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    lateral reacted to Fish in Cold Front Today   
    Are you saying small talk is a train wreck? or are you trying to demonstrate the ductility of railway tracks?
    I don't have a lot to do with steel, but I was involved in a project to install a new high pressure gas pipeline (technically I think it was medium pressure, ahem). Anyway, steel pipe will behave like a piece of spaghetti if you weld it together into a long enough string. Turns out you can drill it under and around all sorts of things. The main physical constraint is the ability to steer the drill head, which is largely to do with the geotechnical properties of the ground.
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    lateral reacted to Black Panther in looking forward to biden   
    He's just warming up
    Anyway that is damning with faint praise  
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    lateral reacted to Young Entertainer in Furlex Type B MK 2   
    yep it just depends whch way you wind the rope on,  i used to do it by accident all the time and would end up with the UV protection on the inside
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    lateral reacted to Jon in Circumnavigating NZ.   
    He’s obviously in good spirits
    Single handed sailors seem always to be glass half full people 
    Heres his latest blog
    The call of the kea
    Tue Sep 15 2020
    Sitting on a mooring in Deepwater Basin. It is incredibly quiet and still. The only sound the burbling of my caveman TV ( the Dickinson diesel stove) and high up in the mist the call of a kea. I will be here for three or four days as the weather pattern is going to stay the same until a NW change later in the week. I will wait for my spare autopilot to arrive and repair some main sail slugs that broke right out of the track. There was an awful lot of sail flogging going on at times when the boat rounded up on the big waves. I am going to have a long hot shower, put some clean clothes on, eat a decent meal and toast my feet in front of the fire. As Ratty said to Mole: “There’s simply nothing half as much fun as messing around in boats”.
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    lateral reacted to AJ Oliver in CCC application online with council.......   
    Well, they may have a point. When average folks need "consultants" to get permits, etc. done with local government, 
    it is a bad sign. In countries that do not work very well - Brazil, India, Italy and I'm sure elsewhere, skid greasing is a very big business. 
    Thanks y'all for letting me hang around !!
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    lateral reacted to chariot in CCC application online with council.......   
    They had a good system when you actually got to speak to someone when making a booking for an inspection. Don't know why the CCC documentation can't be collected by the inspector at the time of the final inspection.
    Private BCA's used to do it that way so I don't see why Council can't. 
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    lateral reacted to Cavatina in Circumnavigating NZ.   
    Thanks everyone for your kind words and support. Currently running goose winged up towards Sail Rock in 15 -20 SE. And to Chariot -  yes I have a four man life raft.
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    lateral reacted to wheels in Damn the Rules, Rocna Inventor doing the NW Passage   
    Not the only one to be wiped out.
    The Spanish Flu killed (officially) over 50 million people around the World. Unofficially, it is thought that the toll was closer to 70million. Some Historians even stretch that out to 100million. At minimum, over 500 million were infected. At a time when the World population was only around 1.8 Billion.
    Just imagine that percentage being applied to today's World population of around 7 Billion. And the idiots argue that it is against their Human rights to have to endure a few weeks of lockdown, or wear a mask in Public.
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    lateral reacted to grantmc in Damn the Rules, Rocna Inventor doing the NW Passage   
    Not wishing to aggravate the sin or virtues of the voyage. And I hope within the bounds of the original post that I made about sailing the northern extremes of Canada. I thought there might be an interest in the little town of Okak (sometimes spelt Okkak). Kiwi Roa will likely sail past Okak, found in the northern extremes of Labrador, perhaps even stop there as this is well south of the ‘finish line’ of the passage.
    Scientists tell us Okak, an Inuit village, has been constantly settled for over 5,000 years. At the turn of last century Okak held the largest Inuit community in Labrador and was the site of a Moravian mission that had been established in 1776. Twice each year the supply/trade ship Harmony visited both to supply goods and take away Okak’s produce.
    So why is Okak special? Well 4 November 1918 the Harmony visited the little town, where she remained for 4 days before continuing her supply mission up the coast. Within two weeks, 70 residents had died, by the end of December 204 people of the total population of 263 had perished. Not a single male Inuit survived. Many bodies were dismembered and mutilated by the settlement’s starving dogs.
    Here’s a quote from the book Northern Lights by Desmond Holdridge: “And thus, on the Mission bark Harmony,” wrote Holdridge, “had come the pestilence generated on battlefields, three thousand miles away, of a war that had less to do with the destinies of the Eskimo, on the face of it, than Polynesian morals have to do with double-entry bookkeeping.”
    Holdridge quoted at length one Caucasian survivor who described to him the aftermath:
    Dear God, we couldn’t bury them; there weren’t half a dozen able-bodied men in the village to lend a hand. Men I’d known well. Girls. Old ladies that made good boots. And the men and the women, they lay there dying and saying it was the end of the world. They called that thing Spanish influenza, but to me it was that the door to Hell was left ajar for a while and the smoke and stink of it got out to kill people. The dogs got into the houses and ate the bodies; they killed some of the people who were not dead, but too weak to drive them off.

    You’ve seen the mounds around the village; it was where the bodies were so many that we couldn’t take care of them when help came from Nain; we just smashed the houses down on top of them and covered the wreckage with sod. That’s all the grave most of them got. The ice came in for a while and some of the dead we just pushed under it and let them go to sea. And a couple of years later some of them came ashore again. The noses and ears and fingers had been eaten by the fish but otherwise they were all right; I could recognize every one.

