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  1. Ta, hate doing sh*t that doesn't work. Not worth stripping UV off and resewing.
  2. I've got a second #2 that I picked up with the UV on the wrong side. Its great (since VP altered luff length) as just a working #2 and save the good one. Can you just reverse the sheet rotations on the furl spool and reverse the spool cover and be hunky dory? Can't see why not.
  3. We could always multiply the safety factor by ten and make it out of titanium and install super computer’s to gauge its effective life, thus making it god proof. He seems pretty pissed off right now. Like framework structures are cutting edge? We are not reinventing. Or have we forgotten how?
  4. Yep, too much navel contemplating, and cuzzy consulting. Get it done, son. Then what can you expect when changing a road sign will cost 250K and take months. In the mean time a school kid could get knocked over. We are paralysed with unnecessary protocol.
  5. I have screen shots of steady 55knts with gusts to 70+ in the last three years, as I have a mooring at watchman. No casualities on the bridge then. I wonder if the microburst was way higher than Jays recording and very localised.
  6. Absolute foot shoot that will have repercussions to marine industry, tourism and our reputation. Hope you're right Mh.
  7. Hell yeah. Begs the question when it’s 25-35knts and you get a 70knt burst in that area can you deal with it? Second time in as many years.
  8. From horses mouth, 50A continuous and 75max short duration 2x6v in series. Regarding Narmada carbon 6v 300Ahr. At 6v, 6.9v Max voltage the internal resistance + battery emf will not allow more than 75A as long as it’s not below 90% Depth of discharge. At 12v and double above “resistance” same scenario. If you up the voltage to more than 13.8 you will get more current and gassing and your AGM will be toast. Ive been thru this before as not what I want. Sabre if you can adjust your voltage they may be just up your alley. Dont know about longevity. Bit of punt as I know no
  9. Arse backward theory deleted.🤫
  10. Sorry Sabre no hijack here as carbon are essentially AGM but carbon variety and as Wheels said a serious contender if they be charged at 0.5C, and you have the means. Also tolerant of Psoc and have a longer plateau at beginning of absorb. Wheels I thought the same but when I called Peter 6 months ago he said to maintain warranty I would have to restrict the 12v series bank to 75A. So I immediately discounted them as a possible as my bulk charge is 110A. I just left a msg to clarify as I’m keen again owing to FF’S being off the cost effective list. Difficult to separate fact
  11. Agreed. I have the charge profile but don't like Max current of 75A with Naradas. Means I have to derate my DIY alternator/smart charger setup so all I get is PSOC tolerance and a longer, relatively higher average absorb current as the Amps/time curve is different. So charge time will be about the same. Hard to toss out $1400 FLA's that are bullet proof too. 2x Fireflys G31 @115Ahrs (12V) $1080 +500 freight +15% = $1817/0.65= $2800NZ Freight will probably be more. Naradas definitely look attractive then at half the price for another 70Ahrs, and no need to change you
  12. All the best for a navigable entrance. I guess it would be best to be dead on or slightly south (DUW) and avoid the back wash from the Northern cliffs as much as possible?
  13. Fortunately mine doesn’t have the hose clamps rather an angle plate that is part of the SG assembly bolted to hull. If mine does have a ball bearing non return valve it isn’t working as there is water in sections of the tube. I run Ultra X packing which supposedly doesn’t need grease so may just cap the grease port.
  14. Having not had many years of exposure to sailboats and the ritual required to keep them seaworthy, occasionally I have an epiphany that keeping that hole in ocean from closing in, requires not just good fortune. Coming back from an awesome sail yesterday I was checking the stern gland and fixated on the plastic tube going to the the back of it. OMG, that that clear plastic grease tube goes direct via stern tube to the ocean, does it not? And it has water in it. The hull is +-25mm thick, yet I'm relying on a puny 1mm of plastic tubing to keep the ocean out?
  15. Yep, a decent thru hull/transom exhaust fitting, decent insulated exhaust pipe, backup fuel metering. Anything I've missed?
  16. Wow, bit of a slog before the W/ NW'er. Big effort.
  17. If you wanted wp harnesses with tinned cable and your load relay requirements all made up to plug n play you may struggle here.
  18. Light duty, heavy duty, 12vdc or 23Ovac? Heaps available, electrical wholesalers, autopart supply, Jaycar, Repco, JA Russell etc. You may have to install in a waterproof housing to get IP68 performance and duct I/O's.
  19. lateral

    Interior ply

    No doubt there is product out there that meets BS1088 but haven’t paid for the endorsement. Equally there may be product out there that has a counterfeit stamp. Payes to deal with people you trust for materials that matter.
  20. lateral

    Interior ply

    Sealing ply is a must for longevity. Heat the ply and apply it on cooling phase (pm) to avoid outgassing bubbles. Periodically flame or heat gun to burst them. Saves filling later. Don’t flame thinned epoxy! Attention to end grain as mentioned. peelply on any fillet and tab does a nice clean job and gets rid of excess resin. Be aware of blush if using epoxy. Theres the easy way vs hard, as usual. We used 6mm for non structural, 12mm for bh ‘s and stations. Meranti and Okoume.
  21. Anybody cut down the shaft in a g/solidvang? doesn't quite fit the position of a lug on boom. I realise I WILL have to get main posi right etc. Just thinking aloud as mine is about 70mm too long. There is some thread on fork to give some lee way. Trying to simplify short handing. I have 2 springs of different constant.
  22. Yeah, what ever. Disproportionately to rest of society, infected with same disease, tarred with same brush, same defective genes. To deny us the right use common sense or #8 wire to fix things. And the will to do good work. The cotton wool mist is getting thicker by the day.
  23. Agreed, but the job description seems to attract more than its share of cockwombles that prefer to tick boxes, (usually cross) on generic formatted documents (on tablets) that bares only a rudimentary similarity to the situation at hand. God knows what the author of the script was thinking. Or more simply they are mindless robots with no spine. Some reside in glass towers draughting irrelevant shite, because they have never been at the coal face. Unproductive paper pushers of the worst order. I believe in a clean wake, so 50/50 on this. Each case on its own merit
  24. I am having cognitive problems with this thread; All I can smell is the turd.
  25. lateral

    Lithium v AGM

    Ditto. Thanks, interesting. I didn't go for firefly as is double whammy on failure, with freight for replacement/evaluation. Missed my chance on free freight. Also, my R232 FLA's seem to come right back after partial state of charging for a time with 15.5v for 4hrs. Think I will see this lot out. Toss up who will croak first.
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