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  1. Not necessarly diesel related but I note the existing smaller boats will have a mix of inboards and outboards. I have calculated our fuel requirement as rather onerous and arguably unsafe. What (how much) is everyone else going to carry? Option one - Carry the specified fuel requirement Option Two - Buy a new motor and re-engineer well
  2. Yes Aon broker - If they ensure Ballistic the Garden Ornament should be relatively low risk I would have thought...
  3. Oh Okay... We have 200NM limit Racing cover - $500 standard excess $1000.00 racing risk excess underwritten by Lloyds
  4. splat

    NRC on fan worm

    Interesting - would like to see how they imposed a 'rule' quite so quickly and more so what does entering Marlborough mean? Marlborough Harbour Limits?
  5. splat

    NRC on fan worm

    that isn't fast nor efficient...
  6. Bit small as masthead hoist on 930...might suit an 830????
  7. Wheels about $6500 capital cost for change to screw type bungy system
  8. Wow - what a collective of random assumptions. Your glaring lack of understanding of economics 101 is troubling whether it be leasing near shore space, competition or wage structures. Let alone an understanding the potential scale of a particular market where there are significant barriers to physical market entry and little in the way of barriers to virtual entry. Do you really believe that 170 berths is sufficient to support any type of retail, marine related or hospitality business other than a coffee cart?
  9. So is it completely wrong to show a steaming light, port and starboard on the pulpit (correct sectors) and a stern light in a yacht under 12 metres if motoring?
  10. Big job...top effort...good hit too!
  11. On another front , it would appear King Salmon is looking at initially testing and then one assumes consenting offshore salmon farms down the east coast of the South Island. Will be an interesting one to keep an eye on. https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/109625032/nzks-to-test-waters-down-sis-east-coast-after-cook-strait-trial
  12. Thanks everyone - especially IT for your comments. Good Previous link too - Thanks
  13. Assume it simply is vessel details etc...whereas B&G programmed from linked MFD or compatible instrument?
  14. So IT B&G unit would be plug and play? Could you please expand on the need to program via pc?
  15. Anyone see any "do not go there" known issues with the above combos?
  16. One problem that imho appears quite clear here are people's perceptions...
  17. Okay so who and how many are on the wait list?
  18. ahhh most chartplotter/ fishfinder combos (MFDS) are readily customised to suit user preferences including very large digits for depth, COG, Temp, time DTD, DTW, cross track error etc. Trouble in NZ is that the trailer boat market dominates ( 4-8 metre fishers) and there is little specialised sailing orientated stuff other than B&G IMHO. If you want depth then you could simply get Garmin, Simrad/B&G or advansea or similar instrument package with large number/illluminated displays. There is no reason to suffer with shitty hard to read displays. Most new units will link via wifi to a sui
  19. pareto principle or 80:20 rule - 80 percent pay for the 20 percent who are useless, affected by circumstance or just don't care . The argument is the same in Canterbury( Ecan) at present that there is a operating deficit for the harbourmaster's office and that this deficit should not be borne by the general ratepayer.... The cost of salvaging a dereclict vessel, pulling it on the hard and then disposing of it to landfill is not insignificant. The harbourmaster's office will chase owner's for the associated costs but invariably they can't pay or are directed by the disputes tribunal or court t
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