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  1. Chair of Gymnastics NZ is an ex YNZ board member
  2. Does anyone on this forum really think YNZ would respond to this letter? It is not from a member club but from an individual (no offence intended Ian). The issue of YNZ levies has been going on for years. Having been personally on the receiving end of the heavy handed approach by YNZ and its CEO in this regard; and a member of Waikawa Boating Club at present I have considerable sympathy for some of the statements made. I do not however agree that YNZ is absent - in my experience the RSO's have been available and receptive often becoming the conduit back to YNZ Head office. The safety regs are being reviewed however I am unsure as to what the drivers are for this review - I would hope it is a pragmatic review with a view to reducing costs and barriers to entry. I have posted comments regarding YNZ advocacy before and viewed submissions made by YNZ on regional plans - this is done on behalf of all YNZ members to maintain , improve and enhance access to coastal waters and in some cases lakes and even rivers. I do have a problem with being levied multiple times if a member of multiple clubs. It also means that YNZ is submitting false information as to the actual number of the sport's participants if YNZ is counting the same party multiple times - this is very important to remedy especially for funding applications. Hence, I think the need for further personal information, which then breaches privacy matters unless given willingly by the individual. Like every not for profit at present - income and participants are shrinking which will be placing significant pressure on operating budgets - like many maybe its time the organisation was right-sized. If you feel strongly stand for the YNZ board and participate - or get your club to disaffiliate and go cruising and be happy.
  3. splat

    Pilot boat

    The AT diagram Jon posted only restricts power driven vessels to 12 knots although not sure how this doesn't apply to chase boats
  4. splat

    Boat Dilemma

    One big advantage not mentioned of a Y88 or 1020 verses a 930 is a typically a diesel motor and associated reliability, charging capacity/potential and economy. I know a few 930's have diesels but they are rare. As with any boat purchase you would want to check or have checked the mechanical health of a diesel carefully or be prepared to spend $$$. I know a recent 1020 purchase as presented the new owner with some expensive motor issues.
  5. I don't get this excuse - the ability to geo-fence something in the marine environment via a basic chartplotter via a polygon and various waypoints has existed for years. Seems like a cop out to me.
  6. splat

    Boat Dilemma

    C'mon KM you know apart from the C/B case the rest is foam and a very thin layer of glass plus tabbing and fillets ..I'd argue it weighs bugger all. Besides why have we never seen a photo of the interior of the elusive reptile? Crump might want to see what a modern interior interpretation of a 930 like think looks like. Pics or it never happened!
  7. splat

