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  1. Clipper- just wondering what splice everyone using and are theydoing terminal eyesplice without cover. 24 carrier 6mm cover looks very tight
  2. KM did you do eye splice on yours 'nude' sans cover or with cover also? Just 24 carrier looks very tight.
  3. Looking at doing a couple of sets of lifelines and looking at using something like the above. Note the cover will be 16 or 24 carrier. Aft termination would be to either standard type stainless ferule or ronstan/harken low friction ring to enable a lashing. Advice please?
  4. In my experience the epever tracer 10 is a great unit and yes the terminals are adequately sized-unusually they also perform within specification!Reason I caution is I have seen a number of regulators lately where there has either been arcing at the terminal points through poor connection causing the area around the terminal to melt...think about it:( Alternatively, high resistance through incorrect gauge wire leading to visible deformation around terminal points.
  5. Really important whatever brand/model you buy that the input/output terminals in the regulator are suitably sized to handle the right gauge wire for the selected panel output current and lenght of wire runs.
  6. splat

    Ross 930 Polars?

    Ahh that explains it...only skimmed it.
  7. splat

    Ross 930 Polars?

    Why do those look slow to me?
  8. What was Party time...now in New Cal? Pink rig and odd 80's graphics
  9. Yip points of law or error only...scope very important
  10. as an aside a life -raft was used in anger down here off Banks Peninsula a few weeks back when a 50ft yacht appeared to have hit a charted rock and sank very quickly, two crew rescued from the raft by local Westpac rescue
  11. Interesting discussion re costs versus utility. If I sit down and look at boat ownership on a pure cost basis … anyone who I explained it too would most probably commit me to an asylum. Costs alone it does not add up...in fact... it is financially absurd. I earn a modest income and work very hard to do so like many do - to pay for my boat. I have given up many things to enable continued ownership and also drive a twenty year old car that is worth less than my tiller pilot or a new # 3 jib. However, the boat to me is way more to me than what it costs. It represents and delivers a pure fr
  12. Don't think it's that simple...YNZ has PL,clubs have PL, competitors/entrants have PL.
  13. Scary...not sure about the jump off the floating boat on dusk, hoping to get collected...sea state looks interesting!
  14. splat

    Cruise NZ

  15. splat

    Cruise NZ

    Okay KM I'll bite. Somewhere else you said you enjoyed numbers So hypothetically you are a haul-out yard owner and own an expensive travel lift which requires competent skilled operators to operate efficiently and safely... you also own or lease a suitable hardstand and have acquired the necessary consents to permit the safe disposal of various concentrated heavy metals that may be present in antifouling coatings and potential nasty invasive critters, which are washed off in your yard and are your responsibility to dispose of safely and in accordance with the law. Because you are such
  16. splat

    Cruise NZ

    Do you really think anyone is going to put Capital into a travelift plus associated breastworks, hardstand, resource consent lodgement and compliance, waste removal, health and safety, environmental management etc for you to have two free haulouts a year?...so you can avoid going scrubbing yor boat clean in NZ's foremost Coastal National Park? What am I missing?
  17. To reiterate I have no problem with achieving the requirements both under Cat 2 safety regs and RNI NOR. I understand perfectly whay the requirment are there. I remain somehwat conflicted as to the safety of carrying circa 120 plus litres of 91 octane petrol on board. This is my issue and ultimately is an economic question probably resulting in moving to a 4 stroke motor. Thanks again everyone.
  18. Yeah. It is very much a discussion about safety. Thanks for your input. Not everyone has your experience,but rather than make 'dumbo mistakes' I want to ensure that I have prepared my boat as best as I can as required by the event and within my budget.
  19. Fish...there has to be a practical, prudent speed able to be achieved. IMHO that for a 930 would be circa 4.5 - 6.0 knots in most conditions except for extreme conditions.
  20. Fish...the boat will do 6.5 - 6.8 flat out in flat water. Will do short test at 5.5 - 5.3kns as per Jon's previous recommendation and recalculate. Thanks everyone for the feedback.
  21. Jon, I don't think the rule requirement is unreasonable at all (having attempted to previously motor upwind in 45 - 50 knts in Cook Strait in a relatively calm sea state) but exceeding the minimum as per your earlier guidance suggests our current configuration will necessitate carrying at least 140 litres. We are currently restricted as to overall outboard length and width. Transom height is also important but looking at a few figures last night we could easily move from say 5.1 WOT L/hr to a 4 stroke 3.8 Lh/r WOT option and therefore move consumption in line with SMU, KM. or Changed. The ru
  22. No - but using Tohatsu 9.8 two stroke figures being 5.1L/Hr at WOT to achieve say 6 knots requires carrying a minimum of 127.5 Litres! Sure can ease back on throttle and do say 5.0 - 5.5 realistic) and probably save a heap of gas and meet requirement - still going to be considerably more than SMU. SMU are you running standard Yamaha 8 - 4 stroke prop or High Thrust? Model M9.8l Type Two Stroke Maximum output HP (kw) 9.8 (7.2) Maximum operating range rpm 5000-6000 Fuel consumption at W.O.
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