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  1. Showing your age?? Best cars according to Whatcar.com... Score 1. Skoda Rapid 2012-2019 99.4% 2. Toyota Auris 2013-2019 98.2% 3. Hyundai i30 2012-2017 97.7% 4. Kia Ceed 2012-2018 97.4% 5. Skoda Octavia petrol 2013-on 97.3% A few years back it was Lexus and Skoda at the top... They're a bit better now than those chainsaw powered coffins from the 1970s
  2. Is that the one that was parked at the storage yard halfway up the Bombay's? If so, I've frequently admired her from afar. Very similar colours if it isn't.
  3. Sorry for the delayed response, big days! Moving on... Pollock did a huge amount of practical testing and found what seemed to be the best section for stall resistance, drag etc had flat sides, which went against all previous research. From memory, his initial idea was for 470 foils, which require flat sides with limited shaping. Again from memory, he then went on to high performance boats and found the flat sides outperformed the NACA 00xx sections. He also coined Pollock's law... If practice conflicts with theory, theory is wrong. Not an actual law, but still something I tend to utilise. Moving on further... I recently built a super light rudderblade for my Noelex 22, about 25-30-45% le/flat/te which balanced and gripped well but due to the limitations of the rudder stock, and me not having time or sense, was way underbuilt and snapped off in a prestart. Since I'm starting again, I thought I should try to find the formula's and put some real effort in, as well as some carbon. If I can't find the article, I'll try to replicate the broken one, but stronger. Then I'll build a stock to match.
  4. Hi all, I'm trying to locate an article on foil shapes from Australian Sailing magazine, February 1998, about foil sections, by a guy called Neil Pollock. Following an awesome little regatta last weekend, I find myself in need of another rudder, this time complete and near indestructible. Evidently I needed much more glass near the stock. Pollock's article was a then-new formula for calculating shapes for flat sided foils, which had proven to be better than the NACA sections. If anyone has a copy, I'd really like to steal it.
  5. In the end I tried most things (excluding actual Epoxy Thinners) but the only thing that really worked was a scraper and 40grit sandpaper. At this point I've got as far as a first undercoat. Still a bit more sanding to do between coats to get the best finish, but all-up weight at this point is a little over a kilo. Ended up being a few mm too narrow as it is, but easy to fix that problem.
  6. Finally got the rig tensioner fitted in the Noelex, got all that dodgy epoxy removed from the new rudderblade, put new epoxy and tape on, then got it sanded and undercoated. I've still got no idea what some of the blocks on the deck are for, they're surplus to requirements, or in totally the wrong place
  7. Ok, so I popped in to our local fibreglass expert after work today. According to him... Acetone won't work. M.E.K may work. Having tried tonight, M.E.K helped to soften it slightly, but wouldn't actually remove it. Scraper and 40grit sandpaper kinda works. Surprisingly, Vinegar actually seemed to work quite well, except that I used the same rag I'd used for the mek, so now I need to buy more vinegar for the kitchen cupboard. All is not lost, it seems. Fortunately this is the prototype blade. I have another foam blank in the shed, waiting patiently for my glassing skills to improve. Ideally I'd like to include carbon in the final product, so it could be a long wait. Thanks all for the replies. I'll buy a big pack of Steelo pads tomorrow, and keep on scrubbing
  8. As a thought, if I were to bush hardener over the unset stuff, would it harden? Or even harden enough to sand/mechanically remove? Although if it didn't harden in correct ratios, it probably never will. Wheels, I wasn't mixing products, this was a fresh layer
  9. Vinegar could be the secret, I'll give that a crack tomorrow
  10. Tried the heat gun earlier, heat doesn't differentiate between set and not set????
  11. So, recently I bought an old Noelex 22, and have been slowly beavering away trying to bring it up to scratch. Bought sails, replaced mast, designed rig tension system, put it mostly in position. The rudderblade was barndoor sized, and weighed a ridiculous amount, not to mention having some mild steel packers, which rendered the whole rudder useless and immovable. So anyway... Bought foam, designed blade, cut blank, shaped, added unidirectional strands to stiffen it up, and laid rovings over the top. All with West epoxy. So far so good. Decided to add a further layer of 100mm tape along the leading edge incase I hit things. I realised I was out of hardener, and went to the nearest big box hardware store, and bought 500g of Ados epoxy. Mixed according to directions on the packet, looked ok. Applied to the rudder, and a week later it's still only partially set. I've removed the tape now. Does anyone know how to remove partially set (well, not set at all, but sticking to the West under it) epoxy? I can scrape some of it off, but turps does nothing. The crap epoxy sticks to everything it comes into contact with. It just doesn't go hard. doesn't respond well to sandpaper, I seem to be removing the good stuff while the crap just clogs the paper. Any ideas gratefully received.
  12. Sheesh, you lot are making me pleased that I just ventured back down traileryacht terrace. I've still got a mooring, but it's probably best removed, having suffered multiple failures since the last service/overhaul. At least now I'm mostly just concerned with wheel bearings. Really sorry to hear that people are being priced out of their recreation activities.
  13. Aww jeez, I'm trying to get rid of a few boats, thought I'd start with the old free barge. There could be a small trailer yacht and a slightly larger tri going soon, although neither will be free, and we don't really want to sell either of them, but I think we're up to about 15 boats now, so it's getting out of hand. Also my front lawn looks like a boatyard
  14. Hmmmm, is it from the mighty BP, or something a bit closer to the 20 foot mark? We used to run a Noelex 25 kite for mixed fleet racing, still slower downwind than a 25! But we were higher and faster going the other way! Pm on its way
  15. I'm looking for a cheap jib and kite for a Noelex 22, condition largely immaterial, but usable. Not needed for racing, I'll buy some new ones for that. Will consider sails from other similar sized boats depending on price.
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