerably. Or maybe boat rolls on bulb and mast feathers down current on successive tides? Good to see recovery and fixable!
  5. lateral

    She's Back...

    I wish. Lockdown wasn't much of a holiday. Equally as irrelevant. I repiled a section of the house. Moral of story, don't romance about building around a tree. There are easier ways of gaining points. I'm still puzzled why DOC haven't employed aversion therapy as seemingly the object is the welfare of the animal. Or do they think deflatables are a natural part of their habitat to floss on?
  6. lateral

    She's Back...

    KM ....king of muppets. Black hole of negativity. All things chain, rope or anchor notwithstanding.
  7. "Hutton definitely, and perhaps in SW's case." Personally I'm convinced of the former, for reasons I'm not going to divulge, especially as for someone that can't defend himself. (His mo on others) Pressure to get a result (and play god) I suspect is a lot more prevalent than one would expect. Just look at the fellow humans out there than want to exert their power and convictions over you. These type jobs attract these sort of people, maybe it is an potential human trait in all of us? The saying, Power tends to corrupt............. "If you are referring to the Plastic bag and Olivia's hairs suddenly being found" and that doesn't bother you? If it doesn't smack of convenience, it does of gross incompetence.
  8. Planting evidence is not dishonest? Not in my book, and it is also illegal & perverting the course of justice. Hutton definitely, and perhaps in SW's case. Why weren't the hairs found on first examination?
  9. Good point Vic, will check for that. Would make sense not to mount exactly at spreader and adding more holes as that is already a stress point right? Or, the contrary, it is stabilized point by caps and lowers?
  10. Single 90° spreader rig, untapered mast, circa 1970, does the mast have a sleeve inside or backing plates there? Concerned about multiple holes to mount radar support.
  11. Wot fish said catch 22. Very very suspect that they took two goes at finding 2x blond hairs at 150 & 250mm apeice. Would be interesting to follow the paper trail, email, ph calls around the whole tiger blanket scenario.
  12. Ta on link. I’m glad. Was starting to suspect some back room threats.
  13. Dance with the devil to keep the cash registered ringing? Or support agent Orange? Tough one. Agree with the last sentence. I see the herald axed that article on Pavlou. Or Peter Varghese You cannot even get it (article) on a search.I wonder just who motivated to get out the eraser? A somewhat more balance summary: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/29/world/australia/drew-pavlou-china-university-queensland.html What is obviously clear that the CCP and their insidious tentacles are present on Australian campus's. And Chinese leverage. Glad I ditched my herald subscription even though its naivety is sometimes appealing. (mostly downright misleading) Sorry, big drift. I hope it is very multipurpose.
  14. lateral

    Freezer Plug

    How about expandable rubber with T top screw adjuster. Dunno wether they go to 48mm though.https://www.justpools.com.au/product/expansion-rubber-41mm-to-50mm-plug-40mm-pressure-pvc-pipe/ Could Vaseline up the hole and mould your own out of ms.
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