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  1. Looks to me like you have to be a subject matter expert rather than joe punter to propose any rule change. Funny - I thought the rules were suppose to serve the community using them.
  2. funny I have the same problem at present...replaced existing speed sensor with DST800 and low behold I seem to be in 2.4 metres all the time!
  3. I see Marine deals is selling 'mastervolt' branded AGM's - anyone have any experience with these re quality, cycle life etc? Are they true deep cycle - product blurb looks a bit confused https://www.marine-deals.co.nz/batteries-and-accessories/mastervolt-mv-12-90-ah-agm-battery
  4. Curious IT was the Epever model not adjustable?
  5. “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” ― Mark Twain
  6. Fish tape like this May work- https://nz.element14.com/proskit-industries/22-8618/50-ft-fish-tape-reel/dp/2787714?
  7. Rehab, you know the government is us right... "we the people"... where do you think all the money is coming from? Given what is going on at present with Covid 19 direct spend and the distinct Quantitative easing etc why do I keep hearing don't worry its okay "the government will pay for it" or a council spokespeople saying " yes we can achieve a reduction in rates as we can readily loan fund it". All these idiots are future eaters... my kids economic well being. For example ,Wellington City Council appears to be in serious financial pain with Christchurch running a close second despite all th
  8. Please bear with me -Taking a very cold analytical approach - but what is the cost benefit of coastguard in terms of lives saved? that is how many lives saved per annum for a given expenditure for all NZ? is this info publicly available?
  9. aah Computer says no... "You need to give evidence of new boat pushing against the tide in Whitianga harbour channel. Any engine that can do that is fit for purpose. I would suggest a large portion of boats would not pass the test." Chariot Strange the above is simply another subjective measure that can't complied with either, while it may practically demonstrate the appropriateness of the available thrust of the engine in a particular craft ( entering or leaving Bluff harbour is another good example...sometimes no amount of horsepower is enough). Although this has been d
  10. Witchdoctor is in Nelson with local owners
  11. The above is primarily why I got out of TY sailing after owning an E5.9, a N25 and an E7 between 1996 and 2015. I raced and cruised TY's all round the South island and across Foveaux and the safety requirements in situations have been well tested at times by boats cruising and or competing. IMHO as past NZTYA committee member and SI VP - NZTYA as an institution failed to transform and adequately integrate newer, faster designs and appropriate safety regs. Note that the sportsboat regs at the time were/are pretty minimal. There a number of incidents where they would have been found wanting
  12. Its the registration as a T not S750 design approval as I see it that is the issue...Obviously, NZTYA has only been allocated by YNZ a certain range of numbers and a 9000 number isn't one of them. Computer says no...
  13. Well that was helpful wasn't it?...isn't it funny that that someone, some entity, somewhere is mandating you do something for a disproportionate admin fees so you can pursue a choice you enjoy and have paid for with your discretionary allocation. No wonder we have problems growing the sport in NZ and encouraging new builds when this sort of crap is still going on 10 or so years on after that particular boat was built...I'm well over it. I have raced against DP, T number or otherwise in a T (and beaten it on line). However, too ignore the sports T rules is very poor form-that is like your loc
  14. do you have an adjustable clamp type arrangement to prevent lateral spreading?
  15. No Jon definitely not.. flare expiry moved from three years to four years from date of manufacture within the last policy cycle...simply a case of practice ahead of policy
  16. Originally , the KORC committee had a NZTYA rep sit with them to align/or resolve/guide such perceived conflicts in the regs ( makes sense No?) As I understand it this was done away with during the last review. The NZTYA regs in places are onerous and archaic in my IMHO particularly with respect to the faster TY's ; and especially more recent additions such as DP and FForty. Although as a Cat 3/ Cat 2 keelboat owner a number of the regs impose significant ongoing cost which are a clear barrier to entry and participation.
  17. Maybe up north... north is not everywhere
  18. Any of you actually read the YNZ constitution? https://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/resources/ynz-constitution Curiously, I note you can also be an individual member of YNZ by applying to the board. Anyone done that?
  19. most regional council Navigation bylaws require registered number on hull also not sure if being a member of a "recognised body" eg. YNZ exempts this requirement
  20. splat

    Turning off AIS

    funny topic... I only recently installed class B and it is still on while the boat is in the berth. It shouldn't be - but I can't get to the boat to turn it off. Haven't installed a 'stealth switch yet'. kinda ridiculous... as it appears to be updating very regularly.
  21. It will be very interesting if you get a reply to that request...
  22. Yip KM highly Carcinogenic... as they say at this time be safe...but it does work on most adhesive sealants very well IMHE
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