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  1. this is what we use at work... http://www.usno.navy.mil/NOOC/nmfc-ph/RSS/jtwc/warnings/sh1218.gif
  2. The current forecast for Whenuapai (Hobsonville Marina/Herald Island/Upper Harbour) doesn't look too bad: Issued as 1112NZST. Forecasting 230 20 gusting 30kts then from 1700 300 15 gusting 25kts dropping to 300 at 05kts around midnight.
  3. That's because the council doesn't actually want you to know the policy. All the council wants if you to say "Yes, sir. Sorry, sir. Won't happen again, sir..." to the clipboard-weilding council jobsworth.
  4. But the monstrous size of an Auckland mortgage cancels out any hint of rich-prickishness... oh that and a student loan.
  5. In daylight, I've always considered that an orange smoke flare was a very unambiguous way of asking for help.
  6. From the photo in the Herald it looks like a Wharram Tiki 21.
  7. I had great success cleaning up a vegetable oil spill (about 1/2 a litre) in the bilge using kitty litter. They soaked it all up then i was able to vacuum up the pellets after for disposal and a sponge/washing up liquid to finish off.
  8. Cross Staff? Was going to say 'staff thingy used for measuring angles and as an early form of sextant' but then i did a google cross-check.
  9. 9.9hp long shaft with a 4 blade high thrust prop is about right. Will punch all day into a headwind and goes astern really well. Ideal for maneuvering in the marina. This is what I have on my Variant.
  10. Get it lifted out by a travel lift and put it onto the trailer that way. I've seen a Variant on a car trailer before but I'm not 100% certain that it would meet the trailer width regulations? Also the mast will have to come down, and remember the Variant is not designed as a trailer-sailer so a bit more effort is needed to achieve this.
  11. I've considered doing the electric thing on my boat, but the deal-breaker for me is the scenario of: it's wet; it's late; it's blowing a 20kt westerly and we're off North Head and need to get to Hobsonville. I just don't think that the tech as it stands is up to that.
  12. that's pretty good marina security : )
  13. No, you are right. It is useless. The only possibility of being found using that (assuming the battery is not dead) is if a passing plane is monitoring 121.5 and picks up the transmission. And that's a mighty big if.
  14. First trip out after putting the boat in the water, left a bit late after sorting out some last minute gremlins. Did a loop from Hobsonville around Motuihe and back again. Couple of 'oh bugger" moments and there's a few things to sort but all in all, a great sail; got back tired sore and happy at 2230 : )
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