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  1. Yep done that, he mentioned yours actually! But no nothing at present. So still looking,
  2. Looking for a hull & deck, GRP/glass or similar preferred, 42-47 foot, production cruising boat or something similar. Can be very rough, doesn't need a keel, or rig. Won't be going back in the water, so it could be pretty knocked around. For a film project, what's out there? Ta,
  3. And yes that’s the marine safety zone. Different every launch, last few have been longer, due South. That rocket science is actually quite complicated!
  4. February launch, window opens about the 23rd?
  5. Notice to Mariners details the launch safety zone. It is usually about a 10 day window, but is only applied on the actual launch day, which can slide around a bit inside that 10 day window. Safety zone is different each launch, and Rocket Lab tries very hard to accomodate everyone’s needs on a launch day. While absolutely avoiding the potential to drop in excess of 10 tonnes of rocket fuel on you. Boating can take place in the safety zone on the day, you do need to contact Rocket Lab and advise your intentions. If I can work out how I’ll post the next launch cartoon. Re anchoring there, Mahia Beach itself looks somewhat ok, other than that I’d be fairly careful. More like a “awesome weather, let’s take a look at Mahia” than actually planning a stop during a passage. Think Mokes, not Fitzroy Harbour.
  6. Defining what you really want is important. If sailing is important then it limits your options somewhat. If a cat doesn’t have boards it will struggle to point upwind. And if you want boards the options are again more limited. I’d have a Seawind over a lot of the European production cats, most of which are very charter, floating apartment oriented. At least the Seawinds were designed & built to sail, although they are also quite charted boat oriented. As mentioned, Fusion 40 are a good all rounder. Also some of the Schionnings are great boats, but not production so you’d have to check out the build quality. They are also quite lightly designed & built, to me a better coastal cruiser than an offshore boat. But plenty of people will rightly point out they do lots of offshore miles.
  7. This is a question for your broker or insurance co. With all due respect no one here can answer this, but they can. Our insurance policy needs an inspection, but yours? And how often? Only they can tell you.
  8. Bad Kitty

    MNZ on VHF

    Yep what he said. Anyone that thinks that going with pyro or electronics exclude the other option needs to take a deep breath. When you’re in a desperate situation the more options available the better. Electronics are getting better all the time, and we have AIS MOB’s on lifejackets. Great for rescuing your own crew, or if another vessel is within about 5 miles. Useless if the mothership sinks & there’s no one else around. And EPIRB’s on board. Awesome, except sometimes they don’t work. So I still wouldn’t go out without flares. Easiest thing to see from a helicopter? flare or orange smoke. And a human head in the water is near invisible from a km away. That’s if it’s flat calm, in a chop, you are invisible. They are all tools in the toolbox when the sh*t hits the fan. Hard to fathom 6 pages of “my ways better than yours!”
  9. Just under 6 litres/nautical mile, about 140 litres an hour. But same l/nm from something like 18 knots to 30 knots. Awesome boats, Roger Hill designed, mostly Pachoud built. If you ever go to the dark side this is the way to do it!
  10. Thanks Bondage Guy, forgot about that,
  11. One of my favourite boats in the world, but not a monohull, not jets, ummm? Ta though, hadn't realised it was back on the market.
  12. Try & ignore your aversion to power boats for a minute, I'm looking for a monohull launch, around 50 foot, twin jet powered, capable of 25 + knots that I can use to film some wake shots of for a couple of days. Anyone seen anything aroaund lately? Rum or other suitable rewards for a successful tip off! Ta,
  13. One of the other issues, other than all the good points above, is that if it's been damaged, it's really hard to fix well. And even harder to tell how well it's been fixed.
  14. Bad Kitty


    The Yanmar engines have been good, but not the SD40 saildrives. Terrible dealer support for a well recognised problem, and never really sorted. I’d look hard for an alternative, given that you know the dealer won’t back them up.
  15. Bad Kitty

    Top down furler

    KM's right, those Shutes are sooo good. Course it all changes once the yacht leaves the back yard. Don't generate much apparent wind getting in the way of the lawn mower huh dude? (Make jokes about us old farts & our snufffers would you!)
  16. Bad Kitty

    SailGP Launch

    Well that wasn't very exciting? Nothing sailing yet?
  17. Yeah I guess you can service a decent loan for the price of a marina & the increased costs of maintenance on a boat living in the water.
  18. If they had known how good you are with technology they may have been a little more reluctant!
  19. My insurance company paid out on the great rib massacre last year. Number of claims must be getting up now though.
  20. Lot's of sanctimonious pri#*s on here showing how gracious they are, having never made a mistake or had a mechanical failure in their life before. Makes me feel like I'm part of a very special community here.
  21. I'd like to say that's mean, but I can't get up off the floor laughing!
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