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  1. Yep, they seem to be grunty lil' beasts. Obviously still running in, but just above idle had us going pretty quick. Started first pull, ran like a dream. Unrelated photo of a part of the Auckland Noelex 22 fleet taken yesterday arvo at Weymouth.
  2. Picked up the new Suzuki today. It literally can't be shoehorned in to place, there's no space for the horn. In the outboard well, there's about 2mm clearance for the gear lever, and that's with the motor hard up against the other side. I can see some more boat mods in the future.
  3. As it happens, fluid dynamics was one of the things I covered at uni, in a fairly rudimentary way. Not that it really bothers me, but my better half hates the steamroom effect.
  4. Great idea, that Perspex sheet. We have a shower over the bath with full length curtain, now wondering whether a temp curtain halfway along the bath and Perspex sheet could be utilised the same way. Project for next weekend maybe.
  5. Hey Chopper, I think we may be having this same conversation over on the Noelex FB page.
  6. Dunno, but I had to share it to Facebook regardless
  7. Yeah, fantastic boats. Still a massive following in Europe and Australia. That pic shows the Severn river on an abnormally calm day. Similar story... While the 'ball was being repaired, we hired the clubs GP14 for a windy race. Blowing 25-30, beating uphill on starboard and we slowly pull up alongside a Sun 2000, maybe 10 metres to windward of them. The next moment their prod hooks our forestay. They'd tacked right underneath us without looking, and impaled us. (Should I mention that the club commodore was on the helm??) We got flipped, and Gina was tangled up under the boat. She was fine and safe but stuck. I dived under, got her freed, and we heard a loud crunch. The rescue boat had approached from upwind, and blew straight over us, causing the GP to do a half sinking rollover, and causing more damage. Fortunately we were still underneath, as it could have been a lot worse. I'm guessing being mauled by a 90 horse Yammie would hurt.
  8. Good spotting Greg. Well worth considering, as long as the warranty can be transferred. Yeah, short shaft in the well. Looks like the Suzuki gets the vote. Hopefully I can get down to Fink's later this week. And maybe I can even go shopping after Thursday 😀 And if I really push my luck, Sailing in the weekend!!
  9. Just found that Parsun now do a four stroke 6hp for $1750. The Suzi weighs in at 24kg dry, so not bad for a four stroke. P5.8 is 21kg, P6 is 27kg. All have integral fuel tanks, but agree, four stroke seems nicer.
  10. Ok, so I'm in need of a little outboard for the Noelex. Nztya rules state I need 5.5hp minimum for racing. The Parsun 5.8 two stroke is $1495, while the new generation Suzuki 6 four stroke is $1999. Favouring the Suzuki, as I've had lots of Suzie's in the past, but that $500 price difference is awfully tempting. Any thoughts as to the quality, performance etc?
  11. Ngaroto Sailing Club is committed to running a sprint series for trailer yachts mid November. Last year they held 18 races over two days, each race lasting around ten minutes The Auckland Noelex 22 fleet went last year, and really want to help grow the event. I believe they are hoping to invite the E5.9 and H16 fleets this year. Bring a tent, the onsite food and entertainment were great last year. Although it's only a 10 minute drive into Te Awamutu, if you really need Macca's. More details as they come to hand.
  12. Our aged glass fireball. This must've been very early on in our ownership, she had a lot of work done after this. Potentially very fast, but lack of resources held us back to club level. We also had a slightly newer timber one, which we drove the mast out the bottom of, during a particularly windy race. Still won the race tho.
  13. Wait, what? I didn't know the Hydra was big enough here for a Nationals. Cool boats tho.
  14. Yes, used the ridiculously over built existing rudder stock. Blade ended up being a bit thinner by design than the old one, hence requiring a little packing. Only 2-3mm total. Top end is majorly strong, so I can add thickness for experiments. Will make new stock one day, but not for this winter.
  15. I've built a new rudder blade for the Noelex. It's a kick up, rather than dagger type. Just wondering what is best for packing around the cheeks, so it can still swing up/down easily, yet doesn't flop around. Discs around 350mm diameter would be ideal, to prevent the control lines from slipping down the sides and getting stuck. I have previously used stiff mylar, PVC and similar things, happy to use same again but no idea where to find it these days. What would people recommend, and where would I get it? Also, does anyone know where to get thin (10mm ish) extruded polystyrene? I want to mess about with some shapes.
  16. I've been wondering the same thing. Left the deflated dink in the back of the car for a few days, pulled it out to find transom and handles coming unstuck. Oops.
  17. 1. Dragging the mid-rebuild Noelex to Lake Ngaroto for a trailer yacht sprint series, and it not sinking. 2. Anything. That was the only time I got near water all season.
  18. I'm not sure I'd agree about the Viking being unsuccessful - there's hundreds of those things laying around the place. Didn't become a racing class, but obviously sold well. I've never heard of the Sprint before though.
  19. I was deliberately staying out of this topic, but I'm 100% with you here. A few of the local CG guys are extremely competent and experienced, and should probably be a professional outfit. On the other hand, one of my work colleagues is a CG first response guy. He can't swim, and I think he'd be a liability on a boat.
  20. Jack Lloyd recommended MEK in my youth. That was on a Dacron sail tho.
  21. Showing your age?? Best cars according to Whatcar.com... Score 1. Skoda Rapid 2012-2019 99.4% 2. Toyota Auris 2013-2019 98.2% 3. Hyundai i30 2012-2017 97.7% 4. Kia Ceed 2012-2018 97.4% 5. Skoda Octavia petrol 2013-on 97.3% A few years back it was Lexus and Skoda at the top... They're a bit better now than those chainsaw powered coffins from the 1970s
  22. Is that the one that was parked at the storage yard halfway up the Bombay's? If so, I've frequently admired her from afar. Very similar colours if it isn't.
  23. Sorry for the delayed response, big days! Moving on... Pollock did a huge amount of practical testing and found what seemed to be the best section for stall resistance, drag etc had flat sides, which went against all previous research. From memory, his initial idea was for 470 foils, which require flat sides with limited shaping. Again from memory, he then went on to high performance boats and found the flat sides outperformed the NACA 00xx sections. He also coined Pollock's law... If practice conflicts with theory, theory is wrong. Not an actual law, but still something I tend to utilise. Moving on further... I recently built a super light rudderblade for my Noelex 22, about 25-30-45% le/flat/te which balanced and gripped well but due to the limitations of the rudder stock, and me not having time or sense, was way underbuilt and snapped off in a prestart. Since I'm starting again, I thought I should try to find the formula's and put some real effort in, as well as some carbon. If I can't find the article, I'll try to replicate the broken one, but stronger. Then I'll build a stock to match.
  24. Hi all, I'm trying to locate an article on foil shapes from Australian Sailing magazine, February 1998, about foil sections, by a guy called Neil Pollock. Following an awesome little regatta last weekend, I find myself in need of another rudder, this time complete and near indestructible. Evidently I needed much more glass near the stock. Pollock's article was a then-new formula for calculating shapes for flat sided foils, which had proven to be better than the NACA sections. If anyone has a copy, I'd really like to steal it.
  25. In the end I tried most things (excluding actual Epoxy Thinners) but the only thing that really worked was a scraper and 40grit sandpaper. At this point I've got as far as a first undercoat. Still a bit more sanding to do between coats to get the best finish, but all-up weight at this point is a little over a kilo. Ended up being a few mm too narrow as it is, but easy to fix that problem.
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