    Boat Dilemma

    Sails are not inexpensive and you have to have a well sorted budget to keep on top of a race wardrobe IMHO. If you are keen to race shorthanded and fleet, as well as, cruise occasionally in Auckland, in my view it would be hard to go past an 88 (cough , cough as a sorta 930 owner) - second hand 88 sails are available (we got hold of a very lightly used 88 3DL Genoa as an overlapper for another 930 down here - it was cheap and in surprisingly good shape) and the 88's have a very strong owners association as well. I remember as a kid when Scarlett was built for Jock Freemantle - Queenstown (later Production builder of Beale 33s). To a wide eyed youngster it was simply an awesome machine in its 80's bright yellow on its road trailer!. It was built with a lifting daggerboard and was a tad tender if my recollection serves me right as rail fodder on a gusty lake. I love our boat..perfect for the family Xmas cruise...relatively cheap marina berth length at 10 metres and I can deal with most maintenance issues - even installed my own windgear on my own couple of weeks back (first time solo mast climb). The interior layout of our Ross 30 (930) is a bit different from the production boats where for starters the mast is keel stepped and there is only one main bulkhead aft of the mast compared with the factory boats with an aft and forward bulkhead with a beam between. Not having a second bulkhead to isolate the toilet and support the deck stepped mast really opens the narrow end of a 930 up. I think Murray did a really good job on the layout on this boat.
  8. I think it is really sad...like wheels and others I have tried to help him directly in the past including contacting emergency counselling services and the police. Fact is - he is currently running a go fund me page for his dog, which has raised 165.00 or so. If he is so challenged how is he achieving this? He has a terrible reputation for ripping people off and having been born and bred in Qtown...it is not a place to be homeless in winter.
  9. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12349578
  10. Me too re spinlock but no fixed anchor points, just continuos jackline...they aren't cheap.
  11. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/listing/2704730520?bof=YKNW0KsT
  12. agree ...it would be considerably cheaper than having to have voice. What with AIS, trackers, gps, gps communicators like in-reach I'm not sure why you should have to have voice as well...just anther barrier to entry IMHO. I'm sure wiser, more experienced peeps will chime in why voice should be the minimum.
  13. This has been discussed before...i thought you had to have voice....search the forums
  14. "Innovator of Mana" ...rings a bell
  15. Yip ...remember it being in seaspray or something when I was a nipper
  16. So as I see it we have a group who are totally opposed to any levy via their club going to YNZ with no perceptible benefit - and a group who are opposed to paying multiple levies at multiple clubs. I remember reading a poster stated he was quite happy paying multiple levies also. The question I keep coming back to is why do you need my exact age? and if I consent to give all requested information will they use that information to ensure as an individual I will only pay one affiliation fee? Why does YNZ need that info? An age band should be fine for demographic purposes shouldn't it?
  17. Matt, YNZ participated heavily as I understand it on behalf of member clubs and recreational boaties at large with respect to the Marlborough District Council (Unitary Authority ) regional plan and more recently see 2018 efforts here https://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/advocacy/submissions https://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/news/ynz-only-national-voice-advocacy-issues and latterly this one in Northland https://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/advocacy/advocacy-cases. I also know they participated/supported in the recent planning work in relation to Rakiura and previously in Fiordland National Park. I also know DOC are about to review/have commenced review of the Nelson Marlborough Conservation Management Strategy and I would expect YNZ to participate fully in that process ,although lengthy. It is the best way to advocate for cruisers of all types and ensure the natural and historic values that make the place so attractive to cruise are conserved, maintained, protected or enhanced. Otherwise yachties, cruisers, and boaties would most likely be marginalised in lieu of other interests. As an organisation it is hard to argue that a body with 31,000 members doesn't have a bit of clout. I think to say that YNZ does nothing in this regard is unfair as some earlier comments suggest. It takes considerable time to prepare robust, cogent submissions that are persuasive either presented in person at a hearing, or when read, actually get to the grit of an issue and influence decision makers. Anyone who underestimates the effort to be influential in a regional council policy making process and or ministry/governmental policy making is not looking very carefully. They also assisted with personnel and support for the offshore medic course I did in ALK in 2019 - ANGUS - YNZ safety Officer and the recent one prior to the RNI 2020 - Fantastic Course by the way - highly recommend- best first responder type course I have ever done. One thing that I'm sure most clubs are not aware of is the requirement for all their rescue support craft if they pay the operator ( e.g club coaches, club staff) to either be in survey or have a MOSS exemption. This process was painful for YNZ to achieve at the time and as manager of a club, it was pretty stressful five years ago with the advent of the Health and Safety at work Act 2015 as well. From the outside YNZ/MNZ were struggling to have a lucid conversation around the issue- it took at least 2-3 years to sort out. These are things that you don't see that support yachting in all clubs at the grass roots level. Imagine if you had to pay and survey every RIB or committee boat your club operated! if your club hasn't go this sorted - make sure they do- anyone remember the rowing coach on Dunedin harbour that ran over his charges?
  18. Hella has a five year warranty they stand by also
  19. hella quality at a bare minimum or you are wasting your time IMHO
  20. Looks to me like you have to be a subject matter expert rather than joe punter to propose any rule change. Funny - I thought the rules were suppose to serve the community using them.
  21. funny I have the same problem at present...replaced existing speed sensor with DST800 and low behold I seem to be in 2.4 metres all the time!
  22. splat


    I see Marine deals is selling 'mastervolt' branded AGM's - anyone have any experience with these re quality, cycle life etc? Are they true deep cycle - product blurb looks a bit confused https://www.marine-deals.co.nz/batteries-and-accessories/mastervolt-mv-12-90-ah-agm-battery
  23. splat


    Curious IT was the Epever model not adjustable?
  24. “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” ― Mark Twain
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