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  1. Surplus to requirements, NIB. $600 ono 021718373
  2. Fair nuf. I could have bought 2/3 boats with what I've put into one. Not that that is relevant, but as an environmental excercise it would be moot. Fun tho.
  3. Agreed, except can't say 14.1V is ideal Vset. Curve heading for taper current all looks good. Is that graph from your Victron 702 bluetooth to phone? Like it! IMO, another level or two up from Balmar SG200.
  4. Not unusual for humans to "develop" more "rights" the more money they have.
  5. * I built my boat (re). I have learn't to be extremely economic with cleaners/solvent. (vinegar , & acetone) *I mostly have the materials. My left overs get used. *The paddle was given to me broken. It was heading for tip. *Can't argue with last point.
  6. Snapped at the cervix. Now ya talking. Got kevlar aviation glass (tight weave) Hard to wet out tho. That carbon tube sleeve material looks perfect. Got peel ply, which I was going to tape at one end and spiral wrap it to get the excess out. Just keeping it lined up will be fun. Maybe weld a support, with of two pieces of channel for each end. Will keep electrical tape on hand as backup Just been told here: * No swimming,surfing,fishing,hunting, tramping.......
  7. M2Cw- No experience with Cruzpro & haven't read manual It seems to be going straight from soft start On to absorb (constant V, diminishing current), no bulk, probably as batteries are up there with already a surface charge. I dont know any lead acid batteries that charge at 14V. So that parameter is weird. Discrepancies as noted at by IT.Voltage peak ragged and varying? As IT said (sense connection), or varying load? (-6A whilst motor off.) My FLA Vset parameter is 14.7V Never heard of 15min setting for absorb, can't be temp trip or would trip to float as soon as you rebooted. Quick and dirty for mean time would be to put a on/off switch on the CruzPro power supply wire from ignition switch. Switch off for ten seconds switch on to reboot CruzP. & reset for 15mins. If multiple repeats I wouldn't run < 2.5A tail current though and monitor if switched to "hot rated". I presume your motor is switched off with ign via fuel solenoid, so reboot requires stop motor and restart. Mine has kill cable, so just switching ign off kills external reg processor not the motor. Only difference is I reboot every hr. As soon as Covid lets up I'm changing chemistries. Keeping the Bosch alts though. (Doubling up) 230A which I will derate. Wakespeed is niice ...and expensive. $750US with harness , sensors, shunt, data cable.
  8. I'm not waster like x% of the planet. Repair, recycle, make it work where ever possible. Obvious thats not on your agenda.
  9. Gone on the sleeve so was going release coat male and create new female in carbon. Bi-axial, DB or uni longitudinal and then wrap? DB sleeve? https://www.fibreglassshop.co.nz/collections/fibreglass-cloths-tapes-reinforcements/products/carbon-braided-sleeve
  10. Get it cnc'd out of something UV resistant for the flat?
  11. Haha, it cost $25. No frills here, metal must be only setting, because skin and water are inaccurate. Also as Jim said angle plays a part. At 90° is best. No doubt coating too. Manual is in Chinese.
  12. Thanks for that. Seems pretty accurate at low end but only reads 90°C pointing into boiling water, so wondering if it has a scaling error . Or it doesn't like liquid target as opposed metal? I will take truck for a blat up the hill and get it hot for reference against engine guardian temp gauge. Yip, on the hotbox. But sold mine with the shed, lifting gear, cradle. Bugga. Wanted to keep the lot, but got the ultimatum. Shed at home is already, "Enter at your own peril, avalanche risk + high".
  13. Bought one of these, a cheapy +_1.5% accuracy. Benetech GM320 Needed to know various acceptable temps on different part of motor/ drive train for reference. Shoot it at forehead reads 34°C ?? I expected the % accuracy may vary at end of scales, but near middle wouldn't have thought so. Do you need a particular kind for human flesh testing? Yet when I point it at motor thermistor on Cyl head which reads 15.1°C on its own gauge its dead accurate. Any experience out there?
  14. Same response at Hobsonville even though I wore a mask and had squirty bottle of bleach. Observing all isolating procedures BTW, bleach eats Cr card stripes/signature if you don't wipe straight off.😒 Live aboards looked suitably unamused.
  15. Well the shagpile & furry stuff worked fifty years ago in the Kombi. Dunno why it doesn't anymore.😥
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