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    A quiet cnr of the Pacific
  2. Bad Kitty


    Yes I think the owners of Great Mercury are as good as it gets with allowing us pretty unlimited access over the island. It's a beautiful place and over xmas there can be dozens of boaties traipsing around their property.
  3. Get hold of Clive Brown at Cule? hatches, (check spelling) he goes way back in hatch history. Should be able to help,
  4. We've got ATN, heard the same thing when I was looking around & it's great. One story was that the material they are made of is nice & soft/slippery & this helps it run up & down easily. Certainly take a bit of pressure off when it's just Nina & I sailing & the winds up 15 knots from when we put the kite up. Just ease a sheet, pull the sock down & pack it all away.
  5. Bad Kitty

    Minimum budget

    One big issue for a lot of the world, is getting clean water. A way to ensure you have clean drinking water is to Desalinate it. So can someone tell me, is a regularly used Desalinator expensive to upkeep?? Nope, cheap as chips. A couple of 10' filters now & then is all we've ever done to the watermaker. We have to run the genset for 2 hours to make 400 litres of H2O.
  6. Very nice 'wave, looks good to me!
  7. Thanks for the replies, will do some research but I was just looking for the quick answer if anyone had seen boats staying in there. Looks like it fits well with the new hobby (kite surfing) so we might have to change the plans for this winter & head there before Tonga. Thanks for the help,
  8. Anybody had a boat at Aututaki Lagoon? Interested in taking Bad Kitty up there & wondered if anyone has been there for any time. Draft is 1.1mtrs if that helps.
  9. We've got an auto anchor but only use it as a chain counter. It's great & I wouldn't do without it now.
  10. Bad Kitty

    Yacht Daemon

    Absolutely loving it, keep it up Jill & Bruce!
  11. I think the really really thin beams should be ok with the unstayed rig & tiny loads of a proa. I'm sure Pete said that some of the technology was transferable.
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