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  1. I’ve found Louise? and Mike? (Nzsailing) are very helpful, just ring them and they’ll let you know what they’ve got coming in, or other options/advice.
  2. I’d buy a Rooster semi dry again, mines still going after 10 years of semi regular club use in dinghies. Also prefer to wear it keel boat sailing, find it warmer and drier than my full (and much more expensive) jacket.
  3. Think we had 5mm ish (where it went through a clutch), with the cover stripped off on the rest of the line. On an SR. Got a thrashing, and was fairly old (7years plus)and never broke. Possibly originally set up by Booboo. Always thought it might be a good idea to feed some bungy into the core for a couple of meters just to keep it a little taught when hoisting as a MH, can tangle using a MHO. Never got round to it.
  4. Worth considering a “check” line on a MH halyard to turn it into a 3/4, I.e a 3mm line that feeds down the in the 3/4 halyard box with a low friction ring that the MH halyard feeds through. Pull it on and a MH halyard turns into a 3/4. On a SR26 everything was 6mm, apart from the mainsheet and jib sheet. No complaints.
  5. DaveNoy


    Plain old silver duct tape? Seems to work for aircon and extract ducting, so assume will go ok in the warmth of an engine room.
  6. DaveNoy

    Trash Pumps

    Youngman Richardson (sell all sorts of civil/construction small machinery) will sell it, but wouldn’t think it’s cheap.
  7. Wanting to crew on Wed nights out of Westhaven, and Coastal. Happy at any position from bow to ballast. Most recently was bow for Gale Force in the RNZYS winter series, but she's now in cruising mode for the summer, and have done a variety of sailing in the past. Completed the last 10+ coastals on boats from 60ft to 26ft. 27yo, fairly quiet demeanor. Reply back on Crew.org, or 021 428 741.
  8. DaveNoy

    Anzac 200

    Rattle may be not be doing the AKL-TGA, going on the forcast, got sick of going upwind in Route 66.
  9. DaveNoy

    Anzac 200

    Yea, who else is coming out. You all chickened out of the coastal, and missed out on a awesome ride. Time to make up for it....?
  10. Rattle is planning to. Likely 2 handed. Motorboat needs a sink. . . .I'd suggest a full galley like Rattle.
  11. Rattle n Rum This was our first real race on the Rattle since Noisy brought it last year, and we probably should have taken it out a few more times beforehand with the race sails. The bulk of the pre race was spent sailing around looking at other SR's to see what headsail they had on, we weren't even sure if the 10kts we had was too much for the No.1 2 handed. Ended up going for the No. 2 pre start (wrong call, made worse by the wind easing rapidly). By the time we had the zero set up, was 2 minutes to the start, and ended up too far down the line and a little late. Had the zero out of the start, but wasn't going as fast as we could since had my weight off the rail changing to the one. Ended up back in the fleet rounding Rangi light. Pulled a bit of weed off the rudder after seeing Motorboat backing up (lucky it was only 600 down). We went alright upwind, until the wind shifted and we had overlayed the Noises, bore off, then the wind shifted well back right and ended up beating round the Noisies and Ahaaha's in light slopp. Made worse by the rain sticking the woolies to sail. Eventually hoisted the zero on the reach to Waiheke, hitting our top speed of 9kts for the day, making back up some ground on Rocky after screwing around deciding what to put up. We were overpowered on the beat up to Rocky bay, and swapped down to the No. 2 which was great until the wind dropped off again to 5kts 10mins later. Drifted down the run (night time now) with the (much too) big Mumm 36 kite, that spent half its time sitting in the water under the bow. Ended up well in towards Pine harbour thinking we'd gype through 90 deg in those conditions, which we didn't (and the wind shifted). Came rocketing back doing 6kts in about 6kts of breeze under zero to make it round Browns Island, where we came across Rocky (again) who had driffed down the middle of the course under kite. Passed Rocky and a few others under zero carrying our apparent wind through towards Bean rock Quick peal to the geneker before just Bean, and through to the finish, mid fleet on line and handicap, and being beaten by the first SR by 2hours. Leasons learnt:- stay in the middle of the course in shifty conditions, don't change sails unless you really have to, and a Mumm 36 kite is just way too big. Thanks to the SSANZ and the race committe, great event you put on as shown by the huge turnout.
  12. DaveNoy


    The prod is measured from the front of the mast, I believe.
  13. Trying to get Rattle down for at least the Simrads.
  14. Can some one give a run down on what ETNZ new rear beam 'spoilers' might do?
  15. DaveNoy

    Ross 40 Mast

    Did you finally realise the new mast didn't match the interior trim.
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