    I’ve included a link to a doco from 1985. Just a warning that the film is difficult to watch. https://youtu.be/Ts3hFJOLFuo
    Today Okak is abandoned, so the town’s brass band won’t be there to greet Pete Smith if he happens to call in and look at the site. 

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    lateral reacted to Sabre in Seafaring nation?   
    The media momentum is building in the yachties favour. Fingers crossed the powers that be will show some common sense and let these guys in. The benifit to our economy would be significant.
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    lateral reacted to wheels in Seafaring nation?   
    It is pure and simple poor communication and management of the situation by the Gvt. They are, very sadly, demonstrating this same level of bad communication and management in many situations.
    So Super Yachts have been given the clearance to head to NZ. The smaller Yachts that are asking to be let in have had no reply via direct communication from the Gvt at all. They found out there was a "No" to them coming here only by reading the Gvt Website. That is very poor.
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    lateral reacted to Fish in Tauranga Shipping Channel Screw-Up   
    That fair led has some rough edges on it. No wonder the rope broke, its going to get chaffed through in moments on that...
    And just look at all that valuable raw material getting shipped off shore without being processed here in NZ. Aren' there sawmills closing cause they can't get logs to chop up?
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    lateral got a reaction from Sabre in Interior ply   
    Sealing ply is a must for longevity. Heat the ply and apply it on cooling phase (pm) to avoid outgassing bubbles. Periodically flame or heat gun to burst them. Saves filling later. Don’t flame thinned epoxy! 
    Attention to end grain as mentioned. 
    peelply on any fillet and tab does a nice clean job and gets rid of excess resin.
    Be aware of blush if using epoxy.
    Theres the easy way vs hard, as usual.
    We used 6mm for non structural, 12mm for bh ‘s and stations. Meranti and Okoume.
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    lateral reacted to aardvarkash10 in Corona virus statistics and reality   
    ^science is the enemy of my liberty to believe in any irrational thing I want!  My uninformed prejudice and personal bias has the same value as your years of education and research!!!!  Frreeeeeeedoooooom!!!!!!!!!
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    lateral got a reaction from Black Panther in looking forward to biden   
    But wouldn't you prefer him to this? Trump Electable? Only with people that are brain washed,  have a sinister agenda, or are bonkers.
     an interview Trump did on Monday with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham. Try to read this without thinking the 25th Amendment should have been invoked long ago:
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    lateral reacted to aardvarkash10 in looking forward to biden   
    HIstory argues against their position.
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    lateral reacted to Black Panther in looking forward to biden   
    Email from a friend
    Biden would not have been my choice but I would crawl over  broken glass to vote for him to get rid of Trump. 
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    lateral got a reaction from Sabre in Damn the Rules, Rocna Inventor doing the NW Passage   
    Agreed, but the job description seems to attract more than its share of cockwombles that prefer to tick boxes, (usually cross) on  generic
    formatted documents (on tablets) that bares only a rudimentary similarity to the situation at hand. God knows what the author of
    the script was thinking.
    Or more simply they are mindless robots with no spine.
    Some reside in glass towers draughting irrelevant shite, because they have never been at the coal face.
    Unproductive paper pushers of the worst order.
    I believe in a clean wake, so 50/50 on this. Each case on its own merit.
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    lateral reacted to chariot in Damn the Rules, Rocna Inventor doing the NW Passage   
    They may not make laws but as with all laws, it is down to interpretation. You will find different bureaucrats have different interpretations which leeds to total confusion.
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    lateral reacted to Priscilla II in Damn the Rules, Rocna Inventor doing the NW Passage   
    Pete is caught between a Rocna and a hard place.
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    lateral reacted to Sabre in Damn the Rules, Rocna Inventor doing the NW Passage   
    This is a comment on a Canadian news site...
    "The issue of whether or not the Northwest Passage is an international's waterway or Canadian internal waters is still being argued in the international courts.This man has been at sea in quarantine for 30 days and doesn't appear to be ill and there is no indication that he has stopped at any northern community or has any intention of doing so. This man is a sailor "exercising his right of innocent passage" and appears to have tried to communicate with Canadian officials since the middle of May. He left Nome, Alaska on 27 July and has completed around 1900 nautical miles in 30 days. He has less than half that distance to reach Lancaster Sound and enter international waters again. Let's stop the verbal abuse and start wishing him luck in the completion of his goal."
    Its a shame a few more kiwi sailors don't share this view. This whole thing is a non-issue and Peter Smith is 100% correct in that this is just beauracratic bullshit.
    Should everyone just sit at home in their fluffy slippers untill some beauracratic cock womble tells us when we can start thinking sensibly for ourselves again?
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    lateral reacted to erice in looking forward to biden   
    it's pretty major to accuse a group, of currently practicing something they stopped doing hundreds of years ago
    where would it ever end?
    do you feel personal responsibility for the actions of your great, great grandparents?
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    lateral got a reaction from grantmc in Damn the Rules, Rocna Inventor doing the NW Passage   
    I am having cognitive problems with this thread; All I can smell is the turd.
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    lateral got a reaction from Sabre in Damn the Rules, Rocna Inventor doing the NW Passage   
    I am having cognitive problems with this thread; All I can smell is the turd.
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    lateral got a reaction from dutyfree in Damn the Rules, Rocna Inventor doing the NW Passage   
    I am having cognitive problems with this thread; All I can smell is the turd.
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