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  1. I suppose MEK would/could damage the cloth?
  2. Realistically, after assuming a 12m -14m marina berth p/y, engine maintenance p/y, rig maintenance p/y , bottom maintenance - haul outs p/y, sail budget allocation p/y - safety gear, cat inspections etc it isn't going to be chump change. Assume a syndicate would be good way to go but I know what it costs to run a 9m version that I cannot currently use and have hardly used in the last 6 months and it isn't cheap...
  3. KM - Got any pics of your running rigging set up you want to share?
  4. Agree with KM - I'm in the midst of replacing most of my running rigging also. All my clutches are either 6-12 or 8-14mm. New reefing lines are 8mm Poly outer/UHMWPE core which will be stripped and coverless where required. The 8mm has good hand which I think will work well when I'm cold, tired and getting smashed. Do they need to be this diameter for overall strength - absolutely not. Main halyard is 8mm, Jib halyard is 8mm, Fractional kite 8mm, Masthead kite is 8mm, Topper is 8mm (can double as 2nd jib halyard). Outhaul tail is 8mm = in boom two to one is 7mm coverless 16 Carrier UHM
  5. Yip pretty small really...
  6. key thing in my view is the engineering certification/ construction supervision/ build quality to enable the boat to get category for cat 3, 2 or 1 events.
  7. we have been advised the Marina is closed...
  8. my wife used the gym example when we initially spoke about it
  9. so I'll take that as a definite no - boredom getting he best of me! Just thought if it was good enough for McDonalds...
  10. Has anyone thought that there may be some fee/rent relief during the lock down, particularly if it goes on for more than 4 weeks? particularly where your access/ use has been materially altered? or is this covered by force majeure?
  11. not the case in Canterbury under Regional Council bylaws - all craft must have some identifying number at least 90mm high marked on the vessel...most often use their trailer number if trailer or their sailboat registration number
  12. Brad, we did one yesterday and used 5200 fast cure to bed in thruhull. As far as I know the boat hasn't sunk yet...
  13. Get drill to winch adapter bit and use drill?
  14. splat

    Simrad autopilot

    nice presentation Matt...Have finally purchased precision 9, zeus 3, wireless depth, speed and wind, a few triton 2s and AIS transceiver - looking forward to installation and commissioning in due course
  15. splat

    They're quick

    height as in VMG right?
  16. splat

    Tef-gel or?

    + 1 for duralac on any fastenings into aluminium
  17. That looks like a very cool ride.
  18. happy looking like a twat if I'm not dying...
  19. SPF50 plus, polarised sunglasses, broad brimmed hat and now neck, face shield as well...very easy to get burnt now. Not worth it.
  20. Thanks BP understood the physics....was struggling to conceptualize the likely wave period and probable amplitude to create such effects
  21. Bp...not sure how that works with my previous example ...serious effects in a submarine at 400ft deep!
  22. Talking to a well known sailing ex submariner the other day...he recounted a story of a RN submarine rolling violently 400ft submerged in the Bay of Biscay during a storm..so yes I think it could affect things if the water shallows
  23. agreed...doesn't replace the printed guide but very useful
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