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  1. Swisstools for allen & torx, out of the UK usually. Superb, and pretty colours even!
  2. Set at -15 on Bad Kitty from memory
  3. I'm very similar, metvuw then PredictWind
  4. I disagree with this entirely. Yet again the whole of a great community suffers because of an individual or small vocal minority pushing an out of balance viewpoint.
  5. Dolphin drysuits
  6. Yep what he said. Maybe I'm getting sensitive in my old age but I agree, 1 person is killing Crew.org It's sad.
  7. I've got 70 mtrs of 10 mm you can have very soon, as soon as Knot Me unpacks some stainless. Unless he gets sin binned again soon & that affects his delivery schedule?
  8. Bad Kitty

    Old Flares

    Coastguard used to take them, not sure anymore?
  9. Hiya Wave, thanks for sharing, pretty interesting times to be cruising, must be a lot of confused cruisers up there wondering where they're going next. I guess y'all just sitting there & seeing what borders open up? Good luck, and enjoy the sunshine!
  10. PM me a phone number if you want a chat,
  11. Agree, Designers rarely supervise Construction. Look at all those Given powercats, built by Silver Tiger! Great design, built by gib stopping labourers! One of NZ boatbuilding's great horror stories.
  12. I guess it depends on a lot of variables, and your appetite for junk. We only use 2 surveyors, 1 who's pretty tough, and the 2nd is even more discerning. We have to buy boats for various projects, some very demanding, some pretty straightforward. But I'd rather have someone with a critical eye than a Surveyor with low standards. Even being tough on things we still get a nasty surprise now & then. And when you're caught out in 50 knots one day with a hard day upwind getting the sh*t kicked out of you, do you really want to be wondering about your boat? They rarely fall apart, but ………………………….
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